Pedro Pascal Publicizes Geeks + Gamers

After the recent dust up resulting from Pedro’s moronic Instagram post, he has now decided to publicize Geeks + Gamers which recently put out a video on the topic. I have no doubt that Jeremy will soon be thanking Pedro for the views and subscribers that this will bring him.

Thanks to OG Star Wars for the tip.

You can watch the Geeks + Gamers video here:


Geeks + Gamers has invited Pedro Pascal to come on their show.

Geeks + Gamers goes live:

Ryan Kinel Comments:

Clownfish TV comments:

NightGhost comments:

Mara Jade comments:

Anomaly Inc. comments:

33 thoughts on “Pedro Pascal Publicizes Geeks + Gamers

  1. No judgement here…(I don’t like that people who complain about disney are still giving them money but I can live with that)…. but is anyone who has been watching Mando gonna “jump off” because of this?


    • No, because I don’t care what Pascals opinion is. And in the show you only hear his voice. If the rumors are true, he will only provide the voice in the next season. In S01E04 he wasn’t even on the set, because of movie shooting schedule conflicts I believe.

      Trump lost this election. Which is good, because he is a horrible humane being and a bad president. He failed in the pandemic crisis, and many people lost their lives. This is my opinion, so I would hear why you (everybody) thinks otherwise.

      The Republican party needs someone like Dwight D. Eisenhower, not like Regan, Bush jr. or Trump.

      Is Biden better. No, I don’t think so. How “repressive” the Democrats will be, and I have no doubt they will be, we will see in the coming years. If the extremist talk about “re-education camps like in China” and “antifa is just an idea”, you get a glimpse whats going on. Now they have the upper hand and this is about revenge not healing.

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      • Low unemployment (3.5% pre-covid), a record number of minorities employed, peace with North Korea, no new wars–you can’t argue with results.

        “But Trump said…” bleah. George Wallace was a staunch segregationist (“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”), but also opened trade schools so blacks wouldn’t have to be sharecroppers any longer.

        I think we’ve been betrayed by our delicate sensibilities.


        • Lol, peace with North Korea? That’d be news to Kim Jong-Un I’m sure! You do realize they’re still at war with South Korea…which means they’re still at war with NATO nations, especially the US, who intervened in the Korean War. Read a book before you type nonsense. Or do you just trust whatever’s on Twitter?


          • You might have a point, but you also cannot say things are the same as they were with NK. Recall the outrage of Trump doing something “illegal”, contacting NK.

            The breakthrough here is there are people who are getting rich off of war and orange man is messing with that.


      • “He failed in the pandemic crisis, and many people lost their lives.”

        Please discuss this… I feel completely differently about this than you. How has he failed? Just saying 200k deaths isn’t really an argument. I want to know what he did or didn’t do which would have made a difference?

        What would you have done differently?


        • I would listen to experts, not ridicule them. I would not spread information that might be wrong, but consult with experts. I would do local lock downs where the spread is high for max 4 weeks. I would give small businesses financial support and people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. I would always wear a mask and encourage other people to do so. And I would not downplay the danger of the pandemic, even if I was infected and had no complications afterwards. There are people who are not so lucky and die. I would act, instead of doing basically nothing.


          • Here is my perspective on this…
            – In the onset, the certified experts on this were the medical community in china, and the W.H.O… China were the experts since they’d had this going since about October 2019 and had all the statistics they cared to collect.

            – The W.H.O. took the mantle of defacto experts and then offered apparently incorrect info on characteristics such as transmission rates, methods of transmission, incubation periods, etc… turns out that China was controlling the WHO to ensure the virus would take hold in other countries. most likely to make sure that all the ships sink lower and not just theirs. When you look at what they told us then, and what we know now, the absolutely made things worse…probably because china wanted them to.

            – all of the MSM was laser focussed on the impeachment hearings but also giving oxygen to people like deblasio and pilosi who were encouraging people to get out to china town because it’s racist not to.

            – as i understand your political system, you are more like a collection of 52 countries, not 1 country made up of 52 provinces. There isn’t anything your president can do that your governors can’t… What Trump did was listen to Fauci and Brix. The federal task force made up guidelines and passed them on to the governors to implement. (here’s where you get to compare South Dakota and Florida to say, Michigan and New York) Do you recall the silly nonsense about Cali arresting surfers? And how IIRC cali making it illegal to stand on wet sand on the beach, and new york making it illegal to stand on dry sand on the beach? (side note: i’m not entirely certain that Fauci’s screw ups were not on purpose)

