High Republic Authors Jealous Of Luke Skywalker?

The best of the bland.

That’s what WDW Pro is claiming at Pirates and Princesses:

Luke Skywalker Damaged High Republic’s Launch

Star Wars: The High Republic is launching and the response has been underwhelming for Lucasfilm. Now the blame game has begun as the “mega-story” limps out of the gate. The prime target is blaming Jon Favreau for the perception that he has enabled what individuals in Lucasfilm view as toxic demographics. More specifically, Luke Skywalker emboldened one part of a divided audience.

Sources tell me that the Lucasfilm Story Group that has been heavily involved in the development of The High Republic is frustrated for several reasons. First, the reveal of Luke Skywalker in the finale of The Mandalorian’s second season took all the oxygen out of High Republic. Who cares about The High Republic if they’re all wondering what happens with Luke Skywalker and his new padawan Grogu (baby Yoda’s revealed name)? Worse, I’m told they’re furious because they weren’t informed about Luke Skywalker being the season send-off surprise. 

The result is that I’m told meetings and discussions are forthcoming about how to manage the public relations situation. People behind High Republic want Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni to speak in a complimentary fashion in regards to Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, and The High Republic. They feel that in the absence of those kind words, toxic parts of the “fandom” are filling the gap. Internal financial projections for High Republic have reportedly tanked since the online trailer was released. Initial reception of Light of the Jedi has been tepid at best.

You can read the whole thing at Pirates and Princesses:

I have no idea if any of this is true, but I can totally imagine the Story Group looking at pie charts with one slice labeled “toxic demographic” rather than focusing on good storytelling.

And if any of this is true, then that’s the problem here as always. The focus on political activism over art. The three words I can think of to best describe the High Republic publishing effort are bland, dull, and silly. Of course that has no hope of competing with a live action Luke Skywalker.

But in a perfect world, if the focus were put on storytelling rather than political activism, then there’s no reason that fans wouldn’t be highly interested in both, just as they were interested in all forms of media during the EU days.

Any blame for the failure of the High Republic doesn’t lie with Luke Skywalker or The Mandalorian, but instead with the lackluster creations of the subpar creators.

That Star Wars Girl comments:

19 thoughts on “High Republic Authors Jealous Of Luke Skywalker?

  1. Of course they’re jealous. These people covet success and power without actually wanting to do the work to earn it. Spreading their messages is far more important to them. Diversity and dinosaurs, remember.

    Just compare this multimedia “event” with 1996’s Shadows of The Empire, which was also a prequel, but one which worked with the existing lore and characters while also expanding it with new adventures and new characters.

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    • Star Wars setting aside, leave it to these people to ruin something as cool as dinosaurs. They would have a triceratops identify itself as a pteranodon.


  2. Maybe they were jealous, who knows. All i know is that Reylos are truly disgusting and immoral. So awful are Reylos, that if BenSolo had a laptop and there pictures of BenSolo behaving inappropriately with minors on that laptop, the Reylo whores would still insist that Ben Solo is a good person and great with children. Then, the stupid Reylos would ban and criticize all the people who said that Ben Solo was a pedophile and child abuser. Disney STar Wars is so dumb to support Reylos!!!! Reylos are a bunch of gas lighting rape and abuse apologists. And they censor people like Commie whores!!!


  3. High Republic is SJW “art” at its worst. Painful unamusing self-deprecation. Cringeworthy forced diversity (camp character who’s surname is an anagram of “I am gay” for instance). Bland silly storytelling. Blatant use of Mary Sue characters. And creators publicly mocking white males and other “privileged” groups.

    The past few years should have shown this stuff simply doesn’t sell. The Lucas Arts story group, including Kathleen Kennedy, must just be a echo chamber where reality is not allowed to intrude. When High Republic crashes and burns, hopefully this will further sideline KK and her group.


  4. I find anything that’s speaking to Filoni’s fabricated fake public persona dubious. And Favreau’s not gonna incur the wrath of Disney and retcon the sequels either, come on. I never said you said that, but the sheer brain-dumb blithering worship following this fake news is just despicable. These problems go far higher than Kennedy, given the costs of the movies that Lucasfilm made. Favreau literally said Disney isn’t a monopoly, so there it is. He’s gonna toe the company line like all of the others.


  5. This is Pablo Hidalgo and the star trek writers.
    They are the worst thing to happen to the story group ever.
    They know all about star trek but nothing about star wars.
    The new trilogy rewrites are a disgrace, Resistance was garbage.
    Weak af writers with a sweaty talentless uninformed trekkie posing as a star wars fan leading them.
    When I’m a qualified writer and producer im coming for Pablo’s gig. 😒
    -Edit: Claudia grey can have a pass, I don’t know how she wound up working with these wank arounds. Most likely hired to carry the talentless hacks.


  6. The High Republic will flop, people want Luke Skywalker not some potato shaped person of indeterminate gender named Ram Jamoram. They tried to destroy the original characters to replace them with Rey and now with this BS, and they failed.


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