Reviewing Rewriting Ripley

I retired from my efforts on this blog over a month ago when Lucasfilm fired Gina Carano. Quite honestly, if people can’t see that Lucasfilm is not a company that anyone should patron after that, then there isn’t anything that I could write or point out to convince them otherwise. So it seemed like a good book end to close this blog and move on to other things. 3 years of this was enough for me.

But now I’ve been pulled out of retirement to address current matters.

By now we’ve all seen the libelous article published by Rewriting Ripley, which falsely accuses myself and many YouTubers of being racist, misogynist, alt-right white supremacists. Mainly because we didn’t like The Last Jedi.

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It really was only a matter of time before someone did a hit piece on this blog and attempted to falsely smear me as a “white supremacist” even though I can’t stand genuine racists, and have stated multiple times on this blog how science tells us that there isn’t any such thing as separate human races. That’s hardly a rallying cry for white supremacy. Racism and bigotry is always wrong, no matter who it comes from, or who its aimed at. But, people who criticize Disney Star Wars are routinely and falsely demonized by organized activists in the media and by those within Lucasfilm itself as racists, misogynists, and worse. They make claims of “harassment” when people respond to their public tweets, while simultaneously calling their own organized responses to others and mass flagging operations as “activism.”

They point to this tweet I made as some sort of evidence of their claims:

It should be noted, that this event on January 6th came after nearly a year of watching Antifa “activists” burning American cities and intimidating citizens with fear and violence, in acts that echoed the Chinese Red Guard of the 1960s.

History repeats itself.

So it felt like someone was punching back.

It should also be noted, that I made that tweet when I first heard of the protests at the capital, and didn’t know that it would escalate the way that it did. I thought it would be another incident where protesters would eventually get their ass handed to them by police and security, because we’ve seen that happen before.

Additionally, Proud Boys have nothing to do with white supremacy. If you read their tenets, they clearly state “anti-racism,” and the organization itself is multi-racial. It’s a fraternal organization. The main tenet I disagree with is closed borders, because I support immigration. Again, not very white supremacist of me.

They claim that my Geeker Gate article is about keeping diversity out of fandom, but it really has nothing to do with diversity or the lack of it at all. It’s about keeping a medieval mob mentality at bay, and most of those who subscribe to it are white themselves.

So the claims in the article are pure hogwash.

But none of this is about the matters on the surface. This is about the need for control over the lives of others. It’s ironic that those who give all of the lip service about evil “fascists” unknowingly engage in quintessentially fascist behavior themselves. Because that’s what fascism is; the need for control over others, especially their speech. They don’t have control of the conversation, and they’re angry about it.

Even through all of this, I didn’t have much of a problem with Rewriting Ripley’s article because it stuck to the issues. I’m fine with people expressing perspectives that oppose my own. So when I posted this, I meant it:

I believe in punching back in some cases, but they did not publish anyone’s private information, so there was no need to do this to them. I even attempted to show that my statement was in good faith by deleting my blog as @RewritingRipley requested. But none of them accepted the gesture so I brought it back.

Others online are claiming that I have doxxed them in the same fashion, or that I sent them nasty emails, or that I’ve been running this blog for 6 or 7 years. All of those claims are false. This blog didn’t even exist until after The Last Jedi was released to theaters. Still others are attempting to blame me for the doxxing that others have done. I have never published the private home/work addresses, phone numbers, emails addys, or full names on this blog.

Although now, some are speculating that the women of Rewriting Ripley deliberately put their names in their podcast, and in their article which they later deleted, to give their opposition enough clues to dox them. And there are curious direct relationships with Lucasfilm, some of which haven’t yet been published. They’ve also been caught using sock puppets to send themselves threats. Clearly they’re willing to lie and fabricate anything to smear their perceived political opposition. If any of this lands in court I suppose we’ll find out the whole truth then.

I was more than happy to retire from my efforts here and walk away from this blog over a month ago. But depending on how things pan out in the future, I may be compelled to post some more.

41 thoughts on “Reviewing Rewriting Ripley

  1. Personally, I didn’t miss your crackpot theories. While it is true that Lucasfilm is a shell of what they once were and also shouldn’t be held up as some kinda virtuous standard, at the same time, you identify as right libertarian, correct? So then you ARE right-wing. It doesn’t matter the semantics, and obviously you have the right to speak your mind, you’re still a righty.

    I don’t even like Disney Star Wars, and yet there should be no denying you ARE a radical. Come on. Aren’t we judged by how we react to people treating us the worst? Or how we defend our worst enemies? You are part of the systematic problem as to the decaying rot in human nature that’s been here since time immemorial and fail to see that somehow.


    • I am Libertarian leaning, though I part ways on them with some issues as well.
      While that’s on the right, it’s hardly radical. I don’t march in streets and set homes and businesses on fire.

      But the primary problem you’re having is that right-wing doesn’t mean what you’ve been taught that it means.

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    • I mean, even if there’s no racism issue in fandom (I agree, white supremacy has been grossly abused as a word), let’s not pretend that fandom, especially one of the largest ones for something like Star Wars, can’t stand some improvement, since that is always the basic state of humanity.

