Gail Simone In Heat

Jabba no badda.

Mature adults know that those who constantly yelp about sex the loudest tend to be the ones who get it the least. So when an SJW gets in the mood and can’t do anything about it, they start yammering about it to anyone who will listen. Enter DC Comics writer Gail Simone:

And Gail’s not the first SJW to bemoan the lack of sex in Star Wars. USA Today openly called for a sex scene in a Star Wars film. They wrote:

The Last American Virgin isn’t a person. It’s a massively popular film franchise.

The 10 Star Wars films since 1977 have given us an abundance of lightsabers, cosmic derring-do, the Force, bounty hunters, good guys, bad guys and porgs, but no onscreen lovemaking. For characters who spend a lot of time in space with each other, there’s been a distinct lack of intimacy.

Now what’s confusing to some about this, is how SJWs also parrot the phrase, “kid’s movie about space wizards with laser swords,” whenever they lose an argument.

So the question then is, if SJWs see Star Wars as a “kid’s movie,” then why do they want sex scenes in it?

One possible answer is that they want kids at the movie to be exposed to sex scenes, in an effort to groom them for the fringe left’s next civil rights frontier; pedophilia.

And that’s not hyperbole.

Progressives are even teaching this sort of thing in our schools now.

But this is the inevitable end for any cultural institution that the SJW invades. In the end, they always turn it into a depraved sexual fetish show.

Whatever the motivation for Gail’s teenage behavior is here, she should probably stop paying so much attention to the hormonal throbbing between her legs, and pay a little more attention to the quality of her work lest she experience another bloodbath at DC. Either that or connect with Geek Girl Diva for a solution to her problem.

Because while she may have taken over comics at DC, the current state of DC Comics means that she now effectively rules over Turd Town.

Sorry, they’re not sorry.

10 thoughts on “Gail Simone In Heat

  1. The “wookakkie” joke was funny. However, you have to have heard of “bukkake” to appreciate the fact that it rhymes with something in extant. (Of course, the fact that these people have heard it does make me wonder about them. I don’t think I want to be around people as depraved as myself.)


  2. Another sign that these lunatics fundamentally do not understand the franchise they’ve destroyed, and will continue to plunge it into deeper and deeper vices whilst constantly signaling virtue.

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    • 👍

      I don’t recall “ET: The Extraterrestrial” having any sex scenes in it either.

      To all those depraved Femcels out there… 50 shades was made for *you*…Star Wars was *not*. Go take your powdered eggs elsewhere.

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