20 Points That Slumming Through SJW “Think” Pieces Teaches Us

So I’ve been pouring over SJW “think” pieces for several months now.  Given that SJWs mostly all think alike, there are some common themes that run through their articles.  So there’s something of genuine value to learn here, with regards to increasing the effectiveness of our arguments.



I’ve written here about the waning box office for The Last Jedi immediately after the opening weekend.  I’ve pointed out that in China, where people have no nostalgic attachment to the franchise, it was perceived as garbage.  The waning toy and merchandise sales point to further problems.  Not one SJW is able to acknowledge any of this.  They’re somehow under the impression that Star Wars is too big to fail, that it will always be around no matter what, and that it will always make money.  This may be that many of them aren’t old enough to remember a time without Star Wars, so they can’t imagine life without it.  They haven’t seen the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers franchises come and go.  They haven’t witness the slow fading of the Star Trek franchise from its height in the mid 1990s.  So they think that Star Wars is forever, when in fact, nothing is.


When someone criticizes Disney Star Wars for its heavy handed feminist messaging, the SJW will use that as an opportunity to call the critic a sexist and/or misogynist.  But remember, in 2018 feminism and the female gender are no longer inextricably linked.  Thanks to SJW activistsmen now routinely and proudly proclaim themselves to be feminists.  So feminist ideology and the female gender are two different things in the modern era.  Criticism of feminism, does not automatically translate into de facto criticism of the women in the 21st Century.


Time and time again they talk about diversity in the Sequel Trilogy as though it’s a brand new thing in Star Wars.  When discussing diversity in Star Wars, they almost never mention Samuel L. Jackson, or Temuera Morrison.  They rarely mention Billy Dee Williams.  This is why they stupidly call critics racists, sexists, and/or misogynists; they don’t think females or minorities have ever been in the films before 2015.  Some of the brighter ones will argue that they’re talking about a primary character.  But that betrays the fact that they haven’t really watched the films, because the films were always ensemble pieces without a singular primary character.


Early on, few if any of them refused to acknowledge that the backlash even existed.  But as the backlash grew louder, and they were forced to acknowledge it, they then attempted to dismiss it as a “tiny vocal minority.”  The truth is more likely that it is they, who are in the minority.  And that’s why just as of this week they’ve taken to openly attacking and admonishing backlashers.  They’e gone so far as to mischaracterize Backlashers as racists and misogynists, despite the fact that the Backlash itself is diverse.


Many of them seem to feel that the Star Wars franchise was going nowhere until Disney purchased it.  They feel this despite a highly successful Clone Wars television series on the air, and the Sequel Trilogy already being developed by Lucasfilm prior to the Disney purchase.


This after they screamed to the high heavens with their own entitlement for equal representation and gender equality when Disney bought the franchise.  This despite the fact that a war time setting doesn’t really warrant perfect gender equality, since it’s primarily men who fight wars.


It’s a sad fact that Lucasfilm currently employs political activists rather than artists.  We’ve seen this truth not only in the new material they’re producing under Disney, but also in the public comments from Lucasfilm representatives as well.


This goes both for SJW fans and professional critics.


A number of articles have called for a “ceasefire” from the BacklashWhen so doing, they start taking this authoritative tone, instructing Backlashers what is or is not acceptable forms of criticism.  As amusing as it is, it’s important to remind them of the reality that they have no authority over anything.


They’ll attribute The Last Jedi audience score to Russian bots and racist/misogynist hackers, but can’t explain why Black Panther’s score and public reception wasn’t also affected by the same phantoms.  They’re unable to comprehend, that one was a bad movie, and that they other was good.  Occam’s Razer and all of that.


Both the SJW fans and the SJWs within Lucasfilm, think they’re “Resisting” President Trump. What’s Trump’s agenda?  The GOP/Republican agenda.  What’s the GOP/Republican agenda?  Smaller limited government.  So they’re resisting smaller limited government, which they apparently think is authoritarian fascism.  But let’s translate this into Star Wars to demonstrate how nonsensical this all is, and ask some simple questions:

So the First Order is a fascist government complete with stormtroopers. Would a fascist government support small limited government? How does one impose a fascist state with small limited government? Don’t you need big government in order to impose a fascist state?  How can you be authoritarian without a big government to back up your authority?  Who is it that supports big government?

So they’re political understanding is absolutely upside down.



Far too often fans forget that the word “wars” appears in the title of the franchise.  Most of these SJW fans seem to think that the franchise is about cute cosplay outfits.


Feminist writer after feminist writer type out silly sentences such as this:

But in the context of a franchise that has been known to use women’s bodies as an enticement for viewers it’s also a clear sign that the creators know that straight white men aren’t the only audience they’re catering to anymore.”

Not one of them seems to understand the proper context or intention of the gold bikini, which was not male audience gratification.  I’ve explained the context of Leia’s gold bikini here.


SJWs happen to like getting indoctrinated with politics that they already agree with.  It gives them a sense of affirmation.  But with no fundamental understanding of basic economics, they don’t understand that paying customers walking away means that their political propaganda will no longer be funded.  So they tell you to go “find something else that brings you joy” or some such nonsense.  A few of them however do understand this, which is why those few attempt to shame critics into silence so they can continue to have their political propaganda funded.


Lucasfilm is currently staffed with political activists rather than genuine artists.  This is self evident to any educated thinking person.  The SJW though, sees what Lucasfilm is currently producing as art, not having any real experience or education into what political propaganda looks like.  This is why the silly Bechdel Test will determine for them whether or not they like a movie.


When feminists attempt to be “gender equal,” many of them will put on their best performance as to what they think men act like.  We see this expressed in the character of Holdo, and to some extent, Rey.  They seem to think that men in the military go around slapping each other in the face and holding back cocky pilots all day long.  But, men don’t really act this way by and large, unless it’s really necessary.  It is truly bizarre though, that out of one side of their mouths they’ll prattle on endlessly about “toxic masculinity,” but then out of the other side of their mouth they’ll whine that they want equal representation in a war movie.  I’m not sure how they reconcile that.


