Pablo Hidalgo Has Deep Interest In Me

Recently I’ve been under siege by SJW activists who are desperate to silence me. Since they were unable to take down my WordPress blog, they’re now busy trying to take down my Twitter account.

Here’s the notification I received from Twitter:

As you can see, my tweets are harsh and curt. But I did not engage in targeted harassment, or incite others to do so, or wish or hope that anyone experiences physical harm. But Twitter’s rules are designed to be deliberately vague so that political enemies can be punished while giving political allies a pass for the same actions. So all I had to do was delete these tweets to gain access to my account.

But what I’m finding interesting in the several SJW Twitter threads that complain about my blog or organize to silence me, is that Pablo Hidalgo keeps popping up in them.

Pablo yearns for Itchy.

Now as we know, Pablo mostly abandoned his @PabloHidalgo account and now operates behind his @aqm_production account instead. And that handle keeps turning up like a bad penny, making one wonder, why would a big time executive like Pablo be spending his time worrying about some backwater blog?

Here, Pablo hobnobs with a personality that threatened physical intimidation tactics:

But the most disappointing interaction was in the following thread with FeministNerd:

Our old friend FeministNerd then went on to say other things about this blog:

Now, why is FeministNerd‘s comments in her interaction with Pablo Hidalgo so disappointing? Because FeministNerd earned my respect, after becoming one of my best informants. That’s right. FeministNerd and I have had several lengthy conversations regarding certain matters, various and sundry.

I’ve only posted 5 censored screencaps here out of about 30, and I’ve redacted content to protect the details of the conversation, but you get the picture. I will however post a tiny portion where FeministNerd gave me permission to use her tweets, which kind of eviscerates the harassment blog claims.

So what Pablo and his merry band of miscreants ought to be asking themselves now, is that if someone as prominent in the “community” as FeministNerd collaborated with me, who else among them has collaborated with me as well? They might be surprised…

48 thoughts on “Pablo Hidalgo Has Deep Interest In Me

  1. Ok femininist Nerd
    You went to the hospital over this shit? My hearts not breaking. Woman up! You made your bed with actual misogynist scum who lied to you for sympathy and points. Leftist pig men and guys who shriek feminist garbage are not FEMINISTS! They are likely to be abusive and predatory. Ive been their (your male allies) target to. You never stood up for women WHO HATE WHAT THE KENNEDY JACKALS DID TO HAN LUKE AND LEIA!


  2. “wow, this one stupid website hates you” — someone to saf.

    this blog is one of a kind… they may feel like it exists because there is only one guy who feels this way… but it is more like, there is no way to have more than one thanks to their bullying tactics.

    Also, logically, there is no need for more than one. We’re all here.

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  3. All of these attempts to silence Itchy will likely only cause a Streisand Effect, and wake more people up to the ACTUAL abuse and harassment these people are conducting in the name of “equality” and “justice”.

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    • Indeed. This will end up blowing up in their faces like shooting a seismic charge in front of you as a abnormal insane moron would do rather than the normal sane way of dropping it behind you so you will not get caught up in the blast.

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  4. Hospitalized!!!???? Over SW “reactions”. What is wrong with people today. Talk about petty and stupid reasons for gaining attentions… Over nothing at all FOR NOTHING AT ALL. People need to stop caring about what others think or say, ignorance is one thing… but a reasonable sane person wouldn’t even bother taking faceless rhetoric seriously.

    #1 thing people have to learn is: No one cares, about you or your opinions. Sorry not sorry. Wake up!!!!!!!!! Not Woke up.


  5. this site and itcchy do not bully or hate speech at all. wth are these people talking about? every tweet they make on social media is public, and they are just upset that they have incriminated themselves with their own behavior and public tweets. Itchy just shows public tweets. That’s it. The viewer makes the judgement and conclusion about these abhorrent tweets by dumb sjwhores. We shouldn’t be punished if we conclude that these people are stupid and vile based on their own public tweets and behavior.

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      • SJWHORES are disgusting. They will allow deranged radical tranknee activists to spy on you and harrass you on twatter. It’s okay for them when their own tranknees stalk and ship themsleves with you. But if a CIS WHite person were to behave the way their tranknee stalkers and bullies do, the would cry foul on the very same behavior that the trankness pronouns whores get a pass for!!! . DISNEY STAR WARS is dumb to pander to these it-creature pronoun weirdos


  6. Just a thought. If people want to stop being featured on this blog then maybe they shouldn’t tweet their whole lives and leave that stuff online for everyone to see. I mean, they are free to do so, but once you start going on these long threads about very private details or whatever drama is going on with your little corner of the fandom (funny how for all the talk that The Fandome Menace are full of hateful people seeking to harm others, most of the Star Wars fandom dramas originate on the other side) you can’t stop people from running with the story and forming opinions about you.

    And for all the mentions over the years about how these affairs have damaged their mental health you’d think they’d take a step back and withrdraw instead of continue to trying to be the protagonists.

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  7. Tbf, you Menacers do devolve way too much into crazy conspiratorial gossiping. Now I have no interest in making you “shut up,” so to speak, but at the same time, a lot of this you people can’t prove, and it does border on slander in many cases. Nothing wrong with being left wing unless you think righties are the only “right” people on the planet, in which case, lol, no. Even someone like Ryan, who I have no issues with, insists over and over “The Mandalorian saved Kathleen Kennedy’s job.” There is ZERO PROOF for this, and I don’t even like Disney Wars. I can’t care for it since the EU was lost. And yeah, it just gets tiresome, left vs. right, both sides thinking the other is out to kill us all and destroy America, where does it end? So while Pablo is a huge a-hole, I also can’t get too mad at him if he dislikes you. You’re paranoid and insane. So is he. It’s a match made in heaven for this stupid culture war we have going that you Menacers eagerly eat up.

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  8. The mass flagging a Twitter account via using vague terms of service totally reminds me of a time when a specific sub-group that starts with the letter “R” that went after anyone who has a general concern about their character pairing preferences that result in getting a Twitter account be permanently suspended. This is an outrage and that’s why I’m not on that trash site called Twitter.


  9. Lol, she sounds like a complete nutjob if she was collaborating with you 9 months ago and said she’s fine with you running her tweets, only to now publicly turn around and throw you under the bus.


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