Another Star Wars Podcaster Goes Haywire

It appears that we may have a trend here.

Alden, you’re angry. And I can see that. And in some ways you have every right to be. Everyone in your generation does. But you’re directing your anger at the wrong person.

Your generation has been used, abused, lied to, and taken advantage of by your educators and politicians. Life is very frustrating for you and those like you, because everything around you that doesn’t quite meet your satisfaction infuriates you. This was bred into you by design.

The fact of the matter is, that the only thing I’ve done is respond to, comment on, and report on publicly made comments from people broadcasting their thoughts on Twitter and elsewhere. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and there never has been. And I’ve done so regarding personalities of all races, genders, and sexual persuasions because I just don’t care about any of that as much as SJWs would like me to.

And that’s how we know that none of this is about “harassing” women or the LGBTQ+ community. This is about SJWs manufacturing a justification to organize an actual attack against me because of their failure to counter my points, or silence my blog. Because responding to, commenting on, and reporting on publicly made comments is not a form of harassment. You don’t understand the definition of the word “harassment,” which all comes back to the educators who have failed you, which is who you should actually be angry at.

Because instead of teaching you genuinely educational material, they’ve wasted your time and efforts with worthless hand wringing over race and gender to the point that it occupies your mind 24/7. They’ve made you highly sensitive to the most innocuous minutiae by confining your intellect in safe spaces and with trigger warnings. They’ve made you incapable of handling contrary or controversial opinions without having a melt down. They’ve used you to gratify their own political jollies as they sent you on “activist” escapades and protests rather than assign homework that would teach you valuable and useful skills.

I implore you to learn more about Yuri Bezmenov and Cultural Subversion, and the Chinese Red Guard to understand more fully what exactly has been done to you and your generation. Though I fear it’s probably too late.

31 thoughts on “Another Star Wars Podcaster Goes Haywire

    • Stephanie? You hit the nail on the head. Sometimes “success” is measured in terms of dollars (backlash against MyPillow has meant more sales by those who despise doxxing, etc) while in other cases, the success is measured in terms of how many pick up rocks filled with self-righteous indignation by Leftist Puritans.


  1. This is what Disney has created; division, segregation, anxiety and fear. Remember when Star Wars fans would passionately discuss the story and the lore? Now it’s all become personal. Where were these cunts when the media was trashing Lucas, the prequels, Jake Lloyd, Jar Jar and Hayden Christensen? Sadly, all that’s been swept under the rug and replaced with polarising political activist rubbish.
    When Bob Iger shelved Lucas’ sequel treatments and said “We wanna make something for the fans” is this what he had in mind?

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  2. This generation is way too soft. Instead of sorting out shit as an adult, they’ve remained infantile and launched an all out war on words instead. Really pathetic.

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  3. While I greatly appreciate the logic and awareness within Itchy’s reply to Alden, it does seem a bit pointless. If you visit the zoo, and one of the monkeys flings its feces at you, do you walk over to the monkey and explain why it shouldn’t do that? No, because the monkey is incapable of understanding you. Such is the case with Alden.


  4. Back in my day, soft little beta boys with big horn-rimmed glasses like him would get beaten up by the football jocks in the hallways at school. That’s real harassment, not petty name calling on the interwebs.

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  5. What does the cross comment actually mean? I know it is supposed to be sacrilegious. I mean, Jesus died for the sins of His followers. How does that apply even metaphorically to Itchy? These people are really dumb.

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  6. This is why I don’t associate myself with the crazy sjws from my generation. I was born in 1993 and I’m definitely no millennial, I prefer the term “Golden Age 90s kid” or something similar. Also Itchy, Their grasping at straws now so your definitely making a impact! Keep up the great work my wookie Fandom Menace brother (-=-)b

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