Mark Hamill Was Appalled By The Last Jedi

Luke uses the Force to predict how awful The Last Jedi will be.

That’s what he told Anthony Daniels in an email he sent to him regarding the “new trilogy” according to Sy Fy Wire:

Daniels, writing in his memoir I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story, published an email from Hamill after the iconic Skywalker wrapped production on Episode IX:

“Thanks for the more than kind words, Tony. I grew so fond of our fictional relationship; it was hard to be separated in this new trilogy,” Hamill wrote. “You & R2 were my family & they certainly didn’t dare to take Chewie away from Han. I was appalled that in the original script for VIII, I just walked by without even acknowledging you! I was grateful that Rian let us at least have that brief farewell moment, even if it was only a nod & a wink. Perhaps it was fitting, as there are no words to convey the depth of Luke’s gratitude to his faithful sidekick, just as there are no words to express mine to you.” The actor capped off with a lovely closing: “Thank you for a lifetime of fond memories, friend.”

19 thoughts on “Mark Hamill Was Appalled By The Last Jedi

  1. Mark Hamill is a bitch.

    There, I said it.

    He read the script. He went on set. He filmed this trash. He took the money. And then, after everything was done and paid for, he started whining.

    Fuck that guy.


    • TBF to the guy he was “whining” and trying to downplay the movie before it even came out. I think the dude assumed it would be good but got told no script was ready atm (because they didn’t plan anything out). He saw it was some big names and assumed it would be decent signed on the dotted line and then found out on set what a shit show he had walked into. He can’t out right call out Disney and everyone behind the movies due to the contract he signed but he has always let people know what he thought of them.


      • Yes, he was kinda stuck. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he under contract BEFORE the Disney buyout, back when Lucas was developing the sequels?


      • Yeah, I’m not going to blame Hamill for this, contracts – and especially Hollywood contracts – can be fairly sticky.

        His alternative would have been to either constantly argue with the director, which would have been considered unprofessional and unproductive, or to do as deliberately bad a job on set as he could, which would have been passive-aggressive and whiny and would’ve gotten him a lot more criticism. He took the hand he was dealt and did the best he could with it.

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        • Exactly. And it seems likely that Disney’s legal people talked to him and told him to shut up not long after the movie came out, because his comments suddenly became less salty.

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    • And you wonder why Lucasfilm calls the fans toxic, lol. I hate Disney Lucasfilm, I hate Disney Star Wars, I still think fans like you are fuckin’ toxic. You thrive off hate. Just go jump into a burning building already to vent off that hate fire inside your heart.


  2. Isn’t it nice to see all the things we’ve been saying for years being confirmed? The facade is quickly crumbling. The shills are getting more desperate (and starting to turn on each other), and the truth is slowly coming out.

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      • And dear Alex is so quiet. Those checks are starting to bounce, methinks. Isn’t it nice to have a few days of normal conversation (aside from the occasional trolling) without being called a surrender monkey?


        • I’m also seeing dwindling activity on forums which were once full of talk about WARS, TREK, and the rest. People have been so burned that even the old stuff is becoming tainted. And those who remain on these forums tend to be bitter old men, hardcore brand-addicts who can’t see the forest for the trees, and/or SJWs, all of whom who can’t cope with the obvious decline of these once-great franchises. The numbers don’t lie. The apathy is setting in.

          It’s painful to say, but these franchises DESERVE to die, now. We kept them alive for decades, and we damn well aren’t gonna stand by and watch them be perverted and mangled. Better to put them out of their misery. And we absolutely have the power to do it.

          We have to come to terms with the fact that the time for false hope is over. They will continue to double-down and try to spite us at every turn. We have to stop supporting them in every way, and encourage others to do the same.


          • I too have noticed that as well.

            TBH I’ve already accepted that TREK and WARS will never be what they once were-I look back and try to remember the good times, but also remind myself that all good things must eventually come to an end.

            Right now however, it’s been pretty amusing to watch the SJWs and fans who didn’t get the hell out of Dodge eat each other.


            • This is the attitude I’ve taken, as well. And with it comes a strange sense of calm. I’ve been having a ball reading and watching “new” old stuff that I actually enjoy. Life’s too short to waste on this garbage. I’ve taken a page fromthe prequels, and have learned to accept and let go, rather than greedily hope for more and more and more and more.

              Star Wars HAD its time. so did the rest. All things must end. And that’s okay. The important thing to keep in mind is LEGACY.

              Seeing other people still addicted and angrily freaking out over the merest insinuation that these modern iterations are bad storytelling (to say nothing of, y’know, blatant propaganda) has been very illuminating.

              In nearly a century of these intellectual properties (I consider the first appearance of Superman to be the beginning of modern nerd culture), there has never been anything like this. Nothing even close. Not the furor over the prequels, not the 90s comic industry implosion, nothing. This is a whole new ballgame, with new rules, and lots of people who play dirty.

              I feel sorry for the new, young fans who will never understand how things used to be, and will be told (and will naively believe) that garbage is gold. I also feel sorry for the fans who are still in denial, and can’t accept the horrible truth of what’s actually happened.

              Yes, even Alex.


          • “I’m also seeing dwindling activity on forums […]”

            For what it’s worth, i think there is a lot of fun yet to come… I can handle the quiet, but i’d bet good money that the SJWs can’t.

            They’re going to start eating each other hard, coming here to start dust-ups, or trolling hard in YT comment sections of our buddies. They’re identities include being the defenders of DSW and ships. If no-one is attacking them, they’re gonna need an outlet. I may be wrong, but it is a brain chemistry addiction. we’ll see….


            • *their… damnit

              (side note: anyone else notice 1) apostrophes more are more are showing up in the opposite of where they should? and 2) in speech, m&m the ‘t’ sound has gone silent if it is not in the first syllable of the word containing it?)


              • I have the sneaking suspicion that once we stop giving these franchises—and them— attention, they’re gonna start wigging out and trolling/commenting more often.

                Remember, they NEED an enemy to fight. They are compelled to invent oppressors in order to maintain that sense of victimhood and righteous indignation.


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  4. If Hamill had any backbone, which doesn’t, he would not of returned without George just for the pay check.

    Hamill stopped being Luke Skywalker years and years ago anyway. Last time I like Hamill was probably late 90’s around Vector Prime’s release.


  5. I think Mark Hamill did a good job being Luke Skywalker , yes he did get paid a lot but not a lot of people can work in this kind of stress!


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