Clone Wars Writer Attacks Rebel Force Radio

Another one.

From Wookieepedia:

Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio recently made a public statement on Facebook with regards to the recent Variety article about Pablo Hidalgo.

But leave it to Lucasfilm turd Henry Gilroy to dismiss all of Jimmy’s legitimate concerns.

Of course Pablo is free to have an opinion.

In exactly the same way that everyone else is free to respond to and comment on Pablo’s opinion, and withhold their purchasing power from Lucasfilm media and products, even if Henry Gilroy doesn’t like it when they do.

So as a writer, Henry should probably familiarize himself with the definition of the word “hypocrisy.” I suggest purchasing a dictionary published before 1968. Because hypocrisy does not mean responding to comments that someone else made.

But if Pablo is the “continuity guy” then maybe there’s bigger problems afoot with Pablo than his opinion.

Jimmy Mac responded to Henry:

So not only is Henry himself full of shit, as Pablo’s sad online history clearly demonstrates, but Henry may be made entirely out of shit, and probably is.

What this actually is, is a failed attempt by Henry Gilroy to control the speech of an individual with a large platform. After all, where was Henry Gilroy to condemn the “piling on” of Lucasfilm turds that accused Rebel Force Radio of sexism and misogyny?


Henry has deleted his posts on Facebook.

Entertainment Hacker comments:

Meme Of Discredited Lies

The Twitter account Shitty Star Wars Posts recently posted a meme that will be passed around social media by SJWs who are desperate to believe in this incorrect narrative.

Here’s the meme by itself:

Unfortunately for SJWs, I’ve already produced a number of documentaries that easily discredit these lies. Also unfortunately for SJWs, watching them requires an attention span that can process more than 128 characters.

My documentary on Fandom Science discusses the academic paper which demonstrated the Black Stormtrooper controversy to be a myth.

I’ve produced a documentary that shows how the media was largely the problem for both George Lucas and Jake Lloyd, who had nothing but good things to say about the fans.

I’ve produced a documentary that shows Ahmed Best repeatedly citing the media as the problem in the Phantom Menace backlash, while also saying nothing but good things about the fans.

Down With Disney was demonstrated to be a false flag operation conducted by Jason Ward of Daisy Ridley openly stated what her reasons for leaving social media were on video, which had nothing to do with the fans. And the entire Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident was demonstrated to be a virtue signaling hoax. All of which can be seen in my documentary, The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.

As far as Rian Johnson’s death threats, I’d love to publish them. But then again, neither has he.

So you can see why SJWs are so eager to silence me.

“Activist” Suggests Mass Reporting Me

The pod people come for me.

SJWs don’t like it when voices other than their own are heard. They consider responding to their moronic comments on the Twitter public square as a form of “harassment.”

In the SJW collective, all dissent must be silenced.

Wesley’s tweet was liked by The Imperial Senate Podcast.

Scout The Trooper who is known for the Shitty Star Wars Posts Twitter account.

Someone from Fantha Tracks:

And of course by our good friend Jordan Maison.

And apparently one of Wesley’s colleagues, a cast member of Coppers & Cantrips, says something about owing me “hands in real life.”

Is that a physical threat of some sort? You decide!

But fret not my good readers. Should my Twitter account go poof like a fart in the wind, my very good friend Chi Huavara will be happy to tweet out blog posts on my behalf.

Jordan Maison Grouses Over Rebel Force Radio

Star Wars artist for TOPPS and contributor Jordan Maison is complaining about Rebel Force Radio.

Yet he has no problem touting it in his Twitter bio when he wants to brag about it. Maybe he should ask to take his bio off of their website.

Rebel Force Radio posted:

To which Jordan replied:

And Jordan has some additional instructions:

How Jordan gets his scoops with no connection to Lucasfilm is a question for another time. But the important thing to note here, is that Jordan has no authority whatsoever to issue this order. Anyone can do anything they like with anything that Jordan tweets out, as per Twitter’s terms of service:

Twitter terms of service.

The bottom line here is that Jordan is representative of the kind of “contributor” that Lucasfilm chooses to hire for projects. No one on this blog ever stated that he was a direct employee for Lucasfilm. That’s a narrative that Jordan himself is making up.

Steele Wars replied in Jordan’s thread with some barely coherent remarks.

4th Lucasfilm Turd Calls Star Wars Theory “Bottom Of The Barrel”

Readers of this blog may recall Mitch Dyer who currently works on Lucasfilm’s new generation of failing video games. Here’s his response to the Variety article about Star Wars Theory.

Speaking of bottom of the barrel, that’s where you’ll find Star Wars Squadrons which they can’t give away even with a deep discount. Because no one wants to own it. Get it?


The highly disposable freelance video game writer mocks the notion of an apology.

Ryan Kinel comments:

Drunk 3PO comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:

3rd Lucasfilm Turd Mocks Star Wars Theory

Official Star Wars Artist for TOPPS Jordan Maison is joining in the Lucasfilm mockery of fans.

No. There isn’t. There is however actual documentation of a virtue signaling hoax, which you can learn all about in my documentary, The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.

On the contrary Jordan. You and your colleagues are free to say anything you like. Just as the customers are free to respond, and to withdraw their financial support from the Star Wars franchise. Continue to speak as you will, by all means.


As an extra added bonus, Jordan mocks Rebel Force Radio which recently released a statement.


Jordan responds to this blog post:

No one here is claiming you work directly for Lucasfilm, Jordan.

You’re just another rando dumbfuck freelancer producing Lucasfilm material. This is all known.

Not only do you produce Star Wars art for TOPPS, you also write “bylines” for Star Wars.

Now enjoy Jordan’s listing at

And as to be expected:

Geeks + Gamers comments:

Ryan Kinel comments: