New Daisy Ridley Comments Will Be Used To Attack The Fans

A vast improvement over Rey.

An article was recently published with comments from Daisy Ridley that SJWs will undoubtedly use to attack the fans once again.

Tulsa World reports:

Daisy Ridley ‘scared by Star Wars fans turning up at home

Daisy Ridley has been left scared by ‘Star Wars’ fans turning up at her house.

She told Tatler magazine: “’Star Was’ was ‘This Thing’. And then it was ‘This Thing That Came To An End’. It hasn’t always been easy.

“There are things [about being in ‘Star Wars’] I don’t like talking about, because it’s not the good side. People turn up at your doorstep, that’s scary.

“And I’ve been followed, that’s a bit ‘woah’. But in terms of the actual experience?

“I had the best time. And now I’m out of it, I feel like I want to work really hard and honour the decision of the people that cast me.”

These quotes make it sound as though she’s talking about the fans in general, and many will attempt to erroneously connect this with older fans or the imaginary “alt-right” fans.

But unfortunately for SJWs, I’ve done Tatler Magazine and Tulsa World’s research for them.

Because the people known to have harassed Daisy turned out to be Reylos that were angry she wasn’t dating Adam Driver.

It turns out, back in August 2018, Reylos were screaming mad that Daisy Ridley brought her boyfriend on set.

Reylos think Daisy is cheating on Kylo Ren.

A Tumblr user by the name of Blue Chandrila wrote the following now deleted post:

One Reddit user made the following post in regards to this circumstance:


Two of the images that the Reddit user posted are as follows:


Reylos have previously lashed out at Daisy Ridley for being a princess of privilege, and who may or may not have direct connections to the late Alec Guiness.

Reylos have also stalked Adam Driver, doxxed Adam Driver and his wife, jumped on stage at one of Adam Driver’s plays, sexually harassed an actor playing Kylo Ren at Disneyland, harassed Star Wars author E.K. Johnston, and drove Star Wars social media manager Michelle Buchman off of Twitter.

All of this could have played into Daisy’s decision to leave social media. But the legacy media pushed an incorrect narrative blaming long time fans for it instead. Actual reality told an entirely different story however, and I’ve written about that here.

So my guess is that 40 year old “dude bros” that build MPC model kits in their garages probably didn’t show up on Daisy’s door step.

That Star Wars Girl comments:

Yellow Flash comments:

Ethan Van Sciver comments:

23 thoughts on “New Daisy Ridley Comments Will Be Used To Attack The Fans

  1. itchy, one of these Reylos you mentioned in this post is a high-functioning autist. Not all autistic people are bad like Reylos. But all Reylos are bad, pretty bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In speaking of High functioning autistic people in the Rylo fandom, I like to inform you of an incident in the Rylo fandom on Tumblr where an Asian girl with high functioning autism was a Rylo fan and had other rylos talked trash behind her back. When she found out about the trash talk, she left the Rylo fandom for good and never came back. Thus, shows that the Rylo fandom are not only racist, xenophobe, but also ablist towards certain people.


      • The Reylo whores also bullied one of their own Reylos, a high-functioning autist, off of tumblr. FYI:nThe Reylo whore fandom is arranged in a harem heirarchy: the REylo whores at the top are the most progressive, most Liberal, most deranged, most racist, most willing to kneel for Rian Johnson and pretend to like TLJ. They don’t even have to be attractive. Rian will take any Reylo whore who will lie for him about how supposedly wonderful TLJ is. Bonus points if you are a Reylo whore who is a POC, that way Rian can use you REylo whore identity politics to virtue signal and show his love of diversity in his harem. And all the Reylos claim to be feminists, yet they degrade themselves so!!! REYLOS ARE DERANGED!!!!


        • Not only that, there’s also the Rylo intellectuals who have like degrees in English literature and post a lot of Academic essays on why Rylo is superior or some sh*t. Most of these intellectual rylos are these dumb, man-hating white girls who look like the type to be part of the twilight fandom. Yes, some of them are overweight landwhales.


          • Also, don’t forget the worse members of the Ratlonfandom: the Beta Male White Knight r3ylo fans. These male fans are sick. They’re basically there to support Rylo just so they can get into a sexual relationship with the rest of female members of Ratlo.

            Also, on a separate note, let’s not forget about that one doxxing incident where one Ratlo doxxed another Ratlo over a fanfic.


      • Rylos are a deranged group. They act all woke about defend female voices, but they spent 100% of their time defending Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, a toxic Ted Bundy character who harms people.


    • Same. It’s such a shame that Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley had to deal with this crazed fringe group. I’m glad that they’re currently free from this mess.


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