Karen Strong Finds It Offensive When White Writers Ask POC About POC

Our journey through the racist rants of Lucasfilm writers continues with a look at Karen Strong, who wrote a short story for the Star Wars anthology, From A Certain Point Of View.

She doesn’t like it when white writers ask POC questions about POC. She says it’s not the job of POC to educate white writers, that they should do their own research. But isn’t asking questions of those with a particular experience that your writing about part of…research?

13 thoughts on “Karen Strong Finds It Offensive When White Writers Ask POC About POC

  1. “… and move straight to the part where the industry welcomes black creators?”

    Right now, I’m pretty sure any black creators with genuine talent would get chased out of Hollyweird, and labelled “race traitors” for not towing the line and being as suicidally hyperpolitical as the surrounding idiots. Probably get “Metoo’d”, and told they’re not really black, and generally treated as garbage by the MSM. And everyone who likes their work would probably be labelled as racist for liking it, somehow.

    Basically, the film industry version of what happens any time an intelligent black person with sound, workable policy ideas that’d benefit this country runs for President.

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      • Huh! I had to look up who that is. (Not a big comics fan). I guess I stand corrected, at least with regards to authors who were in the biz before the big wokeness mega-push started.


        • He got generally treated like garbage. One of the people who stood their ground.


          He was already past the gate when the gatekeepers were installed, which is why i thought he was worth mentioning.. sorry i didn’t elaborate. i think it reinforces your point, actually.


  2. How are white people supposed to learn about POCs, their experiences, their struggles, their achievements, without asking POCs themselves? 😑 She’s really shooting herself in the foot with that kind of logic. I’ll bet she’s part of the crowd who claims you’re not allowed to read certain books or watch certain movies if you’re not the same skin color as the author and/or protagonists.

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    • Where did those clowns get the idea that bringing back segregation was the way to oppose racism?

      If I was MLK, I wouldn’t just be rolling in my grave. I’d ask God for permission to revive as a zombie, dopeslap these clowns, and give ’em a stern talking to, ending with “I’d be trying to eat your brains if I thought you had any!”

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  3. A Strong Female Whamen called Karen. Haha did her parents know what she was going to be like in the future?

    I also find it hilarious that literally every writer of this anthology book is an anti-white racist POS.

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