Lucasfilm Fired The Star Of The Mandalorian?

One of the primary reasons to bother with this show may be gone.

That’s the claim from i09 which recently published the following:

Gina Carano, who plays Cara Dune on The Mandalorian, will no longer be on the show.

In a statement obtained by io9, a Lucasfilm spokesperson said the following: “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

Germain Lussier of i09 makes no mention as to who the Lucasfilm spokesperson is.

Below is an example of a social media post which the i09 article refers to.

Oh wait, no, that’s an abhorrent social media post from Pedro Pascal, who is apparently still employed as far as we know.

The collective, collaborative, cooperative, community imposes their “Consequence Culture.”


Deadline has confirmed this with her agency:

The former MMA fighter turned actress is no longer with her agency UTA, a spokesperson confirmed to Deadline tonight.

Pablo Hidalgo Has Deep Interest In Me

Recently I’ve been under siege by SJW activists who are desperate to silence me. Since they were unable to take down my WordPress blog, they’re now busy trying to take down my Twitter account.

Here’s the notification I received from Twitter:

As you can see, my tweets are harsh and curt. But I did not engage in targeted harassment, or incite others to do so, or wish or hope that anyone experiences physical harm. But Twitter’s rules are designed to be deliberately vague so that political enemies can be punished while giving political allies a pass for the same actions. So all I had to do was delete these tweets to gain access to my account.

But what I’m finding interesting in the several SJW Twitter threads that complain about my blog or organize to silence me, is that Pablo Hidalgo keeps popping up in them.

Pablo yearns for Itchy.

Now as we know, Pablo mostly abandoned his @PabloHidalgo account and now operates behind his @aqm_production account instead. And that handle keeps turning up like a bad penny, making one wonder, why would a big time executive like Pablo be spending his time worrying about some backwater blog?

Here, Pablo hobnobs with a personality that threatened physical intimidation tactics:

But the most disappointing interaction was in the following thread with FeministNerd:

Our old friend FeministNerd then went on to say other things about this blog:

Now, why is FeministNerd‘s comments in her interaction with Pablo Hidalgo so disappointing? Because FeministNerd earned my respect, after becoming one of my best informants. That’s right. FeministNerd and I have had several lengthy conversations regarding certain matters, various and sundry.

I’ve only posted 5 censored screencaps here out of about 30, and I’ve redacted content to protect the details of the conversation, but you get the picture. I will however post a tiny portion where FeministNerd gave me permission to use her tweets, which kind of eviscerates the harassment blog claims.

So what Pablo and his merry band of miscreants ought to be asking themselves now, is that if someone as prominent in the “community” as FeministNerd collaborated with me, who else among them has collaborated with me as well? They might be surprised…

Rosario Dawson And Adam Driver Await Judgement From The Twitterati

Still waiting to hear back from the jury.

Recently I wrote about a story coming from Portuguese media about Adam Driver physically attacking a woman during the production of a movie. But a new translation of the Portuguese article via Perez Hilton shows something different:

“Our characters, in the movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, had to be physically close. I considered the actor’s behavior to be rude because, in the preparation of a scene, he didn’t take the care I believe he should have taken. Our characters had to be physically close and, every time he stood up with the force of the character to do the rest of the scene, the chair in which he was sitting would bump into me with some force, which bothered me.”

And in fact the actress Lidia Franco has now apologized according to aceshowbiz.

Actress Lidia Franco has apologized for suggesting Adam Driver behaved badly towards her on the set of “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”.

In a podcast interview, her words were translated and suggested she was calling out the “Star Wars” actor for attacking her with a chair.

She reportedly said, “He is a very bad person. He behaved very badly with me, physically. He attacked me.”

Franco also suggested Driver demanded no one look at him on set while he was working on the Terry Gilliam film, but in a new NiT chat, she has dialled back her comments, insisting she “had no intention to bring any harm” to Adam’s reputation, according to blogger Perez Hilton.

“Our characters, in the movie ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’, had to be physically close,” she said. “I considered the actor’s behavior to be rude because, in the preparation of a scene, he didn’t take the care I believe he should have taken.”

It appears that Adam Driver is exonerated. But will any of this matter to the SJW mob?

The collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.

Because when it comes to the story about Rosario Dawson and her purported transphobic assault that even had Lucasfilm personalities wringing their hands, it’s been reported that 18 of the 20 accusations were withdrawn, with the remaining 2 pertaining to one of Rosario’s relatives.

Not off the hook quite yet.

Yet we’re still seeing articles being written such as the following blog post which was published just today at All Things Ahsoka:

Let’s Talk About Rosario Dawson and Trans Rights…

As a cisgender fan of certain privilege, I don’t think it’s my place to lecture people on the need to separate art from the artist but I do feel that it’s my responsibility to help fellow cisgender fans understand why our transgender and nonbinary peers haven’t been able to feel excited about seeing their beloved heroine make the leap from animation to live action and why they feel that they are being pushed out of the fan community. After all, what’s the point of having an online platform if you don’t use it for good?