            – What Trump could actually do was close the borders, which he did, and then was put on blast for his racism and xenophobia (so said Biden) for at least 6 weeks. (i recall that after the borders were closed there was Newsom accepting planes still, which infuriated Trump) He cut through a lot of bureaucracy on how to get the counter measures up and going… and he got companies like MyPillow and Tesla adapting themselves to making necessities for the medical industry… (also recall that the previous administration, BARRY, cleaned out the cupboard of medical supplies during H1N1 and didn’t replace it all. (side note: trump was also put on blast not helping hurricaned Puerto Rico and it turns out the corrupt PR govt took everything they shipped there and stored it… palettes upon pallets of drinking water, food and shelters, all stuffed in a PR warehouse)

            – local lockdowns… see, here is the thing. there is a whole bunch of stuff we are not being told in favour of making us believe that a healthy 16yr/o has the same chance of being killed by the virus as an 85 yr/o who has emphysema. Sometime in october this year, the CDC (which, by the way, is also showing signs of wanting to undermine your president… anti-racist training for example) quietly published stats which indicate that out of the 200k deaths, only 10k (5%) are actual deaths of covid and only covid. All of the rest had an average of at least 2.6 co-morbitities (other illnesses) before they caught covid and died from it…

            -to make things even worse, the media intervened in the potential help that HCQ was showing. While it is an old drug for malaria it was certified and well known. The media was screaming that it was untested…(whisper voice) for covid (/whisper voice) and then showcased patients who died from taking it without mentioning that the patients were already on their deathbed when they started administering it to them. If you’re not keeping track, we have people who were already dying of, say, cancer, but being counted as a covid death…and people who were sufficiently far gone with covid having their death blamed on HCQ. Terror tactics. (i’ll add, Chris Cuomo (cnn) was took advantage of the similarites between Chloroquine with Hydroxychloroquine to generate more doubt in the terrorized masses… discouraged people from trusting it (while never mentioning you can’t just get it, you have to get it perscribed from a doctor who presumably knows what they’re doing)..and then (get this) contracts covid himself and during the course of his sickness, gets on a public broadcast and complains about the symptoms he’s had, which coincidentally line up with known side effects of taking HCQ.. Hallucinations etc

            – there are other stats which haven’t been made available… like racial susceptibility, and one recently, blood type. This is hindsight, but I think the best route would have been to sequestor the most vulnerable, and then deliberately allow the virus to run its course. The fear mongers are using this like christmas.

            – i believe the mask thing doesn’t work, but i follow the rules anyway. what i think they do is create a false sense of security, where not using them would force people to be more careful in other ways which could be slightly more effective. At this point (not sure if this is true) it is more illegal in Calif. to not wear a mask or open a business up against the rules, than it is to knowingly infect someone with HIV.

            – there are craploads of #notmypresident people out there who are doing many things, big and small, to undermine him. Take for example Andrew Cuomo. my understanding of the guidelines given were that old age homes were suggested as a overflow destination for covid patients *IF* hospitals became overrun. I think it even said something about using VACANT old age homes. However, Cuomo MADE them do it long before the hospitals got critical. The temporary beds set up in the park were never used, and the medical ship tied up in the harbour was never used either, despite being begged for. As far as i’m concerned Cuomo killed those (12k?) seniors, probably on purpose because he could use “plausible deniability”. Possibly for financial reasons, but most definitely blamed trump when it was absolutely his own doing. Same with Whitmer.

            – there’s also social media who decided the WHO was the authority and silenced anyone who said otherwise… then then when Fauci diverged from the WHO, they still blocked anything which wasn’t WHO approved.

            The whole thing has played out like ‘John Wick 2’ where everyone involved was out to get Trump. Meanwhile he’s doing what he can to save lives and livelihoods. If you want to blame Trump, you can only blame this imaginary person the media tells you about, not the actual guy.

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      • Reality isn’t your forte. Neither is medicine.

        Many people died because of people like Cuomo and the Goblin of Michigan.

        What should Trump have done? Lockdowns? Yes, those are such a massive success in Europe that they’re back under them.

        Fun fact: Europe got hit harder, despite harsher countermeasures than in the US. Japan didn’t get hit hart, despite very soft countermeasures.

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        • As for The Mandoline?

          Saw the first season. Very safe, very mediocre, nothing outstanding. Not watching season 2, it’s not good enough to justify wasting any bandwidth on it.

          Besides, I’ve seen the original and have it on DVD and BR, and The Mandoline isn’t even in the same universe as Kozure Ôkami. It’s vastly inferior.

          Btw, after all the crap Disney did, who’s still giving them money for this cliche-laden trope-fest of no originality?


          • Correct. It’s OVER. Don’t buy the products. Cancel Disney+. Stop supporting this trash. Now that the Leftists have (seemingly) won the election, Hollywood will just gonna be emboldened to jam even more woke nonsense into their content. And, considering how petty and spiteful they are, there will surely be personal attacks aimed at the fandom sprinkled throughout.

