6 thoughts on “Rose Tico’s Social Justice Lecture

  1. Great video as always Itchy. SJWs are always massive hypocrites. There always praising Venezuela for crying out loud. Kelly Marie Tran is actually going to be playing(or voicing) hopefully a much better character in Raya(yeah, I know it’s another Disney movie, but this role looks a lot better then Rose Tico at least).

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  2. Rose Tico; a character that did not belong in a Star Wars film, but would have been quite at home on Saturday Morning Disney!
    When l saw TLJ, l had to remind myself that l was watching a Star Wars film—it was that bad. I hope l never have the misfortune of seeing the Disney trilogy ever again. What utter shite!

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  3. Excellent vid – not shocking to see more hypocrisy from the left. Wish they would just move to China or Venezuela since they seem to love them so much. Go live there for 3-5 years and then come back and tell us all the reasons why it’s better to live there than the U.S.A. Not to mention with all their pro-China rhetoric paired with how much China hates black people and you have a microcosm on why normies don’t take SJWs seriously due to their absurd reasoning on every stance they take.

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