As you may already know, a limited Disney+ TV series was announced in December and Rosario Dawson will be reprising her role as the live-action Ahsoka Tano. This has understandably upset many long-time Ahsoka fans who were expecting an animated follow-up to Star Wars Rebels. But it has been doubly distressing to the character’s transgender fanbase who were hoping that Rosario’s stint as Ahsoka would be a one-time gig. Hearing that Ahsoka’s story would continue in live action and not animation was a massive blow to fans of the animated series and some fans, quite understandably, don’t want to support a series led by someone who may or may not be guilty of being involved in a transphobic attack. As I mentioned earlier, a not-guilty verdict does not always equal innocence, especially in a legal system that favours the rich and powerful. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt is always easier when you’re not part of a marginalised community.

So even though most of the accusations against Rosario were withdrawn with the remaining two accusations pertaining to someone else, the SJW collective has decided to continue their attacks on Rosario Dawson anyways. So neither facts nor a court of law matter to these “activists.” Where are all of the brave and bold virtue signalers to defend this woman of color when you need them?

In the same way, we can ask if the new translation and apology from Lidia Franco will matter to SJWs in the case of Adam Driver. Or will the SJW mob decide to attack Adam Driver with #BelieveWomen hashtags in the same way that they’re still attacking Rosario Dawson with accusations of transphobia? Only time will tell.

But one thing is for certain, SJWs are more concerned with how virtue signaling makes them feel inside, than they are with the facts of external reality.

Thanks to SciFi4MeTv and Dennis for the tips.

Jedi Sex

Awww yeah…

Recently there was a bit of a hoopla over an article from CBR about the Jedi and how they regard sexual relationships.

While discussing the Jedi and the Force with Vessel co-pilot Affie Hollow, Reath Silas — the Padawan of Jora Malli — explains how the Jedi “give up individual attachments in order to focus entirely on greater concerns.” “So… that means no sex,” Affie replies. From there, Reath muses whether he should go into his master’s explanation about the difference between “celibacy of the body and true purity of the heart” but opts not to. The discussion continues later on in the chapter, this time with Vessel pilot Loex Gyasi being involved, as the characters go back and forth about the difference between love and sex. goes on to explain:

However, Reath surprises by considering introducing the views of his teacher, Master Jora, on the subject of sex. According to Reath’s internal monologue, Master Jora had a distinct view of “the difference between celibacy of the body and true purity of the heart.” He jokes to himself that Master Jora’s speech on the subject is too long, and instead to concede that Jedi are basically celibate monks.

The suggestion here is that Jedi are prohibited to participate in marriage because that represents an attachment, but can engage in casual sex all they like. Mr H. Reviews comments on the matter:

Mr. H makes reasonable comments in that casual sex is something that just about every adult has engaged in. But he asks if this is really the message that ought to be sent to children; to swear off long term relationships and become a sexual petri dish instead. Because remember, SJWs have long argued that Star Wars “is for kids.” So what is the purpose of pushing these ideas to children? Mr H. wonders whether or not this is really about attacking Western values, and certainly there is a large aspect of that, which you can read about in my posts on the history of the Culture War here, here, and here.

But as High Republic author Cavan Scott points out, George Lucas had made similar remarks back in 2002 which was reported in a BBC article.

It should also be noted that George Lucas said the same thing at Celebration V.

What’s interesting about the George Lucas comment from the BBC however, is that there is no context for the quote. We don’t get to read what George may have said before or after that comment, or what the interviewer asked him.

Nevertheless, the question remains as to whether or not this is a good message to send to children. After all, casual sex is an activity with risks not the least of which is a variety of social diseases. Will the High Republic address Space Herpes?

But clearly SJWs think it is, since USA Today publicly called for a sex scene in a Star Wars movie. And it will likely come at some point, probably in whatever Star Wars movie Brie Larson stars in. They simply cannot stop thinking about the matter.

But George had a better way of handling the topic of the birds and the bees than with crass on-the-nose dialogue. Because what George said in 2002, is essentially echoed in the dialogue of Attack of the Clones:

Padme: Are you allowed to love? I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi.

Anakin: Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi’s life. So, you might say, we are encouraged to love.

Note how George never uses the word “sex” in his dialogue. And that’s the real crux of the matter for me here. Artists like George Lucas were able to tackle adult topics in a way where adults fully understood it. But at the same time, it would fly over the heads of small children who didn’t need to know anything about it. And those who were on the cusp of adulthood would either understand it or not depending on where they were in their maturity levels.

But this kind of nuance is not present in modern writers. Contrast George Lucas’ dialogue, with the following passages from Into The Dark by Claudia Gray:

It reads like a crass on-the-nose Twitter dialogue with a teenager, which I suppose is who this may be aimed at.

So the conclusion we can probably come to here, is that the Star Wars novels have essentially become young adult romance novels that are preoccupied with base sexual content, rather than focusing on a sweeping epic about wars in the stars.

Thanks to Purple Smurf for the tip.

Another Star Wars Podcaster Goes Haywire

It appears that we may have a trend here.

