Katee Sackhoff Declares: No Election Fraud

Fraud doesn’t exist on the stage of Katee’s make-believe world.
“Indeed, you won the elections, but I won the count.” ~ Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza

Believing the notion that any institution devised by flawed humans is devoid of fraud requires either child like naivete or outright dishonesty.

But that’s the declaration of Katee Sackhoff, actress who portrays Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian. Apparently, the actress is more knowledgeable than attorney Rudy Giulliani.

So how accurate is Katee Sackhoff’s declaration? Let’s find out.

So Katee, it might behoove you to close your idiot mouth. Though, that’s just a suggestion.

8 thoughts on “Katee Sackhoff Declares: No Election Fraud

  1. Cooper at CNN from what i’ve seen has been using the phrase “no evidence of widespread voter fraud”…so that passes the ‘plausible deniability test’
    Pam Bondi i think is awesome

    Glad Starbuck there can say she hasn’t found any fraud in her thorough investigation.

    Like I said, you guys did your job by coming out in sufficient numbers that the counter-move had to be bold.

    Still hoping for you all… Kinda feel like there should be investigation into the congress votes too… NY and CA seem to have lifers who were rather prescient about their chances…



  2. Twitter is the AIDS of the Internet, it feels like at times.

    Rebels could have been a lot better. The main problems (besides being on Disney XD causing it to be toned down) are that the main charactors feel like the writers just adapted their DnD game as a show. Along with doing stories that would have worked better as a stand alone stories such as Ashoka v Vader and Maul v Ben. Picture a 10 minute adpation of Old Wounds, that’s all you need to tell that story no context out of phantom menous is needed.

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    • As with seemingly every Disney Star Wars project, Rebels was just a riff on existing characters and concepts. Not-Ben training not-Luke and fighting the Empire with Not- Chewie, Not- Leia and Not-Artoo on the Not-Falcon.

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  3. Stardoe is not Dirk’s Starbuck thats for sure.

    Trump is at war with Fox news now too over such issues and much more. Even if there was voter fraud(which there was) and it cost Trump the win, he has himself to blame:



    Usually I try and separate most actors from their own personal beliefs and politics as long as it does not interfere with their work. I think we should more strive to educate these liberals or libertarian in Hollyweird instead of outright punish them for their beliefs alone. We need to win the culture war in the end. Actors are kinda like prostitutes anyway.

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  4. Maybe in future elections, have no counties report their numbers until all can. As it stands now, every big blue city knows exactly how many votes it needs to flip its state. I have no idea why the other counties stand for this.

    And really, I know big cities have more votes to count, but they should also have more poll workers and more machines. When they take entire extra days to get their final tally, it creates the impression that they’re just combing through stacks of ballots looking for the ones they want, while ignoring the rest.


  5. About the dead voters:

    “Masters Of Horror, Season 1 Episode 6: Homecoming
    A political satire in which the reanimated corpses of soldiers killed in Iraq return in an attempt to sway the presidential election.”


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