Part of this is that they have some pre-rehearsed rhetoric that they’re dying to spew.  Part of it is that they want to deflect the conversation into some other area where they’re better prepared.  Part of it is that they seek to mischaracterize what you actually have said or written, into what they want people to think that you’ve said or written.  In either of these cases, it’s always equally bizarre.


Nearly all of their articles cite the straight white male in some form, along with an accompanying pejorative.  That form of bigotry seems to be not just acceptable, but also highly fashionable among today’s SJW ignorati given how commonplace it is in their work.  Make no mistake, the SJWs within Lucasfilm have the same problem.


They’ll often prove this by attempting to compare Rey to Luke, and claiming that if Rey is a Mary Sue, then Luke is one too.  It’s more of that equality nonsense that they try to force onto every aspect of life.  As I explain in my review of The Force Awakens, this comparison is ridiculous, if you’ve actually watched the films.  Clearly, many have not, and are basing their opinions on brief clips, what they’ve seen at conventions, or what they’ve heard other people say or read other people write, etc.

20. SJWs will never be happy or satisfiedNot ever.

And there you have it.  These 20 points pretty much describe the main talking points in any Star Wars related SJW written article that you’ll read at any point in the future.

SJW Attempts To Shame Normal Person

Remember Neil Harrington?  He’s the wise sage from dorksideoftheforce.com who called for everyone in fandom to just get along.

What’s he doing now?  Well, he’s now got a new piece up at fansided entitled, Crybaby Star Wars fan’s boycotting Solo: A Star Wars Story due to ‘feminazi agenda’ of Star Wars.


Gee, I never read anyone refer to Backlashers as crybabies before.  How original.

In his article Neil comments on a very well articulated YouTube video which can be seen here:

Neil stupidly writes:

A crybaby, Star Wars fan is boycotting Solo: A Star Wars Story for all the wrong reasons, proving once again how out of touch with reality some people genuinely are.

Let’s get something straight here.  SJWs are wholly unqualified to comment on the nature of reality.  This of course is because their modern ideology originally stumbled out of the LSD-laden piss holes of Woodstock back in the late 1960s.  So their entire ideology is founded on distortion of reality.  But Neil continues anyway.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is nearly a month away, and many Star Wars fans are excited about another film within a galaxy far, far away. Others, not so much — and that’s okay.

As long as they’re not interested in it for reasons that you approve of apparently.

Meanwhile, a Star Wars “YouTuber” is not happy with the direction of what he has termed “Disney’s Star Wars,” making a “look at me” video in response.

“Look at me” is the whole point of the video format.  It’s a visual medium at which people look.

Before I get started, I want to make something (kyber) crystal clear.

Self-appointed authority and massive stupidity always walks hand in hand.  It’s a universal constant.  How’s that for crystal clarity?

It’s perfectly acceptable to not like all of the Star Wars content. That’s not the point of this response, not in the slightest. It’s the reasonings and entitlement of some Star Wars fans, like this guy, that’s garnered this response.

So it’s perfectly acceptable to not like all of the Star Wars content, as long as people don’t like the content for reasonings that you approve of.  Got it.  Who exactly appointed you to make this determination for everyone else?

Honestly, the only people that I’ve seen express entitlement, are the SJWs who have been screaming their moronic demands for equal representation and gender equality to Disney ever since George Lucas sold his company.  Normal people were always perfectly fine with accepting whatever stories that George Lucas wanted to tell in whatever form they took, warts and all.

Also, his hateful remarks about women really got my Midichlorians boiling.

His hateful remarks about women are a figment of your imagination.  He never made any such “hateful” remarks.

Though, I have to admit, I’d be interested to see what happens to your blood boiling point when you read one of my “Vagi-Chlorian” comments.

Also, this particular fanboy is making all sorts of claims against Disney and its direction which are flat out wrong.

Actually, it’s your own comments that are flat out wrong.  And I’m happy to correct you.

Right off the bat, the camera angles and long, dramatic shots of Gabriel (the creator of this video) walking languidly up and down bleachers show what this video is really about. It’s about him. It’s not about presenting a topic of conversation or facilitating a civil debate. He wants us to look at him and, Gabriel, you’ve got your wish.

Well yeah.  He’s about to express his opinion.  So it is about him, and how he feels towards the Star Wars franchise.  What exactly is wrong with that?   I mean, besides nothing whatsoever.

“Never thought I’d say this, but I’m boycotting Solo: A Star Wars Story. The only way to get Star Wars back to where it was, is to simply say. No.”

Cool, bro. You don’t have to see it. No one is “Forcing” you to do so.

He never claimed that anyone was forcing him to see the film.  So why would you respond to a comment that he never made?

“Disney continues to shove down their SJW feminazi agenda down our retinas.” 

You mean creating characters, such as Daisy Ridley’s Rey, meant to empower women is a bad thing? Women holding an equal place within the Star Wars universe is bad? I don’t know where you get your delusions, laser brain.

Well no.  He doesn’t mean that creating characters, such as Mary Sue Rey, meant to empower women is a bad thing.  That’s why the sentence that he actually spoke doesn’t contain those words in that order.  He also didn’t say that holding an equal place within the Star Wars universe is bad either.  That also is a fabrication of your own making.  So the reason that you don’t understand where he gets his “delusions,” is that you’re consistently responding to points that he’s not making.

Rather, what he did say instead, was that, “Disney continues to shove down their SJW feminazi agenda down our retinas.”  Pay particular note to how the sentence that you wrote, and the sentence that he spoke, contain different words.  This of course means that the two sentences contain different meanings and intent.

It’s always important to respond to what people actually say and write, rather than to respond to what you wish they had said and written, just because you have some well-rehearsed pre-fabricated counterpoint to recite.

Why would he even make such a comment when women have had an equal place in Star Wars from the very beginning, for 40 years now?

The real problem as I see it is that women, or more accurately feminists, are more equal than others in the current state of the franchise.  A great reason to abandon it for something else that SJWs will barnacle to in 40 years.

Gabriel even claims that he’s not sexist.

Um, yes you are. News flash: if you use the term “feminazi” you’re a sexist.

Um, no.  He isn’t.  News Flash: feminist ideology and the female gender are no longer inextricably linked in the 21st Century.  This of course is thanks to male progressives who now claim to be feminists.  So criticism of the pure idiocy of modern feminist ideology does not automatically translate into criticism of women.