Alden, you’re angry. And I can see that. And in some ways you have every right to be. Everyone in your generation does. But you’re directing your anger at the wrong person.

Your generation has been used, abused, lied to, and taken advantage of by your educators and politicians. Life is very frustrating for you and those like you, because everything around you that doesn’t quite meet your satisfaction infuriates you. This was bred into you by design.

The fact of the matter is, that the only thing I’ve done is respond to, comment on, and report on publicly made comments from people broadcasting their thoughts on Twitter and elsewhere. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and there never has been. And I’ve done so regarding personalities of all races, genders, and sexual persuasions because I just don’t care about any of that as much as SJWs would like me to.

And that’s how we know that none of this is about “harassing” women or the LGBTQ+ community. This is about SJWs manufacturing a justification to organize an actual attack against me because of their failure to counter my points, or silence my blog. Because responding to, commenting on, and reporting on publicly made comments is not a form of harassment. You don’t understand the definition of the word “harassment,” which all comes back to the educators who have failed you, which is who you should actually be angry at.

Because instead of teaching you genuinely educational material, they’ve wasted your time and efforts with worthless hand wringing over race and gender to the point that it occupies your mind 24/7. They’ve made you highly sensitive to the most innocuous minutiae by confining your intellect in safe spaces and with trigger warnings. They’ve made you incapable of handling contrary or controversial opinions without having a melt down. They’ve used you to gratify their own political jollies as they sent you on “activist” escapades and protests rather than assign homework that would teach you valuable and useful skills.

I implore you to learn more about Yuri Bezmenov and Cultural Subversion, and the Chinese Red Guard to understand more fully what exactly has been done to you and your generation. Though I fear it’s probably too late.

Podcaster Flexes His Twitter Muscles In Threat To Dox Me

There’s also a veiled threat of physical violence, both coming from Clashing Sabers podcaster, @djmmarquis.

And of course he has his cheerleaders.

Since the SJW attempt to report me to WordPress failed spectacularly, the only recourse they have left is to intimidate me into silence with threats of physical violence and doxxing. There’s only one proper response to this intimidation tactic: get even louder.

What this demonstrates is that SJWs are devoid of all intellect, and are in fact a dumb wild savages. Otherwise, they’d be able to use argumentation to counter my points, and they’re painfully aware that they’re incapable of doing so.

But apparently commentary, debate, and argumentation with women is not allowed in Mark’s pea brained SJW bizarro world. So much for “equality.” Perhaps Mark ought to listen to one of the women that he’s virtue signaling for:

But if any sort of doxxing and/or physical violence does come about, then we’ll all have a pretty good idea from whom it came. Metaphorically.


A second podcaster from the Clashing Sabers network, who may or may not be @djmmarquis, makes a similar threat:


Meathead doubles down.


The “individual” from Clashing Sabers backtracks:

Mark, communication is possible without physically meeting. The only reason that meeting in person is necessary for you, is that you’re incapable of articulating your thoughts intellectually, so you have to resort physical intimidation tactics in order to get your infantile way.

Adam Lance Garcia Shines His Virtue Signal

Adam only defends certain women.

Recently, Lucasfilm butt licker Adam Lance Garcia posted the following virtue signal:

But what happens when women, treat other women badly? Will Adam Lance Garcia signal his virtue in response to the following posts from Star Wars author E. K. Johnston?

Well, not to worry. Because in the interest of equality, E. K. Johnston doesn’t think too highly of white dudes either.

But what about when Star Wars Friends Show podcaster and Dork Side Of The Force writer Maggie Lovitt attacks women? Will Adam Lance Garcia shine his virtue signal here?

When can we expect Adam Lance Garcia to stand up for the women being attacked here?

The Nihil Are Villains For Wanting To Be Left Alone

Mr. H Reviews recently took a look at the trailers for the High Republic, and the one for the Nihil in particular:

The 3rd trailer Mr. H reviews describes the Nihil as anarchists of the Outer Rim. They are masked marauders. The trailer then goes on to say, “As the Republic encroaches on their territory, the Nihil use their sadistic tactics to stake their claim in the frontier.”

Well what if the Republic didn’t encroach on their territory? What if the Republic just left the Nihil alone? Well as activists they’re not really capable of doing that. And apparently the Jedi are colonialists too.

Mr. H notices a description in the 2nd trailer he reviewed which said, “This is an era of adventure and exploration for the Jedi, as they work to protect the Republic, and illuminate the darkest corners of the Galaxy with the light of the Force.” This essentially describes the Jedi as imposing colonialism.

But that’s okay, because the Nihil (nihilists, get it?) have been designated as the villain, and have even been given a Nazi-esque symbol in case the reader had any doubts.

This is all so ridiculous. This would be like saying, that the Nazis attempted to spread the light of the 3rd Reich into France and Poland, but the French and Polish used their sadistic tactics to stake their claim in their homelands. Then attempting to paint the French and Polish as the villains by slapping a swastika on them. It really just demonstrates the complete and total lack of understanding with regards to geo-politics that all SJWs are stricken with, and the High Republic writers are certainly no different.