NY Times Bestseller 30% Off

Recently, Star Wars High Republic author Charles Soule touted Light of the Jedi debuting on the meaningless New York Times Bestseller List:

Why is the list meaningless? The Observer explains:


A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, as the saying goes.

NYT keeps a tight lid on its process for selecting bestsellers. It is known that NYT samples its own list of certain booksellers across the country—though which ones make the cut are a tightly guarded secret—then look at the data with wise NYT brains, and decide whom they think should be on the list.

It’s said that this is done to keep people from gaming the system, which is partially true. But it’s also done so that The New York Times can have a say about which books get the extra credibility of being named a bestseller.

I’m certainly not the only one who sees potential problems with this system.

Remember: NYT and WSJ list = more money.

So a small group of people look at highly selective data to decide whom they deem important enough to be called a “New York Times bestseller.” At this point, we’ve come pretty far from “the books that sell the most copies.” We’ve laid some groundwork, so now I can share the really weird stuff.

In other words, like the Nobel Peace Prize, or the Oscars, or the Grammys, or the Saturn Awards, or Rotten Tomatoes scores, the NY Times bestseller list is a political circle jerk where activists stroke each others egos with meaningless accolades based purely on political compliance.

Because why would Target need to mark down a brand new bestseller at 30% off?

SJW dopes screech in response, “But they ‘literally’ sold 200K copies proving it’s a big success!”

Well dopey, those were sales to retailers. The retailers still have to sell those copies to customers, which they apparently can’t do without deep, deep discounts.

Ethan Van Sciver explains:

Ethan Van Sciver comments:

29 thoughts on “NY Times Bestseller 30% Off

    • My Target has umpteen sections for women’s clothing, and one for men’s (way in the back). I bought two belts there, both of which fell apart, one inside of three months. The store’s entire center is towels and bed linen. They have acres of that stuff. Despite having coolers, they leave their beer on ordinary shelves, at room temp.

      Their having the latest Star Wars books pretty much cements my commitment to avoid that store at all costs.


    • The completeness of Disney/LFL’s failure is hilarious, though. When this project was announced over a year ago, we all knew it would be DOA.


            • Maybe trolling this blog is a pointless endeavor?

              Maybe I can just keep asking questions, too?

              Maybe you can stop shilling and accept that not everyone agrees with you?


                • Not very comfortable with opinions that differ from yours, are you?

                  I don’t need to read a book to know it’s not for me. It’s all fruit of the poisonous tree, now. I am deeply tired of people saying, “Oh, you can’t judge something by a trailer or a preview!”

                  Yes. Yes I can.

                  Ram Jamaramram and Pope Gay Deassy are more than enough to clue me in to the “merits” of this cross-merchandising trainwreck. I don’t need to be punched in the stomach to know that it hurts. Even in this corner of the galaxy, two plus two still equals four.

                  But, please, keep shouting from your delusional high horse about how wrong we dissenters are, when all the facts are stacked against shill losers like you. Your precious Last Jedi is no masterpiece, and will go down in history as a disaster. SJW Star Wars has failed, and will continue to do so. Social justice propaganda is no substitute for actual talent. Get Woke, Go Broke.

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  1. 200k shipped—not sold!
    In any case, that’s nothing in comparison to the 1 million copies of Star Wars issue #1 Marvel sold, in 2015.

    Itchy, I’ve spent the weekend going through my Star Wars Dark Horse comic book collection, working out which ones l still need. Thumbing through various issues brought back many great memories. What stands out the most are not only the superior stories and art work–but the quality of the paper is better. Thicker and more sturdy.

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    • Man, those were the days eh?

      I too have been going through some of my old Dark Horse ST comics-just finished re-reading Crimson Empire. If you haven’t had the chance to read it I highly recommend it, as it tells a story surrounding the Emperor’s personal guards.


    • It would not surprise me if those are bullshit numbers anyway.

      More disney interest level/performance gaslighting. Annnnd probably not for any purpose other than to gaslight the shareholders.


  2. I really don’t want this to succeed because I think the direction is not right for Star Wars but unfortunately it does look like the comic at least is selling. I know it is true you can’t go by sales data because it is just what they sold to comic shops not customers, so I check some of the biggest online comic shops midtown comics and mycomic shop to see if their copies are sitting around and they are sold out. Issue #1 regular cover is going for $15 on ebay. 0 issues available on comiccollectorlive.

    Now this could just be the hype for a #1 issue and we will see a sharp decline in demand by issue #3 because people don’t like what they are reading but for now it is going to a second printing.


  3. Publishers routinely buy access to the NYT best seller lists and the NYT has a criterion it uses to give the nod to “acceptable* publications.

    12 Rules For Life by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson proved the NYT best seller list is a farce.


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