The recent trend of inclusion within a galaxy far, far away is a necessity (true there is still room for improvement, but they’re moving in the right direction) and kudos to Kathleen Kennedy for embracing it. Speaking of which, he lets the President of Lucasfilm have it.

Recent trend?  Where have you uneducated SJWs been for the last 40 yearsAre you even remotely aware that it’s 2018, and not 1968?

He goes on to complain that Rey is powerful “without any training,” and that any character can now be powerful for no reason. You mean like Anakin Skywalker, who is mysteriously created by the Force?

Well no.  Anakin had a strong connection with the Force.  But he still received training from Obi-Wan.  That was the whole point of the Prequel Trilogy.  Anakin was Obi-Wan’s apprentice.  Have you watched the films?

A nobody, like Rey?

Ha!  Aren’t you going to be surprised when JJ Abrams retcons that in Episode IX and makes Rey Luke’s niece.

Or, Luke Skywalker, who was able to blow up the Death Star with five minutes of training with an aging Jedi?

Well that’s a pretty stupid argument.  Luke’s ability to blow up the Death Star had little to do with Jedi training.

Luke flew his T-16 back home on Tatooine through Beggar’s Canyon in which he shot womp rats which were about as big as the exhaust port on the Death Star.  That effectively acted as a real world simulation of the Death Star Run.  This was all stated by Luke during the presentation to the pilots showing them how to attack the Death Star.  Obi-Wan’s voice guided him through at the end, but primarily to encourage Luke to believe in his own abilities and experience.

Again, have you watched the films?

If you’re going to criticize Rey, then you have to slam the Skywalkers, too.

No, you don’t.  Not if you’ve actually watched all the films.

When we first meet Luke, he’s a naive inexperienced farm boy, who complains about wanting to hang out with friends, gets scolded by his Uncle, gets knocked unconscious by a Tusken Raider, gets pushed down in a bar by a drunkard, has to be defended by an elderly Jedi, gets insulted and his hand slapped by Han, gets insulted by Leia, gets mauled by a Wampa, gets shot down in his snowspeeder by an AT-AT, crash lands on a swamp planet, and gets his hand cut off during his very first lightsaber duel.

Not Rey though. She gets to skip the first phase of the hero’s journey so hear her roar! Somehow, she can pilot the Millennium Falcon and use a lightsaber all without any training at all. Sure she fumbles a bit getting the Falcon off the ground, but in only a couple of minutes, she’s evading Tie Fighters and deftly flying through the tight spaces of wrecked Star Destroyers. Not only is she Han Solo, but she’s Luke Skywalker too! Effectively fighting off a trained Knight of Ren, whatever that is, in her very first lightsaber battle. But don’t you dare question her girl power you misogynist, even though it doesn’t leave much left for Finn to shine with.

If your only criticisms are leveled at the female characters who receive the exact same character development as the male characters…that’s sexist.

They didn’t receive the exact same character development.  Watching the films makes this self evident.

He even claims Disney delayed the novel and Blu-ray release due to “plot holes” in The Last Jedi. Really, now? How did you get that insider information, Gabriel?

Reading the novels and comics is insider information now?  Anyone who can rub two brain cells together can see from the released material in novels and comics that they are being used to plug up what some call plot holes.  It’s transparent.

Don’t present opinion and conjecture as fact.

See the above linked facts.

The plans for both releases were well known before The Last Jedi premiered (we even wrote up an article on it); and before the complaints of some fans.

Great.  That doesn’t change the nature of the actual material within those releases.

Of course, Disney wants to make money. They only forked out $4 billion to buy the franchise. That does not mean that they aren’t committed to producing high-quality films or that they don’t care about the franchise whatsoever. If you don’t like the material, don’t buy it. You’re a real hero for doing your small part to take down Disney!

Well, that’s the real trick, isn’t it?  But let’s be perfectly honest here.  What you’re doing is attempting to shame this man into financially supporting a political agenda you approve of, and at the same time trying to discourage others from following in his footsteps.  You’re doing this, because you’re painfully aware that there aren’t enough of you SJW dimwits to financially support the franchise yourselves.

But, Gabriel’s complaint that Ehrenreich doesn’t sound or look anything like Harrison Ford, thus making him unworthy of being Han Solo, is ridiculous.

Far from being ridiculous, convincing the audience that Alden is Han Solo is the biggest challenge this film has.  One that could have been easily overcome by simply casting the right man.

Ron Howard has been very clear that he wasn’t looking for Ehrenreich to give his imitation of Ford, but present us with his own take on the character. He doesn’t have to sound or look exactly like Ford — Ehreinech needs to embrace his inner scoundrel.

Sure, Ron Howard has been very clear on that.  But it doesn’t matter if Ron Howard has been very clear on that.  What matters in the end, is how the audience perceives the work.

Last and certainly not least. The “boycott” on Solo: A Star Wars Story isn’t actually a boycott. Gabriel says that he might see it once it comes on Blu-ray DVD. So, how is that a boycott (you keep using that word but I don’t think it means what you think it means)? Your 11-minute video, Gabriel, has more plot holes than any movie you complained about.

The non-boycott “boycott” is proof that this Star Wars fanboy is out of touch with reality and displays, in a nutshell, all that’s wrong within the fanbase of a galaxy far, far away.

He’s not going to see it theatrically.  That’s a theatrical boycott.  So you shouldn’t be lecturing others about the definitions of words, when you yourself don’t understand the ones that you’re typing out.

Heck, it’s clear that you haven’t even watched the films, so you really shouldn’t be commenting on them very much at all.

But here’s the bottom line:

Normal people don’t organize boycotts in the same frenzied manner that SJW savages do.  Sure occasionally a few of the normals try to start a boycott when they’re passionate about something.  But generally speaking, normal people will simply shrug their shoulders, and walk away from the franchise.  No organizing will be necessary.  SJW politics will do all the heavy lifting in pushing normal people away from the franchise.

In fact, the box office and the waning merchandise and toy sales demonstrate that this has already begun.