            The signs of a dead franchise are all around us. The TROS Blu-Ray is currently on sale for more than 50% at my local supermarket, with plenty of copies unsold. And all I see are unsold copies of all the Disney SW films, as well as the recent Squadrons video game. To say nothing of all the unsold Baby Yoda merchandise clogging up shelves, poster racks, and clothing racks. And then there are the Chia Pets, bookmarks, and bottles of hand sanitizer.

            Oh, and kids are not going to want to play Baby Yoda Scrabble for Christmas.


        • Europe isn’t one country. And every country deals with the pandemic in a different way. Like every state in the US. Countries like the UK got hit harder then Germany or Austria. In Europe also the SARS-CoV-2, a mutation, is spreading. So you can be infected again. BTW, it would be much worse if there would be no lock downs in Europe at all. And of course many people got tired of the pandemic and got care less and traveled again across Europe. Got infected and spread the disease.


      • 1. Covid was a new virus that had unknown characteristics.
        2. Those characteristics were guessed at by the “experts” including predicting two million deaths from it.
        3. Trump listened to his experts at the CDC and implemented their recommendations. If Biden or Hillary had been President do you think they would have done anything different?
        4. The government was giving hospitals money for every covid case – subsequently there was a large number of non covid cases – e.g. deaths from this year’s regular flu virus for example, being rolled into the Covid morbidity numbers.
        5. The 5 governors who insanely put covid patients in among their hyper vulnerable nursing home patients cost over 6000 lives just in NY alone.
        6. Trump rival Cuomo – “Trump has done everything we’ve asked”
        7. Left wing Politico during the 2019 Swine flu epidemic: “It is purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history,” Ron Klain, who was Biden’s chief of staff at the time, said of H1N1 in 2019. “It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It just had to do with luck.
        8. Finally, hind sight is 20/20. Biden blaming Trump for C19 deaths when he gave no advice on what to do different (besides him not wanting to shut down early travel from China because “racism”).

        The only thing Trump “screwed up” was his bickering with asinine reporters during the press conferences and making unqualified remarks about treatments. That’s something he does because the rotten to the core US press is massively antagonistic and biased to any GOP President. Trump gets back in their face and I approve of that.


  2. Trump should not concede since its clear Biden is a fraud and illegitimate. Bush vs Gore lasted over 30 days before Bush won officially. It was ok for Gore but not Trump, right there should tell people this BS. If not even that recently we had both the media, Democrats and Hillary claimed she was cheated for 4 years.

    However Trump it should be stated that he ran a lousy campaign cause he’s buffoon and allowed retard Jared to send him down the swamp and into the abyss. He never had a good stable cabinet. And he filled it with largely war mongering generals that were in the pocket of corporations. Most of his cabinet turned out to be Goldman Sacs types, incompetents and traitors & even neo-con Bush allies like Bolton. Only a moron goes on Bob Woodard’s show the way he did. Unlike Nixon, Trump was president during these far left riots and he did crap but tweet. He threw the Proud Boys under the bus when under pressure from the media he so despises. He panhandled to the Blacks while losing 5% or more of the White vote. There was was no growth there and not not really something you can recover from. Aside from his possible lose, Republicans did every well.

    Stuff like

    “Monitoring the situation”


    “We have moved the embassy to Jerusalem!”

    He turned his back against Sessions and many of his own allies and base countless times cause he’s an egomaniac. He never actually did a thing against Big Tech’s censorship of his own supporters. He did not even support Kris Kobach’s commission on voter fraud. Trump never actually built the Wall. He released criminals back into the streets which was one of stupid things ever, and right around the time of the riots – types of people who in no way would ever vote for him or Republicans. Trump signed Omnibus spending bills which largely favored the Democrats, and not once either.

    And a $500 Billion Platinum plan for Black Americans, which amounts to Civil War reparations, racism and reverse discrimination was never a good thing from this guy.

    A great deal of Americans who voted for him 2016 either stayed home or voted independent . Cause instead of Trump we got Jeb Bush in 2016. He became just another Neo-Con and allowed his daughter and her husband run his administration into the ground.


  3. In Pedro’s tweet, you could replace the MAGA hat with Hillary’s “I’m with her slogan,” change the last year to 2016, and it would be about as accurate.

    Not saying Hillary was a racist, but neither was Trump.


    • Ain’t got time to have meltdowns- we know the Biden supporters’ false hope in their Fraudulent-Elect will make THEIR eventual meltdowns all the more hilarious, and we’ve gotta get our cameras ready!


  4. Anyone here decrying the 200k dead due to COVID (remember the experts said 2 million of nothing was done?) but supports abortion, I do hope you put that giant heaping mug of hypocrisy down.


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