      This is the danger of diversity, the paradox. The Star Wars fandom, which is WORLDWIDE, is one of the most diverse fandoms possible, and diversity means greater challenge. You see so many aggressive and nasty assholes out there, as hardcore fans as anyone else, and even the genuine bigots, that #FandomMenace likes to like they don’t exist. I mean, do you really think most of fandom are just such sweet, harmless, innocent little angels sitting around a campfire singing kumbaya? I get that fandom is about nitpicking and passion, but unrestrained passion, as Star Wars preaches, is a DANGEROUS thing.

      It is far better to try to regulate your worst impulses, and to try and let go, rather than falling further down the rabbit’s hole. So ironically, you fail to learn from the lessons of Star Wars.


      • Conflict is bred into human nature, and you can’t avoid it. But conflict so often brings out our worst traits.

        I won’t gatekeep SJWs, the media, or even genuine white supremacists. All can literally be actual fans. They’re just horrible human beings.

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    • Maybe it’s just misplaced faith in humanity. I don’t know. I just can’t see the essential goodness in the average person when many of ’em will turn to some of the most disgusting acts possible under the right circumstances. No one is innocent, and no lives matter.


    • It’s hilarious that you pod people think you’re adding something to the conversation when you spout exactly the same thing (in principle) every time and every place.

      You have far less to fear of us than you do of your feminist peers, especially the “male”-feminists.


    • It’s stupid comments like yours Anon that likely compelled Itchy to retire in the first place. A person can only take so much stupidity.

      Libertarian is not right wing. They are more often than not more liberal than conservatives on social issues. Many are LGBT and support gay marriage. Many are pro choice.

      But hey, because they dont goose-step like your own increasingly myopic ideology, you’ll laughably lump them in with right wingers.

      Keep closing those wagons tighter and tighter. Pretty soon you’ll be down to just you.


  2. Rewriting Ripley crew are a toxic group. They are dangerous to the fandom, I hope they get bored of STAR WARS and move on to the next “In” topic soon. The fandom would be much better without their toxic filth.

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  3. Looks well funded and quite possibly a Disney false flag operation. I’ve been reading this lately, it’s provided some insite into the present version of the “New Fascist Corporation”

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  4. I missed this blog and am glad to see you posting again, Itchy

    If Lucasfilm stopped fighting and arguing with fans online and concentrated on making decent and genuine Star Wars product again, we wouldn’t be in this damn awful mess.

    The problem is that their ego won’t allow them to admit, that they messed up. Instead, we’re locked in this perpetual conflict online. The problem isn’t going to go away because they hired some Reylo’s to push a bunch of lies online, in hope that it will gain media attention. Fans are going to stand firm in their beliefs that the Disney trilogy is puerile garbage. They shut George Lucas out, trashed his sequel treatment and copied his earlier films instead. What we endned up with was an incoherent mess full of terrible creative choices, sub-par characters and worst of all, they didn’t unite the original cast for one last farewell, but instead chose to regress all of those characters, while degrading them in order to uplift their new, inferior, shitty ones.

    I can’t understand why anyone would want to resurrect the whole Empire vs Rebellion thing again and bring back Palpatine. We’ve just spent the last 40 years watching that and they gave it to us all over again, complete with another Death Star. No, I’m sorry, but that is totally unacceptable and extremely short sighted.

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  5. Welcome back! Star Wars is dead, and nerd culture as we knew it no longer functions. But the culture war continues, and we have to strive to build something better. Silence will only allow these lunatics to continue spreading lies and hate.


  6. I’m not asking for the actual info, but what ‘personal information’ was posted?
    Was it an image? Just the address?

    Was it a vacant lot? The end justifies the means, doesn’t it Katie?


  7. This entire piece is “Guys guys I’m not like those bad righties plz like me plz”.

    As was the twit where he agreed to delete the blog in the first place.

    It’s too bad. For Itchy. They never treat you nicer if you sell out your own side. Instead they smell weakness and attack all the harder.

    If Itchy wants to be liked by the left and recognized as genuinely hating racists and disbelieving in the very concept of race (and we all know that blacks spontaneously give birth to white babies ALL THE TIME, Science(tm) says so) then he needs to get on board with the rest of the program: pro-tranny, anti-white, pro-homo, anti-masculine, pro-communist meaning that whites pay for everything, pro-strongandindependentwoman but not like that Gina who is absolutely not a real woman, etc. etc. etc. The WHOLE program. Otherwise the leftist immune system – correctly – rejects him as an entryist and a foreign body.

    He’s not going to do that.

    He’s not going to be supported by the right either, not if he starts attacking them with ever more energy in attempts to demonstrate how very not-right he is.

    He’ll just have to serve as a horrible example.

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    • I didnt see it as Itchy eating to be liked. I just think he wants to set the record straight on what he believes when others falsely attribute certain political views to him.

      Frankly, I think fandom needs less sides and tribes and just thinking for themselves. That idea right there makes individuals a target of SJWs.


    • I know things are never this simple, but I wonder if Itchy’s “retirement” was the event which ramped up the frustration on the left side. I have zero awareness of what is going on in the twitter bubble, but it seems like there is a ‘big push’ going on, which they were gearing up for, but they didn’t get to choose the moment for some reason and it fizzled instead.