The talented filmmaker who created Gabriel’s video has posted his own response to Neil Harrington’s dorksideoftheforce.com article:


The brilliant Ethan Van Sciver just took Harrington’s article on:


Gabriel provides a follow up video:


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers adds his own commentary:

EA May Face “Enforcement Action” By The Netherlands Gaming Authority Over Loot Boxes

Stephanie Fogel of Variety reports:

Four out of ten loot boxes found in video games recently studied by the Netherlands’ Gaming Authority violated the country’s Betting and Gaming Act, the organization revealed Thursday. It’s now giving game publishers until June 20 to comply with the law or they could face “enforcement action.”

The Gaming Authority’s study found some loot box prizes can also be traded outside of their games, giving them a market value.

“Offering this type of game of chance to Dutch players without a license is prohibited,” it said in a press release. “Moreover, the analyses that are currently available indicate that all of the loot boxes that were studied could be addictive.” But, it added, there’s no indication loot boxes are being opened on a large scale by problem players.

The Gaming Authority began investigating loot boxes in November after “Star Wars Battlefront II” caused widespread controversy over a microtransaction system many felt was unfair and exploitative. Fans were so incensed they blasted publisher Electronic Arts on Reddit, giving it the most downvoted comment in history. EA also reportedly lost an estimated $3.1 billion in stock value at the time. It’s since overhauled the game’s microtransaction and progression systems, but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers in the U.S., the Netherlands, Australia, and elsewhere from pursuing regulations against what they consider “predatory practices” and “gambling for children.”


Return to sender.

The Social Justice Repulsion Effect Takes Hold Of The Star Wars Franchise

SJW politics naturally destroys any cultural institution that it infects.  SJW ideology is quite literally a cultural cancer; a fact that is easily demonstrated.

We’ve seen that truth expressed in the lowest rated televised Oscars in history.  We’ve seen it in the waning sales of Marvel Comics, and the subsequent replacement of Marvel’s SJW Editor in Chief as a result.  We’ve seen it in the slide of NFL viewership, and the MLB replacing the NFL as America’s most popular sportWe’ve seen it in the decline of Sports Illustrated subscriptions.  We’ve seen it in the declining ratings of ESPN, which had to fire 100 employees as a result.  We’ve seen it in the plummeting ratings of Late Night talk shows which have taken to lecturing their audience rather than entertaining or enlightening them.  We’ve seen it in declining Box Office at the cinema which has also increasingly chosen to lecture its audience with deeply ignorant SJW politics.  Anyone who doubts that people in the American entertainment industry are political activists rather than artists, can read about how Hollywood screenwriters are now coaching progressive political candidates.  We’ve seen it in SJW controlled universities and colleges which are experiencing big drops in enrollment.  We’ve seen it in East Berliners risking their lives to cross the infamous Berlin Wall in an attempt to escape East Berlin.  We’ve seen it in the SJW controlled city of Detroit, from which so many people have fled that their downtown skyscrapers are abandoned.  We’ve seen it in the blue state of California, from which the middle class is fleeing.  We’ve seen it in nations like Venezuela where thousands of formerly well-to-do people are fleeing the disastrous effects of the nation’s newly formed leftist SJW government.

Wherever SJW politics are imposed, normal people will understandably flee.  It’s a universal constant both in the micro and in the macro.

And this isn’t just anecdotal hyperbole.  Matt Philbin from NewsBusters.org reports:

According to new data from a McLaughlin & Associates/Media Research Center national poll of 1,000 likely voters:

75% agree with the statement, “When I watch live sports or entertainment shows on television I am trying to get away from politics and do not want to be bombarded with partisan political messages.”

Given that normal people also sought to escape the same kinds of worthless cultural re-education in Soviet gulags, this should come as no surprise.

Since the SJW contagion has now metastasized within Lucasfilm, we can fully expect to see what I call the Social Justice Repulsion Effect happen with the Star Wars franchise as well.  In fact, it has already begun.

Martin Daubney of The Telegraph writes in an editorial entitled, Liberal identity politics has ruined Star Wars for the fanboys:

Has the peculiarly Earthling curse of liberal identity politics infected even galaxies far, far away? It would appear so, if a growing fanboy backlash to Star Wars: The Last Jedi is to be believed.

Since its release at the weekend, a remarkable gulf has emerged between professional critics and the general viewing public’s scoring of the movie – as illustrated by that modern barometer of movies, Rotten Tomatoes. On the review aggregation site, the professionals give the movie an impressive average score of 93pc; while fans score it a more Luke-warm 55pc.

What’s going on? It appears this huge discrepancy can be attributed not to its plot – described as “having more holes than a Swiss cheese that shared a wedding bed with a porcupine” – but a claim the movie is no more than “social justice warrior propaganda”.

In media land, one critic gushed The Last Jedi is “the most triumphantly feminist Star Wars movie yet,” concluding it a masterpiece that possesses a “celebratory inclusiveness that seems entirely in the Jedi spirit”.

The Last Jedi has also been heralded as the first Star Wars movie that passes the Bechdel Test, a rule of thumb that asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man.

This type of analysis isn’t new. Entire books have been written on the identity politics of Star Wars, pointing out that creator George Lucas once spoke of his duty to wield a “moral megaphone” in his filmmaking. “Somebody has to tell young people what we think is a good person,” he said.

However, some feel that, since Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise, this moral megaphone has become deafening.

Analysis of user comments on Rotten Tomatoes is telling. While most lasers are locked on the flick’s “terrible plot holes”, its “un forgivable” treatment of Luke Skywalker, and it being “little more than a very long Disney advert vehicle to sell merchandise,” a large voice of dissent decries its use of identity politics as a serious Force of disgruntlement.

The comments are littered with one-star reviews that read, “Politically correct to the point of boredom”; “SJW propaganda” and “I’m frustrated that feminism and diversity have made their way into this film. This has ruined Star Wars for me as well as my kids. Keep liberalism out of it and stop ruining once good things”.

Certainly, watching the movie can feel like you’re playing identity politics bingo.

Perhaps these fanboys ought to get over themselves. It’s just a movie, after all.

But the truth is that identity politics is the kryptonite that saps the joy out of all it touches. How long before Harrison Ford comes out as Trans Solo? What price a zero-emissions Millennium Falcon? Will Jabba The Hutt be called out for “fat shaming” the obese?

