As reported by Bounding Into Comics, Natalie Portman, and Star Wars hopeful Brie Larsen have recently signed a petition to defund police.  You can read that petition here.

This of course is a no brainer for celebrities, who can afford to protect their mansions with private security details.

For instance, imagine the footing the bill to protect Natalie Portman’s New Monticeto Mansion.


The modern vacation home, designed by Santa Barbara architect Barton Meyers, set Portman back $6.5 million. The 3,991 square foot property has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and sits on 10.4 acres . The steel, glass, and concrete structure is prime for that SoCal style of indoor/outdoor living, with a retractable roof over the dining room that opens onto a variety of patio and garden space.

Speaking of outdoors, the property also has a a swimming pool, a rock garden, and a spacious entertaining area with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. From the house, the land slopes down toward the Pacific Ocean, of which there are incredible views from practically every room in the house (the floor to ceiling windows definitely help).

And how much does it cost to defend Brie Larson’s Stunning Mid-Century Laurel Canyon Home?


This incredible property is just minutes away from Beverly Hills in the iconic Laurel Canyon neighborhood. The mid-century stunner has an open-plan concept and gorgeous double-height ceilings that let light flood through. With lush landscaping, the home is surrounding by a charming brook.

Certainly having access to private security to protect these mansions represents a disproportionate disparity to the disaffected disenfranchised who don’t have access to such benefits.  A terrible inequity.

Therefore, I have opened up a petition to #DefundCelebritySecurity, and I hope you’ll join me in signing it.

Then, after celebrity security has been prohibited, all peaceful Antifa and Black Lives Matters activists will be invited to these mansions for refreshments.

Philip Lord Chimes In On John Boyega’s Star Wars Role

As more and more activists wake up to the offensive tokenism of the Finn character in the Disney Trilogy, some of the media that previously admonished the Fandom Menace are now admonishing Lucasfilm’s treatment of John Boyega’s character.  But apparently, some tried to do more with Finn, according to Philip Lord.


What a simply fascinating turn of events.

Who were the people that tried?  What did they try?  Why were their tries overridden, and by whom?  Is Phil referring to Finn, or his own Enfys Nest character?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Black Lives Matters Not Happy With Lucasfilm

John Boyega recently gave a speech which may or may not end his career when SJWs figure out what he really said.

In response, the Star Wars Twitter account tweeted out support for John’s speech, likely not fully understanding the content of it.


Well, that didn’t sit well with one Black Lives Matters activist.



It would be interesting if a reporter asked John Boyega how he felt being diminished in the Chinese posters in order to placate racist communists.  But it’s unlikely anyone will ever be allowed to ask John that question.

But some notables from Lucasfilm came out to voice their support for John’s speech on Twitter.




That’s all fine and dandy.  But where were these bleach white notables when John was getting diminished in their Chinese posters?  Why was it acceptable to please the racists in the communist Chinese government?

Only one thing is for sure.  Lucasfilm needs to hear from Black Lives Matters. All peaceful Black Lives Matters and Antifa activists are encouraged to visit the offices of Lucasfilm in San Francisco, California, and let them know exactly how you feel about their racist Chinese posters that disrespected John Boyega.

Here are some publicly available Google maps for your convenience:




Be sure to pack a lunch.


John Boyega May Lose His Career Over Wise Words

Apparently, Star Wars stands with and supports John Boyega’s speech.


But what did John Boyega say in his speech?


Social justice folk heroes require bullhorns.

Here’s a portion of John Boyega’s speech at a protest rally, which was published by the Evening Standard:

Black men, we need to take care of black women.   We need to take care of them.  They are ours.  They are our hearts.  They are our future.  We cannot demonize our own.

We are the pillars of the family.  Imagine this; a nation that is set up, with individual families that are thriving, that are healthy, that communicate, that raise their children they love, have a better rate up and coming, better human beings.  And that’s what we need to create.  Black men it starts with you.

I’m speaking from my heart.  Look, I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this.

And when SJWs cool down and consider the wise words here that John actually said, he may not have a career.

Remember, Star Wars is the franchise that eschewed family bloodlines and left the audience with an insipid lesson about how one can choose their own family in its final episode.

In fact, the uneducated left has been waging a war on the traditional family for decades.  From the Spectator:

The Left needs to destroy the family unit to succeed in the long-term. Over the last few years, we have seen numerous attempts to make the meaning of the word “family” whatever anyone wants it to be, to strip it of any collective meaning. The Left needs to attack and to destroy the family as the basic building block of society in order to progress its goals.

Without parents constantly undermining them, the Left would possess a whole generation in toto. “Give me a child until the age of seven and I will give you the man,” goes the Jesuit motto. The Left knows this and will do anything to obtain your children’s minds. In a rare slip, Gillian Triggs’ lamentation that she cannot control what is said across the kitchen table is the quintessential manifestation of that.

The Left wants your children and, knowing the indelible significance of the word “family” in our shared culture, they seek to own the idea of the family, by redefining it out of existence.

Without the protective influence of the family, we are left with “all within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”. Guess who said that?

Rey did a pretty good job at redefining family in Episode IX, didn’t she?

So if and when the left starts to realize the meaning of John’s actual words several years from now, he may blacklisted by the Hollywood elitists who do everything they can to destroy the family unit.

You can watch John’s entire speech here:

General Grievous Wants Normal People To Unfriend Him


Matthew defriended hair combs in 1992.

Human garbage. ILM Supervising Sound Editor, and voice of General Grievous, Mathew Wood, has ordered his Facebook followers to unfriend them, should they support the current President of the United States.



Matthew is a big supporter of Black Lives Matters.


Which of course means that he was never the friend of normal people to begin with.


Lily White JJ Abrams’ Demands End To “White Comfort” From The Comfort Of His Palisades Mansion

According to Bounding Into Comics, JJ Abram’s Bad Robot recently posted the following on Instagram:


JJ Abrams retweeted the message on Twitter.


Therefore, all peaceful #BlackLivesMatter activists are cordially invited to @JJabrams
$6.275 million mansion to help him eliminate his own white comfort.  Let’s hope they organize in the comfort of JJ Abrams’ front lawn.

Via LA Times:

Filmmaker J.J. Abrams snaps up Pacific Palisades home for $6.275 million

Hollywood director, producer and screenwriter J.J. Abrams has purchased a home in Pacific Palisades for $6.275 million, or about $1,495 per square foot, in a deal completed outside the Multiple Listing Service.

Though property details are scant, tax records show the two-story home near the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center was originally built in 1923. The approximately 4,200 square feet of living space contains 17 rooms including seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Fences and gates surround the home, which sits on a lot of more than half an acre. A swimming pool, lawns and layers of landscaping fill the grounds.

As Marvel teaches us, this is no time to worry about property without a beating heart.