Clarifying Pablo Hidalgo’s Clarification

Pablo crosses his fingers and hopes this works.

In the wake of outrage over his comments to Star Wars Theory, Pablo Hidalgo recently posted the following:

Those are some very nice sentiments. Pablo his very fortunate to have so many shills help him craft the “sarcastic self-mockery” narrative.

But now, I’d like to offer my own clarification.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how Pablo’s mockery of the fans is not some misunderstood anomaly, but rather, a demonstrable pattern of behavior. Like when he compared all YouTubers to a tick:

Now, let’s take a look at Pablo’s response when Disney threatened legal action against Star Wars Theory over his fan film:

Now let’s take a look at the “enemies list” of fans that Pablo made for his followers:

Now let’s look at some other blasts from the past:

And who could forget his recent mockery of the Reylos:

Drunk3PO comments:

BabyFace comments:

Ethan Van Sciver comments:

Clownfish TV comments:

12 thoughts on “Clarifying Pablo Hidalgo’s Clarification

    • As as aside, I showed the original trilogy to a young friend in his mid-20s, recently, and he described Han romancing Leia in Empire as “kinda rapey”.

      This is a hint of the long-term effects of the agenda, folks.


      • More like a hint of your long-term stupidity, because you keep calling a living franchise dead. Unlike me because I’m right and can spell me own name thank you very much.


  1. Ford was like twice as better looking than Mark and more charismatic. Was it surprising Pablo was shipping letters to West End’s rear end.


  2. Heeeeeeeey…

    Is this one of those times where someone who was forced into ‘Emotional Labour’ has earned some recompense from the instigator for the work done?… like on penalty of cancellation?

    Isn’t Walmart Gift cards the sjw currency these days?


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