Will any of this make the slightest difference one of the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time? Only time will tell, but for now a social media war is raging between critics and diehard fans, an increasing number of whom seem to be saying “dead to me, the franchise is”.

The truly amusing part of this whole biofeedback machine, is that the SJWs currently staffed within Lucasfilm will see the backlash as a great success.  SJWs will delude themselves into thinking that they’re pissing off all the right people.  Who are all the right people?  I have compiled the unabridged SJW gripe list and provide it here for your convenience:

“Deplorable rich intolerant bitter clinging hate-mongering war-mongering fear-mongering privileged middle-class micro-aggressing triggering patriarchal straight sexist misogynist cisgendered hetero-normative transphobic homophobic homogeneous hegemonic racist xenophobic jingoistic nativist tea-bagging redneck hillbilly reptilian-brained binary-thinking white supremacist euro-centric male Zionist Evangelical Christian Far-Right Extreme-Right Uber-Right Ultra-Right Alt-Right NeoCon so-called conservative Republican bourgeoisie capitalist colonialist imperialist fascists.”

Of course, none of that makes any kind of coherent sense, but that’s the inherent nature of the uneducated SJW mentality that normal people have to cope with.  They’re pre-programmed to involuntarily squawk these words in response to various stimuli without regard to what the words actually mean.  In any case, the above list represents how the SJW employees at Lucasfilm view every backlasher who writes a letter, posts a blog, or uploads a video in protest to their content.  Just ask them.  They’ll tell you, if they can bear to acknowledge your existence at all.  So they’re almost guaranteed to double down on social justice messaging.

Jack Kenrick from squawker.org also identifies this phenomenon in an article entitled, Star Wars Fans Seem To Hate The Last Jedi And SJW’s Couldn’t Be Happier About It.  In it he writes:

What’s been interesting to watch in the hours since its release, is that the general public seems to be finding this the most divisive Star Wars film yet. While almost universally lauded by professional pop culture and film critics alike. The Last Jedi is seemingly not doing quite as well with the average American moviegoer. A fact many Progressive types somehow seem to be actively celebrating as proof of their own moral superiority.

Case in point this article written for Wired magazine entitled, “The Last Jedi Will Bother Some People. Good.” In which writer Angela Watercutter not so subtly informs us all that “The movie isn’t here to Make the Galaxy Great Again.” We are are told that those who don’t like “diversity” should not see the film. Of course as is now standard practice for today’s modern liberals, by diversity they don’t mean a variety of thought but rather simply superficial differences in skin color. None of this is too surprising however when you consider the original title of the now modified story was actually, “The Last Jedi Will Be To Inclusive for Some People. Good.”

It would seem that the average moviegoer doesn’t appreciate an obviously politicized half hours worth of pointless subplot. Which is frustratingly what the film provides, as almost the entirety of the genuinely forced “Progressive” parts of the movie take place in an oddly out of place subplot, that ultimately feels like it lacks any real purpose beyond simply pleasing SJW types. 


Immediately upon publishing this blog post, I discovered that SC Reviews was discussing another article that echoes many of the same things I’ve been writing about on this blog.  Paul Cheung writes an article at fee.org entitled, “The Last Jedi” and the Politicization of Storytelling.  In it, he writes:

Has identity politics created a dilemma for the Disney Empire?

There’s been a disturbance in the franchise: Ambivalence, rather than anticipation, has characterized the online response to Disney’s announcement of the deluge of new Star Wars projects we are to be saturated with over the next several years. And while the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story (scheduled for May) was expected to be received with some misgiving, many fans are actively rooting for it to flop.

There’s already an over-abundance of online rants analyzing The Last Jedi’s shortcomings as a piece of entertainment. But it is in the realm of the ideas where the division between critics and audiences is most stark. Dozens of articles praise the film’s perceived socio-political commentary while countless viewers decry it for the very same reason.

One reason is that archetypes and the mythic storytelling form never lose relevance. They are timeless and universal. By contrast, loading a film with political messaging for 2018, using it as a vessel to comment on current events, makes its relevance transient. Ironically, Johnson’s attempt to “update” the saga is precisely what caused his entry to feel dated at an accelerated pace.

And it isn’t just the film’s detractors who observe the current American political climate’s bearing on the way it was written. GQ UK gleefully claims “The Last Jedi takes on Trump”. Other articles, such as these in The Independent, The Guardian, and Wired, insinuate that anyone not on board is an “alt-right” hater of diversity.

While the controversy may appear to be an inordinate fuss over “light entertainment,” Star Wars (whether by chance or intention) has come to represent something far more significant than that.

Throughout history, stories have functioned as one of the most effective societal-shaping tools. The themes, ideals, and values communicated in stories have simultaneously reflected and molded the cultures which produced them. This is what Victor Hugo was alluding to when he wrote, “England has two books: the Bible and Shakespeare. England made Shakespeare, but the Bible made England.”

Descriptions of Star Wars as “generation-defining” are also allusions to the power of stories to shape who we are. And therein lies the problem: Johnson’s work, while managing to imitate the aesthetic of Star Wars (stormtroopers, lightsabers, etc.) is a hollow husk bearing only surface similarity to its parent material. Its shallow identity politics reflect a cultural hegemony adrift from deeper moorings.

Such an incoherent set of half-baked ideas wouldn’t matter if not for the fact that they are being propagated on an industrial scale, becoming almost ubiquitous in U.S. and UK entertainment.

In a scene in The Last Jedi which practically invites the type of historical parallelism above, there’s an attempted book-burning (ignited by Yoda, no less) broadcasting the film’s overarching theme of abandoning the past.

“Let the past die. Kill it if you have to,” Kylo urges Rey, even as Johnson urges the audience to “let the past die” so that we can embrace his Star Wars and, at a broader cultural level, the ideas his film promulgates.

With the backlash to The Last Jedi, the values in the background of Johnson’s film have been inadvertently thrust into the spotlight, exposing greater popular discomfort with them than anyone anticipated.


SC Reviews offers his own perspective on the Telegraph article:

The Nightmare Will Never End

Thought you might just wait it out till after Episode IX, hoping that maybe someone would replace Kathleen Kennedy and return the franchise to form after the silly Sequel Trilogy?

Oh, you poor fool.