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  8. Good to have you back in the fight Itchy. Although Star Wars may be dead, this woke inquisition must not be allowed to spread unchecked.


  9. Β«Falsely, falsely, falsely…»
    You still didn’t get it? Whether witches exist or not, who decides whether you are a witch? Why, it’s Herr Sprenger and Herr Institoris! And they already have decided that denying that one is a witch is itself evidence of being a witch.
    Conversely, mostly honest and sane people are generally not interested in invisible flying witches, and quite often don’t even believe in their existence at all.
    Surely you have some sort of evidence that you are not a witch. But the only ones who may care about it are people confused enough that they genuinely try to sit on two chairs that are not in the same house β€” like Mr. Randall Munroe. And they simply don’t matter.


  10. Sounds like Itchy has been sipping the Kool-aid and self castrating. That poster Rollory was on the mark. The whole thing is cringe. You sound like LARPER or something trying to exit the community you been involved in for years. Weakness always attracts wolves or lions.

    Of course Race exists on a genetic level( as do ethnic groups). Just now they prefer to call it “clines’, “ancestry” or “genetic variation” .


  11. I truly hope you were just bluffing when you deleted this blog. I can respect your decision to retire but nothing could justify deplatforming yourself and giving in to what the left wanted all along. Seems like fear is guiding your decisions.


  12. Good news. I’ve long said you are wasting your talents by dumpster diving in twatter and other SJW circles for the trash you dragged out and exposed on this blog. Unfortunately, more of this woke nonsense is going mainstream on CNN and NBC/ABC and other legacy media outlets in the meantime, which is great IMO as they are losing what few idiots they had still watching them (note that less than 20% of nightly news viewers are from ages 25-54, which means only old people still watch that junk).

    If you have moved on to producing other better content, post some links here and I’m sure many will check it out.


  13. Why is it that ALL the these groups have podcasts etc. If that’s not blatant mining for attention, I dunno what is. Eventually people will learn that “your voice/opinions” means nothing. Just another soapbox preacher gabbing on and ON about literally nothing (just like the scene from Life of Brian).

    ITCHY, Don’t ever give in to all these social media brainwashed hacks. The second you do they feel even more entitled and justified, before they move on to the next fix/target… Because Social Justice never ends. Best to just ignore them, aim even bigger and hit harder cuz Frak them!!!! What can they really do?! whine, bitch, moan and complain even more then they will anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. From a discussion on an open thread this morning:

    “The main difference [between Western cancel culture and Communist societies] is that in Russia and China the suppression is being carried out by adults whose sole interest is maintaining power and making money, while in the West, the suppression is being done by moral children – without any sense of proportion – feeling aggrieved at anything and everything. Over there you stay away from politics or getting in the way of the nomenklatura enriching themselves, and you’re left alone. Over here you can get canceled for much the same things, PLUS whatever else strikes the mood of some half-wit on Twitter this morning who had something for breakfast that didn’t agree with her.”


      • Dear Major Hollywood Studio;

        I feel like i need to explain. Firstly, this is all on me. When we first met, i mistakenly expected you to be responsible for making me happy. I assumed that me paying for everything you wanted was all i had to do to keep you interested in that goal. For that i am sorry. I can see that leaving you wanting for nothing has caused you to let your health falter and your attitude spiral out of control. Ordering pizza every night because your friend group has convinced you that you shouldn’t have to cook in this day and age for me. You used to be such an amazing cook too. I know you only ordered bbq chicken pizza just to piss me off too. I guess that is fair if it gives you a little bit of joy.

        Well, anyways, those 3 week long business trips were not business at all. I have an apartment in town where i stay and enjoy my peace. When i’m home with you and you see me drinking vodka, i’m actually drinking water. I’ve been sober for 2 years now.

        So, i’ve decided that i have to leave, and cut you off from my resources. It hurts me to see you living your life the way you are and without any purpose…Nah, who am i kidding? Besides you? I’ve left you with what is in the sugar-baby account. You can burn everything of mine if you like because i have much nicer stuff at my apartment. Oh, speaking of. You know that ex-friend of yours? The one who’s really good at MMA? By total fluke, i ran into her in my local gym. We have been dating for a few months now. She talked me into getting a motorcycle again, and joining her on rides in the great outdoors. Breathtaking.

        My point is that i’ve learned to make my own happiness, and she has just added to that.

        So, i just wanted to let you know that i won’t be coming back to “live” 🀣 with you anymore. I was really just coming by to selfishly enjoy that you are so miserable, to pretend to get drunk and use that to tell you what i really think of you. It has been great therapy for me.

        A couple of your friends will keep me up to date as to how you are doing. I’m not going to tell you who, but they secretly hate your guts. We have a good laugh.

        I gotta say it is the strangest feeling to be appreciated by someone again. I have peace. I have joy, and i have schadenfreude.

        With “love,” i fart in your general direction;

        White Christian Trash.

        ps: one curiosity.. what was with the blue hair clogging the shower drains? Nah… never mind… I don’t want to know. 🀒

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