Bryan Young Wishes People Would Get New Hobbies

Bryan enjoys an online hobby.

I’m certain that Adam could imagine such a scenario quite well since SJW “activists” do that sort of thing all of the time.

It may not be as glamorous as waging an online campaign against Rebel Force Radio, but I’m sure that Bryan does wish people would get new hobbies. Let’s just hope that no one takes up any of Bryan Young’s hobbies, which apparently include engaging in online sex chats with under aged teenagers, and developing a record for providing shelter to runaway teenagers. Those two hobbies may or may not overlap.

Bold advice from a guy who published articles about Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver.

But at least some drones in the Collective have come to their senses.

Thanks to The CJH for the tip.

Jordan Maison Asserts Imaginary Authority

This cartoon shark has more authority than Jordan.

Star Wars artist for TOPPS and contributor to Jordan Maison is currently under the delusion that he has authority to make demands of Jedi News.

But according to the Twitter terms of service, as long as Jordan keeps broadcasting on Twitter, anyone can use his tweets for anything they like without regard to Jordan’s demands.

Twitter terms of service.

Jordan also points an accusatory finger at Jedi News for who they follow:

What Jordan doesn’t understand is that people are free to follow anyone they want on Twitter, even if Jordan doesn’t like it. And Jedi News is under no obligation to answer Jordan, due to Jordan’s complete and total lack of all authority.

#WheresRey? #WheresRose? Hasbro Doesn’t Care

Old white male.

Pirates and Princesses is reporting:

Hasbro Unveils New STAR WARS Figures to Celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary. Sequel Trilogy is MISSING?

Hasbro Pulse is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm with a newly announced series of Star Wars: The Black Series figures. The announcement was made during Fan First Friday event, and includes everything from the Prequel Trilogy, to the Original Trilogy, to Clone Wars and Rebels.

But what is curiously missing are any announcements of characters from the Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.

It’s possible that Hasbro will eventually release some sequel era figures to help celebrate.

But it’s also very possible they won’t, given that many Sequel Trilogy figures can still be had for cheap years after their release.

Clownfish TV comments:

Bria LaVorgna Wants Fandom To Cut Out “Racism And Harassment”

Bria spots a racist cloud in the sky.

In the bizarro world of the SJW, any kind of response to public comments made by SJWs is viewed as “harassment.” That’s because they expect their own moronic viewpoints to be unchallenged. When those ridiculous viewpoints are challenged, the generation that was weened on safe spaces and trigger warnings stomp their feet and flap their arms like the intellectual toddlers that they are.

Star Wars writer Bria LaVorgna serves as a fine example of this fact.

Welcome To My New Platform

I’ve got great news for the SJW activists trying to deplatform me which I’ll announce at the end of this blog post. But first, let’s look at the recent nonsense coming from the subreddit Saltier Than Crait so we get a better understanding of why my new platform exists.

Recently moderators at Saltier Than Crait posted an absurd set of rules, and we’ll address some of them here.

To engage in discussion and debate over Disney’s Star Wars, I’m not sure how you excise the political culture war since it’s being waged within the content that Disney is producing under the Star Wars banner. So to arbitrarily ban this particular aspect of the discussion is just silly. And honestly, you’d think they’d know better:

The Saltier Than Crait rules continue:

This statement is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, even if this were true, so what? Who cares? It’s not as though there’s any official system of seniority in Star Wars criticism that needs to be recognized. Secondly, it’s not true. People such as myself have been calling out Disney’s Star Wars ever since The Force Awakens was excreted onto cinema screens. And the criticism goes back further than that, from Expanded Universe fans who took Disney and Lucasfilm to task when they firebombed the Expanded Universe in 2014. So the whole notion that Saltier Than Crait was here first is laughable at best.

Well I got news for these kids. Lucasfilm isn’t going to listen to you no matter how nice and quiet you are so you may as well make some noise.

But here’s the real kicker:

Links to my blog have been banned for some time now so this isn’t all that shocking to me. But who knew that Scott Mendelson at Forbes was Fandom Menace? Someone send him a memo. Clownfish TV discusses the possibility that the moderators at Saltier Than Crait are somehow connected with Lucasfilm and using that subreddit to somehow contain and manage criticism. Anything is possible.

But you gotta like how deliberately vague their guidelines are designed, so as to give the moderators room to decide that any particular voice at any given moment they don’t like is cause for a banning. It’s the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from SJW control freaks. And that’s what their rules are all about. It isn’t about Star Wars. It’s about moderators who want to control the conversation. So let’s go ahead and take that control away from them.

I am announcing my own new subreddit, Way Saltier Than Crait, which will abide by the general rules of Reddit, and not much else, in order to facilitate a free flow of discussion and criticism of Disney, Lucasfilm, and the Star Wars Franchise. You can visit the subreddit here. This subreddit will welcome those who are not wanted by Moonlit_Mushroom and his fellow digital tyrants. Enjoy!

Clownfish TV comments:

Bounding Into Comics comments:

E. K. Johnston Declares Bounding Into Comics Livestream Will “Hurt People”

Recently, Bounding Into Comics announced a livestream today at 9 pm with Jack Posobiec. Star Wars author E. K. Johnston was notified and made the following public declaration on Twitter:

And how does E. K. think this will hurt people? Who knows. But maybe it has something to do with white women ruining things.

You can watch the livestream here:

TT Games Admits Finn Got Screwed

TT Games is currently producing the Skywalker Saga Lego game. Dawn McDiarmid is the Lead Hub Designer at TT Games. Here’s what she recently told

While TT Games is ensuring players that all of their favorite Star Wars moments will appear in the game, the developers also felt that some enhancements were necessary. McDiarmid notes that Rise of Skywalker felt like it could have done much more with Finn, and that The Skywalker Saga will be their “chance to put things right.”

But what’s even more interesting about this story, is that this paragraph no longer appears on the original story, and can only be seen in the Goolge cache, which is also archived here.

According to the Wayback Machine, the original version of the article appeared on January 25th, and the paragraph above was removed sometime thereafter.

So the question is, why was this paragraph removed?