11 thoughts on “WordPress Wishes Me A Happy 3rd Anniversary

  1. Break out the bubbly!

    This blog and the research therein will be no doubt very important in the future as a day-by-day record of the downfall of the once-great Star Wars franchise.

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  2. Thanks Itchy-thanks for everything.

    It hasn’t been easy watching SJWs and neo-racists tear apart a franchise that I have derived a lot of enjoyment and escapism out of since I was a kid.

    However, it’s been a wild ride joining you and all of the other regulars here as we collectively point and laugh at the clown show Di$ney has turned the franchise into.

    Oh, and for the Dis-canon shills that I know are lurking here:

    ‘Solo’ lost money, Rey is a Mary Sue, and ‘The Mandalorian’ will not save Star Wars.

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    • Congratulations Itchy! Your reporting KMT Instagram Incident stands out👍. Thanks for providing so much insight showing how SJWhore ideology ruins Star Wars.

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  3. Congrats! As an hourly reader I just want to thank you for keeping my sanity in check. Working at LF all these years has not been easy. Many don’t know the only thing harder than working on SW is dealing with all the “personalities and politics” of other employees. So thank you for doing all your work. Good to know I can come to a place and feel sane. Bless you.


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