Back on November 3rd, 2017, Gael Fashingbauer Cooper of C-Net wrote an article entitled, Star Wars won’t end with Episode IX: More stories coming.

In it, she reports on a statement from Kathleen Kennedy:

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told “The Star Wars Show” that plans are already being made to keep the saga’s galaxy busy for years to come.

“We’re talking about the next 10 years of Star Wars stories, and we’re looking at, narratively, where that might go,” Kennedy said. “Future stories beyond ‘Episode IX’ with these new characters: Rey, Poe, Finn, BB-8 — but we’re also looking at working with people who are interested in coming into the Star Wars world and taking us to places we haven’t been yet.”

Kennedy also praised “Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson. “He’s such a huge fan,” she said, “and I think he’s doing an exceptional job of taking these new characters and some of the legacy characters and moving us to this next place.”

Do you know what this means?

This means that potentially, Rey, Poe, Finn, and BB-8 will be the faces of the Star Wars franchise for the next decade or more.



Maybe Kathleen Kennedy will be Force sensitive in her own special trilogy.

Great News For Battlefront II Fans Who Miss Microtransactions

Heather Alexandra writes an article at kotaku.com entitled, EA Is Putting Microtransactions Back Into Star Wars Battlefront II, But They’ll Be Cosmetic-Only.

As commenter Arden wrote, “Alternative Headline: ‘EA Puts The Problem Back Into Game, Doesn’t Get It'”

Heather writes:

Months after removing controversial microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II, publisher EA today announced its plans to bring them back, this time tied only to cosmetics rather than gameplay.

In a blog post today, EA outlined the new progression system for Star Wars Battlefront II, which will “begin rolling out” on March 21. The biggest change is straightforward: Players will no longer be able to spend real money on items that impact how the game is played. You won’t be able to buy loot crates or ability-boosting Star Cards anymore—instead, you’ll earn experience points and skill points for your heroes, classes, and ships.

“With this update, progression is now linear,” the blog post said. “Star Cards, or any other item impacting gameplay, will only be earned through gameplay and will not be available for purchase.”


Get Ready for Hello Kitty Vader.

The Last Jedi’s Russian Bots Explained

Nobody wants to know this stuff.  It’s exhausting.  But somebody has to put it out there for folks who are having a difficult time understanding the direction that Disney is taking with Star Wars.

So to start, I’ll briefly lay out the basic story.  Feel free to jump below the picture of Hux if you’re already familiar with this.

i09 reports on a purported Russian Bot campaign to keep the Hux character alive through all three Sequel Trilogy films coordinating around the hashtag #HuxLive:

There’s a peculiar moment featured in Anthony Wonke’s 90-minute Star Wars documentary The Director and the Jedi, which is now available to watch on the digital release of The Last Jedi. According to Film School Rejects, it includes a moment where Johnson—at a production meeting—discusses a Russian attempt to influence the film with a social media campaign. Yes, really.

What did they want? For General Hux to survive the trilogy.

“It’s amazing,” Johnson said during a production meeting. “There’s a coordinated effort by these Russian accounts. Hundreds of them.”

A coordinated effort, which included hashtags like #HuxLive, urged Lucasfilm and Disney to keep Hux alive through all three films. Johnson didn’t really know why Russian bots were so eager for General Hux to survive, though some speculate it’s because of how they idolize authoritarian regimes.

The favored theory seems to point to a love of authoritarian regimes:

Russian accounts flooded Johnson’s mentions early in the production to ensure that their favorite oppressor made it through the new trilogy. Why the Russians bots love Hux is clear now — they are way into authoritarian regimes.

Russian bot accounts have a hard-on for authoritarian quasi-fascist regimes, so clearly trying to keep General Hux in Star Wars was on their priority list.

Keep in mind here, there’s no evidence that these Russian bots love authoritarian regimes.  Maybe they just like the Hux character or actor, or are simply trying to agitate Americans on a variety of cultural fronts.


“Everything new is well forgotten old.” ~Russian Proverb

Here’s the explanation.

Now, I was originally going to pass on this story.  To the uninitiated, this all seems like tin foil hatted conspiratorial claptrap.  But then my own initial suspicions were independently confirmed by two separate sources.

I genuinely empathize with SC and Jeremy.  I don’t know either of them personally, but from their YouTube videos, they both come across as great guys who just like to enjoy pop culture, and movies, and video games, and just have fun with that stuff.  Neither of them seem particularly interested in SJW politics, and seriously, who could blame them?  So when they’re suddenly confronted with the bizarre nature of SJW thought and behavior, they’re understandably confused and flabbergasted.

Unless a person pays close attention to the narrative that SJW politics pushes, which is a tedious task, that person will be unprepared for just how deep the rabbit hole goes with SJW psychopathology.  This is an attempt to explain the thought process of the SJW narrative here to those who prefer common sense and logic.

First, it’s important to understand that the SJW narrative and reality are two entirely different and separate things.  The two never intersect.

Second, yes, this is all about Trump because remember, these people are political activists first and foremost, with genuine art being only a very distant secondary concern.

With that in mind, this all  begins and ends with Trump.  According to the SJW narrative, Russian Bots hacked Facebook advertising to promote Trump’s candidacy during the U.S. Presidential election.  This was just one small story, in the much larger Trump/Russia Collusion narrative.  For those who might not know, the SJW narrative contends that Trump colluded with Russia in an effort to sway the results of the 2016 Presidential election in Trump’s favor.

So the activists who produced The Last Jedi are pushing this Russian bot story in an effort to say, “See, the same Russian Bots that helped Trump win the election, tried to help this authoritarian/fascist character.  The bots like this authoritarian/fascist character, in the same way that they like authoritarian/fascist Trump.”  They seek to fabricate this connection through popular culture.  A connection between the Trump Administration and the First Order (The Empire).  They want fans to make an association between the two.  Remember, SJWs routinely refer to Trump as a fascist, not having any understanding of what genuine fascism actually is.

That’s the SJW narrative.  Now for reality.

The Trump/Russia collusion investigation has been going on for 14 months, and as of this writing, there is zero evidence that any Trump/Russia collusion took place.  It’s a witch hunt intended to fish for any evidence of any wrong doing of any kind.  Some will say, “Sure, of course Republicans would say that there isn’t any evidence of collusion.”  But it’s important to remember that many Republicans don’t like Trump either.

