Justina Ireland Really Hates White People

In our continuing journey through the open hatred for “white people” at Lucasfilm, we discover that apparently the only people allowed to broadcast openly racist comments are the ones who constantly accuse everyone else around them of being racist.

Justine refers to diversity of melanin and genitalia, not diversity of thought.

The new High Republic book Out of the Shadows from Justina Ireland was announced recently:

Readers may recall Justina as the Star Wars High Republic author who misunderstands American Exceptionalism, who doesn’t demonize sex work in her young adult novels, and who doesn’t like all the “white supremacists” in Montana.

So, what was Justina up to in 2020? You guessed it. Seething and frothing over white people of course. What else?

Ryan Kinel comments:

Geeks + Gamers comments:

Memeology 101 comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:

That Star Wars Girl comments:

60 thoughts on “Justina Ireland Really Hates White People

    • She is a stalker BIPOC!!!!!!! I think she was surveilling me on Social Media. What a WEIRDO CREEP. Of course DISNEY STAR WARS EMPLOYS WEIRDO CREEPS!!!!


  1. if she hates Pedro Pascal, that’s okay. Because i hate that man and i hope the character he plays dies so we don’t have to see his ugly face (Pedro PAscal’s pitbully face i mean)


  2. Playbook for anti-white racists:
    * Don’t use the western knowlegge and build upon it
    * Don’t use English, is is a European and therefore “white” language
    * Don’t use the $
    * Don’t use every invention “whites” made: electricity, plastic, cars, planes, trains, bikes, other machines, phones, the internet, photographs, moving pictures, tone studios, demo “tapes”, medicine, latin alphabet, modern make-up, cheap food, etc.

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    • I remember Dear Abby writing pretty much the same thing, but about anti-Semites. (Don’t get the Polio vaccine, etc.) About the only thing that has changed since I read that, is the acceptance of anti-whites.


            • Why would I want to read any? The marketing has doing a fine job of telling me I shouldn’t bother.

              You see, idiots who say “it’s just a trailer, wait and see the movie” don’t understand how these things work. Trailers are supposed to represent the BEST elements of a product, so as to entice the audience.

              And so it goes with author interviews and chapter excerpts. Gold plated turds are still turds, and the first whiff of disrespect to source material and/or identity politics= no sale. Simple.


            • How about you? You ask how many books we read, fair enough, same question to you. How many books have you read from her and what was your take away. Dazzle us with your knowledge and while you are at it, do you feel she is racist for the statements she has made?


              • Excellent point. Of course, In my observation, people like him are too busy asking rude and obnoxious questions of others, with the result that they have no answers themselves.

                Answering questions with questions is usually a stalling tactic, after all. This goober clearly is not here to have meaningful dialogue. And his barrage of rude accusations is not going to change any opinions, either. So, we must question HIS motives.


  3. IMO people need to start (quite literally) asking these people directly “why do you hate white people?”. Be it a tweet, YT comment, FB comment, interview questions by audience, anything/everything. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with asking that very direct and evidence supported question. These people should not be getting away with these things but I notice they are confronted about it very rarely. That should change. The sooner people hold them accountable the better as they are clearly…. CLEARLY setting up a genocide as this is the stage to dehumanize one and only one group. That cannot happen and it falls to our generation now to put our foot down and hold them accountable or our descendants will likely be killed off much like South Africa.


          • You’re complete missing the point. Mentally ill leftists such as yourself always have a weird need to target some group for hatred. In Nazi Germany it was the Jews. In Confederate America it was the blacks. In modern America, it’s the “straight white male.”

            Where do you suppose this mental illness springs from?


          • Itchy is clearly targeting you, then, since you’re clearly mentally ill enough to keep coming here and attacking and race-baiting people, “darling”.


            • You don’t know the first thing about mental illness I’m afraid, sorry. As for the answer to your question I already explained, calling out being treated like shit by people isn’t the same as bigotry.


