Tracy Deonn Gets Her Info On White People From “Knives Out”

Our journey through the racist mindset of Lucasfilm writers continues with a look at Tracy Deonn, who wrote a short story for the Star Wars anthology, From A Certain Point of View.

When reading nonsense like Tracy’s little lecture on “‘not racist’ racism,” I’m always reminded of Yuri Bezmenov’s comments on the Cultural Subversion process as it pertains to education. He said that to subvert a culture, it’s necessary to waste a student’s time teaching them worthless things about race and sexuality, or anything else, to take them away from learning anything that is practical or useful. Tracy may be a victim, but not in the way that she thinks.

6 thoughts on “Tracy Deonn Gets Her Info On White People From “Knives Out”

  1. “Legendborn, a YA fantasy about a Black girl in North Carolina who, after the loss of her mother, must infiltrate the ancient secret society she believes holds the key to her mother’s death. Oh, and Legendborn is a modern take on the King Arthur legend, set at the University of North Carolina.”

    Another talentless trash spewer from the YA crowd.


  2. 12% of characters are black, when including non-humans as 30% of the percentage?

    That’s more than the black population of the US you racist, dumb, pile of bricks! Your own data shows whites (76% of population) are *under* represented while blacks are *over* represented! The only case you *might* have is “lantix” (a word no actual Spainish speaker users), but that falls into what Larry Correia (great author) when mocking a similiar NPR bullshit said “it is hard to pick us out when we don’t wear sombreros for easy identification.”. That “problem” is especially so when it’s a drawing: Is the girl named “Mary” with pale skin and black hair latina, white or just an Asian from an assimilated family?


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