Podcaster Flexes His Twitter Muscles In Threat To Dox Me

There’s also a veiled threat of physical violence, both coming from Clashing Sabers podcaster, @djmmarquis.

And of course he has his cheerleaders.

Since the SJW attempt to report me to WordPress failed spectacularly, the only recourse they have left is to intimidate me into silence with threats of physical violence and doxxing. There’s only one proper response to this intimidation tactic: get even louder.

What this demonstrates is that SJWs are devoid of all intellect, and are in fact a dumb wild savages. Otherwise, they’d be able to use argumentation to counter my points, and they’re painfully aware that they’re incapable of doing so.

But apparently commentary, debate, and argumentation with women is not allowed in Mark’s pea brained SJW bizarro world. So much for “equality.” Perhaps Mark ought to listen to one of the women that he’s virtue signaling for:

But if any sort of doxxing and/or physical violence does come about, then we’ll all have a pretty good idea from whom it came. Metaphorically.


A second podcaster from the Clashing Sabers network, who may or may not be @djmmarquis, makes a similar threat:


Meathead doubles down.


The “individual” from Clashing Sabers backtracks:

Mark, communication is possible without physically meeting. The only reason that meeting in person is necessary for you, is that you’re incapable of articulating your thoughts intellectually, so you have to resort physical intimidation tactics in order to get your infantile way.

16 thoughts on “Podcaster Flexes His Twitter Muscles In Threat To Dox Me

  1. I like that you call this guy Meathead. The even bigger meathead is Jack Dorsey for allowing this behavior from Leftists to continue without punishing them for threatening violence.

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  2. He calls FM garbage but wants to threaten people with violence? People only resort to violence in situations like these, because they know they’re wrong and their ego won’t allow them to admit it.

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