Reylo Subculture Scheduled To Implode

Adam Driver may be closer to Kylo Ren than we think.

Reylos have been upset with Daisy Ridley over her having a boyfriend that wasn’t Adam Driver. Reylos have also previously lashed out at Daisy Ridley for being a princess of privilege, and who may or may not have direct connections to the late Alec Guiness.

Reylos have also stalked Adam Driverdoxxed Adam Driver and his wife, jumped on stage at one of Adam Driver’s plays, sexually harassed an actor playing Kylo Ren at Disneyland.

But those adoring infatuations may come to an end in a fandom cluster f*ck that could make the Reylo’s beef with “dude bros” seem like minutiae.

Apparently there’s some accusations against Adam Driver flying around in Portuguese media, and they’re not too glamorous. Since these are only allegations at this time, I don’t have much to say about it beyond two words: #BelieveWomen

Chef Angry describes the story: writes:

Translation by Maria Eduarda

And there is also a podcast which can be listened to here.

Thanks to Not Brian Young for the tip.

32 thoughts on “Reylo Subculture Scheduled To Implode

  1. This is just going to get swept under the rug until he gets caught assaulting a young, A-list English-speaking actress. Or worse, comes out as a right-winger (he does a lot of charity work for veterans and their families, and got stink-eyed by the ultra-left for it, but so far had’t been cancelled…I can see this incident being used by the Hollywood elite as blackmail to keep him compliant).


  2. He does not like to see or hear his own work. So he gets very angry. Maybe she played a scene back to him and flipped and tossed a chair at the TV set and it just missed her head,lol.


  3. Adam Driver, gifted? I don’t think so. He’s nothing special, difficult to look at and very, very insecure. People rave about his acting in Star Wars, but he’s average at best. His tantrums were hilarious!
    Not a fan of Drivers casting in Star Wars, in fact, not a fan of any of the casting in the sequel trilogy at all. Unlikable characters and none of the actors are good ambassadors for the Star Wars brand. Having said all that, l am against reylos and the fact that they harrased Driver, his family and even his hairdresser (?). Reylos are sick and demented creatures.

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  4. I hadn’t heard that one before, but do agree with it.

    I really tried to get on board with the sequel trilogy, but just couldn’t accept it as legitimate Star Wars. The story, the characters, the setting—even the premise all seem vacuous, artificial, sterile and meaningless, in my eyes.

    These sequel actors are just cosplayers in very expensive movies. Same with Alden Eirenreich and D Glover from Solo—I’ll never accept them as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, ever! They’re simply not believable in any of those roles, and it’s not because of my age. I was 29 when the Prequel trilogy began and had no problem accepting those characters or that story, whatsoever. Disney fucked up, big time and put their faith in the wrong people, when they should have backed George Lucas and his vision from the very beginning. Iger is a bafoon.

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  5. I think I heard somewhere about some Ratlo on Twitter did an interview with Daisy Ridley to talk about TROS. What I gathered is that Daisy Ridley, in that said interview, stated that there’s no other version of Ben Solo alive in TROS, no extra dialogue, and the kiss scene was a reshoot.

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  6. More SICK SAD TRUTH that social media has destroyed entire generations. The world is not a place with billions of soapboxes… All voices and opinions valuable. Humanity is literally decaying into a joke, with ZERO punch line.

    (No offense to Alden Diaz but that dude would never say this junk to an actual human being… In the real world… NOT on some platforms. Looking at his resume I wonder how he got such positions and then realize: I’ve never exposed myself to such trash. Especially patronizing crap like iHEART-radio)


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