There’s an adage that says whenever leftists accuse their political opponents of something, the accusing leftists themselves are guilty of that very something.  It’s a fairly consistent phenomenon.  Not only is there no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, but there actually is evidence of Democrat/Clinton/Russia collusion instead.  So continuing the false Trump/Russia collusion narrative helps to obfuscate and direct attention away from that.

The Russian bots on Facebook focused on polarizing issues, and exploited racial and religious divisions (just like SJWs do), in an effort to create general chaos rather than support one candidate or the other.  The Russians sought to undermine confidence in the legitimacy of the election, and in turn undermine the President’s mandate to govern, whomever that President turned out to be.  And domestic leftists in the United States, like The Last Jedi cast and crew, and some SJW fans, are all too eager to be the Russian’s useful idiots in the effort.

Brian Lloyd confirms SJW thinking in his own Last Jedi bot story at entertainment.ie where he mindlessly wrote:

From spreading fake news and helping to cloud reality further with the likes of Donald Trump, it’s pretty serious stuff. It’s been deployed to help Donald Trump win the Presidency, discredit critics of Vladimir Putin – and, apparently, keep Domhnall Gleeson in a job.

Even though, the bots were ultimately found to have no effect on the election whatsoever.


It’s the power of colluuuuuuuuuuuuuusion.

But who’s side are the Russians really on?

American leftist politicians and activists routinely use quasi-Soviet rhetoric.  SJWs writing articles use the same language.  The SJW’s openly stated beliefs which are wholly Marxist/communist in their nature, are now taught in schools and universities.   And those institutions are now run mostly by SJW freaks.  SJWs like to stupidly carry the old Soviet flag.  It is known that American leftist officials actively worked to sway the elections of foreign nations.    Famous lefty icon Teddy Kennedy asked the Soviets to interfere in Reagans’ re-election.  Vladimir Putin himself, is ex-KGB.  So you have to ask yourself, who is it that the Russians would be more inclined to side with?  Republican Trump, or socialist Democrats?

Although, American SJWs should be warned of what happens to children who play communist revolutionary, shortly after the revolution is won.  It’s unfortunate that leftist SJWs are so hopelessly uneducated, but I digress.

The main point here is that the cast and crew of The Last Jedi and other Disney/Lucasfilm productions are political activists pushing a political narrative, they are not artists telling stories.

We had to read Rogue One screenwriter Chris Weitz tweet, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization,” after the fabricated black stormtrooper controversy in TFA.

We had to sit through Rose Tico lecturing us on social justice nonsense in the dialogue of the movie itself.

And the whole SJW activism mentality persists in the deleted Southern stereotype stormtrooper sequence, which I’ll discuss in a future post.

SJW propaganda is in the movies, it’s in the novels, it’s in the comics, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be laid real thick in Episode IX.

Bob Iger In Deep Bantha Poodoo?


A-OK with social justice silliness.

Geeks and Gamers reports on a story from CNBC:

The article is entitled, Disney shareholders vote against CEO Iger’s pay package.

It states that:

Walt Disney Co shareholders rejected an executive compensation plan that could reward Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger with up to $48.5 million a year over four years plus an equity grant worth about $100 million, in a non-binding vote on Thursday.

Fifty-two percent of shareholders voted against Disney’s compensation plan for Iger and other executives, the company said at its annual shareholder meeting in Houston. Forty-four percent cast ballots in favor and 4 percent abstained.

It is unusual for shareholders to vote against executive compensation. Just 1.2 percent of S&P 500 companies failed to win majority support for their advisory pay resolutions in 2017, according to ISS Analytics.

This could all easily be part of the normal negotiation process when it comes to CEOs at this level, as the article also states:

Iger’s continuation as chief executive is imperative in light of the planned Fox acquisition, Lewis said, noting that total shareholder return has more than quadrupled over Iger’s tenure.

However, Geeks and Gamers also points to another video, in which a dissatisfied shareholder confronts Iger over the SJW messaging in ESPN and other media platforms:

One wonders how many other shareholders hold this opinion, given the vote against Iger’s compensation package.  Clearly Star Wars under the Disney banner has SJW propaganda problems as well, and therefore may factor into shareholder displeasure.  Of course, the two could just as easily be unconnected.  Iger’s planned retirement in 2019 could also be factor in this vote.  Then again, Iger could just be floating the idea of his retirement to raise the cost of keeping him around for the FOX acquisition.

But what is disturbing in the shareholder confrontation of Iger, is the general sense that Iger is perfectly okay with the SJW activism in these properties.  That’s a serious problem.

At this point, I would suggest, that the shareholders at Disney are the people who should be written to, since they seem to have real power.  If anyone has their contact info, I’ll be happy to post it on this blog.

Star Trek Teaches Star Wars A Valuable Lesson


An uneducated SJW explains to Captain Janeway that her very existence is sexist and/or misogynist.

Dave Huber of The College Fix recently wrote an article entitled, MIT librarian: Tech workplaces plastered with Star Trek posters, other geeky stuff is non-inclusive to women.

As Bones might say, wait just a damn minute.

Isn’t the Star Trek franchise known for being the pioneer and shining example in diversity and inclusivity?  Well apparently not anymore, now that we’re all letting the past die.

In bold pursuit of problems that no man has had before, Chris Bourg, director of libraries at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stated at the code{4}lib convention:

“There is research that shows that workplaces that are plastered with stereotypically ‘tech or nerd guy’ cultural images – think Star Trek – have negative impact on women’s likelihood of pursuing tech work and of staying in tech work in general or in that particular work environment.”

That’s right.  Star Trek – the often touted example of diversity and inclusivity (especially for women) in science fiction and entertainment – now has a negative impact on women according to the study that this feminist cites.

Bourg babbles on:

“Replace the Star Trek posters with travel posters, don’t name your projects or your printers or your domains after only male figures from Greek mythology, and just generally avoid geek references and inside nerd jokes,” Bourg added. “Those kinds of things reinforce the stereotypes about who does tech; and that stereotype is the male nerd stereotype.”