              • But even if it was, should we boycott all of John Wayne’s films because he said potentially racist things? No, you’d say thst was something “snowflake SJW’s” would call for


                • Also, John Wayne films are good. Today’s modern entertainment is propaganda trash with bad window dressing slapped on. The cart pulls the horse.

                  Keeping your precious “Death of The Author” in mind, these modern shows, movies, and books are abject failures in storytelling, first and foremost, without even bringing politics into the mix.


              • Your definition of “racism” is clearly in line with today’s “I want to feel tough, so I’ll hide behind minorities and virtue signal for them” definition of the word, as opposed to the actual meaning.

                Fortunately, you fit the definition of “obsessed”, “mentally ill”, “obnoxious” and maybe even “retarded” by any era’s definition.

                Please, keep digging that hole for yourself. Keep lashing out like a moron by twisting the meaning of words, using strawman arguments, and generally being an ass.


      • In fact this is accurate, white individuals are the one and only group, globally in actuality, that there appears to be a free pass to discriminate against, attack without any purpose/reason, and bundle up as an entire group of wrong doers. Do you honestly think this is not having a monumental effect upon the youth in the white group? You may indeed believe in whatever SJW concepts that were indoctrinated into you and, frankly, I don’t see a problem with that as you are your own person and have the right to believe what you will. The only issue I have with it is when yours/those like you begin to force and attempt to harm society through your indoctrinated perception(s) of the world at large. Your comment itself is a prime example. You legitimately do not see the effect these things have had and the overlapping issues being caused by it.

        So that leads me to a simple set of a questions.

        1) Do you truly not believe there is a universal attempt to destroy the white race at this time from social media, media, TV/Movies, educational system, occupational system (who gets passed over for jobs, etc), and so on?

        2) Again from earlier in my post, do you not think this will have a huge effect in the youth of the white group?

        Gauging your comments you clearly care about trans individuals, fair enough, but what about those who aren’t trans and have bore the brunt of these attacks merely to place trans individuals on a pedestal. This is clearly a set up for a genocide against one and only one group. How you cannot see this is legitimately beyond my comprehension as it is the most obvious issue taking place in modern society. So you either accept/agree that it should happen or truly cannot see it happening right before you. Which is it?


  4. “My Stand would be White privilege” – lol, I don’t think that means what she thinks it does. A Stand is a projection of your true self, but with super-powers. So she’s saying her true self is someone who gets handed stuff for no reason because of her race. Which is funny under the circumstances.


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  8. And this is why they are failing. Not because Luke came back, but because they let these racist (true racist) people write things and then tell people to not read their book. Sure.. hire people like this and continue losing money, cause now I know what she thinks of me, and all her double standards: I will never purchase, or support anything Mrs. Ireland is involved in. She’s an idiot race bating racist black supremacist, and I don’t deal with the other kind, why would I deal with hers.

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  9. I was listen to John Williams’ score for The Empire Strikes Back, today, and was reminded just how good the original films are, and how bad everything from DisCanon is.

    I say again with renewed vigor: What they did to Luke Skywalker was unforgivable. What they did to George Lucas and his iconic films and characters is unforgivable. I don’t give a flying fig about any bones they toss our way. CGI Luke undoes nothing. It only shows how low the bar has been set, and how desperate people are for something even remotely passing for Star Wars.

    But they killed it. This is a bell which cannot be unrung. People need to stop vainly hoping against hope that things will get better. We’ll get mediocre shows and movies at best, insulting nostalgia-traps at worst. There will never be anything like the real Star Wars ever again. It had its time.

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  10. This woman is delusional. Shes racist AF! Shes sexist AF! How is she getting away with this? Its public! Shes openly racist! Everyone can see it! How has she got a job writing star wars for disney? I mean WTF? If someone such as say Brad Pitt farted around a person of colour or LGBTQ person he would be receiving a storm of shit. He’d be done like. WTF!?


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