So, I am a long time Star Wars fan.  I saw the original in the theaters way back in 1977.

When Disney purchased the property from George Lucas, I was skeptical.  But I saw the trailer for Episode VII and was cautiously optimistic.  I went to see The Force Awakens.  I walked in anticipating the next Star Wars film.  I walked out not caring if I ever saw another.

What’s interesting to me now, however, is not the franchise itself, but all the drama that surrounds it.  It’s clear to thinking people that the Golden Goose that was the Star Wars franchise is now being cooked.  I find the story of how the Star Wars franchise is in the process of imploding to be absolutely fascinating.

I’ve attempted to express my opinions on blogs, discussion forums, and comments sections.  However, because those venues are more often controlled by progressives, opinions contrary to their own are expectedly deleted and/or marked for spam.

So I’ve opened this little blog as a way to publish contrary and perhaps unpopular opinions that are not allowed to be expressed in various online safe spaces.

There will be spoilers.

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