Bria LaVorgna Wants Fandom To Cut Out “Racism And Harassment”

Bria spots a racist cloud in the sky.

In the bizarro world of the SJW, any kind of response to public comments made by SJWs is viewed as “harassment.” That’s because they expect their own moronic viewpoints to be unchallenged. When those ridiculous viewpoints are challenged, the generation that was weened on safe spaces and trigger warnings stomp their feet and flap their arms like the intellectual toddlers that they are.

Star Wars writer Bria LaVorgna serves as a fine example of this fact.

15 thoughts on “Bria LaVorgna Wants Fandom To Cut Out “Racism And Harassment”

  1. Yes, in their NPC brains, “criticism” and “differing opinions” equal “abuse” and “harassment”.

    This is where we’re at, people. Entire generations being programmed to fly off the handle because of certain triggers (like seeing someone not going with the groupthink).

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  2. An idiot with a predilection for political activism and social justice bullshit. This is why Star Wars is in the quandary it’s in today, because of mental midgets like this one, pushing story, mythology and lore to the fucking periphery and placing inconsequential nonsense front and centre.

    This is Iger’s and Kennedy’s fault for choosing to market the sequels with lame and silly identity politics, when a good story, doesn’t need to. This is the monster they’ve created and it won’t go away until sweeping changes occur. It’s not even about the story any more; it’s all about “Muh politics” being better than yours.

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  3. In case anyone asks, yes, her voice is exactly as irritatingly shrill and grating as her writing/tweeting. 😖 I cannot stand her. Even in person, she’s rude and immature, and the fact that she writes for the SW official website is embarrassing.

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  4. Ironic because she’s wearing a facsimile to Nazi Germany and The Soviet Union. The empire was based off of those two dictatorships as well as Napoleonic France and the Roman Empire


  5. I want Lucasfilm to license Wag the Dog (1997) comic adaptation just so she’ll have something legitimate to flounder at


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