No Happy Birthday For James Earl Jones

Today the Star Wars Twitter account wished the lovely Kelly Marie Tran a happy birthday.

And happy birthday indeed.

But what the Star Wars twitter account failed to do, was wish James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, a happy birthday as well. Because today is his birthday too.

So fans had to do it themselves.

So why would they ignore James Earl Jones? Well, I have my suspicions.

That’s right. According to the Houston Chronicle, James Earl Jones is a Republican celebrity.

9. James Earl Jones

The famed voice of Darth Vader has spoken out against the Obama Administration and it is well known that James Earl Jones is a steadfast conservative.

So guess why they didn’t wish him happy birthday.

Could Lucasfilm really be this petty? Given what I’ve learned about the politically obsessed wackos currently infesting Lucasfilm in the 3 years of running this blog, I’d say it’s almost a certainty.

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17 thoughts on “No Happy Birthday For James Earl Jones

  1. I had no idea James Earl Jones was a conservative! I thought he was liberal, or at least a moderate one. Huh.

    A shame LFL left him out, considering how prolific of an actor he is. He voiced Mufasa in both iterations of The Lion King, for goodness sakes! He’s a Disney legend at this point, so I don’t see why the Mouse wouldn’t throw him a bone. Especially if he’s turning 90.

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  2. While political bigotry is a theory which fits the facts, here, there’s also the distinct possibility that they simply didn’t know or care, simply because he’s a part of the “old” Star Wars.

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  3. How petty of LFL not to acknowledge the birthday of such an legendary actor, who played some of the most iconic roles in cinematic history. These political factions/sides have taken on a cult-like status. Very fucking sad, indeed.

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