Star Wars Designer Attacks Gina Carano

Paul Harding is here to recite the standard Lucasfilm script.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Thanks to Ryan Kinel for the tip who comments:

Yellow Flash comments:


Paul Harding has deleted his entire Twitter account.

16 thoughts on “Star Wars Designer Attacks Gina Carano

  1. Such a genuine, friendly and down to earth woman. A great ambassador—not only for The Mandalorian, but for Star Wars as a whole. Not to mention that AMAZING smile!

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  2. Disney needs to implement a strict social media policy, for all creatives and affiliates. It’s just comon sense!

    Just goes to show you, how professional Lucasfilm was, under George Lucas. He knew where his bread & butter came from. He built this company from the ground up, with all of that hard work and sacrifice. These piss—ants, waltzed in to a comfortable job, at already established IP’s and they think their shit don’t stink. Really pathetic and sad.

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  3. Reylos are soooo depraved. Did you know they voted Ben Solo as “The most beautiful rapist in the galaxy”?! All BenSolo had to do was beat Jabba the Hut. Low low expectations and the stupid Reylos are praising and defending BenSolo because he is a good looking rapist so Rey and Poe should not press charges against rapist Ben Solo!!! Disney Star Wars panders to the most deranged immoral fans. Poor George Lucas…


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