No doubt that the fascist Bourg would like resistance to her plans to be futile.

That’s bad news for all the female geeks out there who are struggling for gender equality and equal representation in the geek community, and who often fancy themselves as part of some resistance to…something.

Dave Huber explains the study:

The 2009 study examined whether “stereotypical objects” like Star Trek posters “signal a masculinity that precludes women from ever developing an interest in computer science.” Or, as the authors dub it, how the “ambient belonging” of women is affected by tech-geek ware.

While conceding that the tech-geek “masculinity” in question may not refer to a “traditional definition” (think “strength, assertiveness, and sexual prowess”) the authors argue the “stereotypicality” of the group still has a “profound” effect on the ability to recruit people who do not see themselves as fitting that stereotype.

I would think that the female Commander Deanna Troi would exemplify sexual prowess far more than the male Captain Jean-Luc Picard, though I digress.

Dave Huber describes Bourg’s motivations here:

Bourg, a self-described “butch and queer” cis woman and “feral librarian” who’s been “misidentified too many times to ignore,” noted she wants to bring to librarianship “a sociological lens and a feminist perspective.”

“The work of libraries and librarians can do more than just support feminist research and agendas. We can play a critical role in supporting the causes of inclusion, plurality, participation and transparency,” according to a 2015 paper Bourg co-authored.


Feral librarian longs for ambient belonging, whatever the hell that means.

Librarianship used to be about helping people find books and facilitating scholarly research.  Now, however, it would appear that librarianship is being used to fine tune one’s sexual orientation, and push feminist agendas.  No wonder progressive activists want to keep libraries around in the digital age; their existence forces the public to fund feminist activism.

But this is all very interesting, given that the Star Trek franchise has bent over backward to appease feminists like Bourg.  It gave us the feminist icon Captain Kathryn Janeway.  As a result, ratings began to slide, and the Star Trek franchise would soon diminish in popularity to the point where it had to be rebooted in 2009 with J J Abrams’ mostly social justice-less feature film, which many noted was more like Star Wars.  At least it was at the time.  Nevertheless, Star Trek continues to push feminist icons to this day.

The examples of Marvel Comics, the City of Detroit, the NFL, Venezuela, etc., demonstrates how any cultural institution that SJW politics barnacles itself to becomes utterly destroyed.  It’s a universal constant, a Reverse Midas Touch, where anything the SJW touches instantly turns into pure crap.   It happened to Star Trek.  Now it’s happening to Star Wars.

Does this mean that the “triumphantly feminist” Star Wars and its merchandise also function as stereotypical objects that “signal a masculinity that precludes women from ever developing an interest in computer science?”  Who knows, but more importantly, who cares.

So what’s the real lesson to be learned here for Star Wars fans?

It’s that pandering to screeching feminists will accomplish less than nothing.  Feminists will never ever be satisfied, no matter what you do.  Their obsession to attain social justice folk hero status will always have them inventing new problems that don’t exist just so they can have something to caterwaul over.  They have to have something to complain about in order to feel important.  You could eliminate every male character from the Star Wars franchise and depict exclusively female characters only, and the feminist will still be dissatisfied.  You cannot satisfy the willfully deranged, nor should you ever try.

WCB Provides Disney, Lucasfilm, Hasbro Contact Information

The gentlemen at World Class Bullshitters have posted a video that contains contact information for Disney, Lucasfilm, Bad Robot, and Hasbro:

Although this is a very well intentioned effort, I’m sad to say, that over time I’ve seen other fandoms engage in such letter writing campaigns, and they ultimately just don’t work.  When leadership is totally convinced that they are doing the right things, they become impervious to any criticism to the contrary.  No matter how thoughtful or kind or firm or polite the letters may be, they will be arbitrarily dismissed as the ravings of trolls from a “tiny vocal minority.”  To make matters worse, once SJWs get a hold of this contact information, they too will be writing to tell all of these people how wonderful everything they’re doing is.

And frankly, avoiding addressing the elephant in the room, the militant feminism, is like avoiding the topic of alcohol when trying to counsel an alcoholic.  There’s not much point to it.

Remember, JJ Abrams is thoroughly convinced that critics are threatened by women, and has openly stated that the backlash won’t effect what he’s doing with Episode IX.  Rian Johnson has stated that he would still do everything exactly the same in the face of the backlash.   Kathleen Kennedy has said that she doesn’t feel the need to cater to male fans, and that boys are crossing over to watch barking women, despite evidence to the contrary.  John Boyega recently dismissed Backlashers as “…one tweet from a guy with three followers and then a lot of people react to it.”  Hasbro is convinced that their Star Wars line is doing great.

So you have to understand here, that you’re not dealing with people who have a functional relationship with reality.  All of the most reasonable and logical and polite argumentation in the world will not penetrate the thick skulls of these people.  In fact, I’m willing to bet a fine patriarchal steak dinner, that as soon as these companies get wind that their contact info has been published, they’ll change that contact info in order to silence the Backlashers.

As long as people keep giving Disney Lucasfilm money for their garbage, they in turn will keep producing that garbage, letters be damned.

The only real course of action that has any hope of working, is to simply not engage in economic activity with Disney Lucasfilm.  To not pay to see their movies.  To not watch their television or streaming programs and give them ratings.  To not read their books or comics.  To not purchase their toys or T-shirts.  To not play their video games.  Only deprivation of revenue has any hope of getting through to these people, because they are incapable of being swayed, they can only be forced, pardon the pun.  As they say, actions speak louder than words.

Now, some might argue that such a course of action might damage the brand so much that Disney might abandon Star Wars altogether, and then just sit on it refusing to sell it to anyone else.  Maybe.  But then, no Star Wars at all, is far, far better than the Star Wars we’re getting now.

Having said all of that, I now post the contact information in text, for those who still wish to go through the motions here.  It won’t surprise me at all, if the fascist activists at YouTube take down this video as soon as they see it.


(818) 560-1000

500 S Buena Vista St Burbank CA 91521-0001



1110 Gorgas Ave, San Francisco, CA 94129



Bad Robot

1221 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 664-3456

Hasbro, Inc.

1027 Newport Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02862.

401-431-8697 or toll free 800.242.7276

Customer Complaint Line 1800-255-5516