Pablo Hidalgo Reopens For Business

It appears that Ol’ Pabs opened a new business before he closed his old one.

Pablo wishes that fans understood his insults.

At least he’s still carrying the same “Quinn Martin” brand of humor.

Judging from the amount of followers and followees, it appears this migration may have been going on for some time. Was his comment to SW Theory simply a ruse to facilitate a self damseling narrative? Or was all of this designed to take heat off of Mark Hamill? Or is Pablo just a clumsy oaf?

Questions loom as “Lucasfilm” trends on Twitter.


This comes to us from Steven the Illustrator:

It looks like Pablo actually had two accounts. He didn’t close his, he just swapped the Twitter handles. Now, if anyone tweets to “@pablohidalgo” they’re directed to his dead account with 0 followers.

4 thoughts on “Pablo Hidalgo Reopens For Business

  1. This is how nuts he is: it’s one thing to go after people criticizing Disney Star Wars. They’re being critical of it so maybe someone like Pablo takes it personally, which he shouldn’t, and he lashes out at critics. It’s not right but it does happen.
    But SW Theory was happy with the Mando S2 finale. He loved it! And a Lucasfilm employee mocks him for it.
    Yes, Pablo is a new level of degenerate. Nice corporate culture you’ve created there Kathleen.


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