Lucasfilm Hatred Of “White Males”

Hatred of the “white male” appears to be a prerequisite for getting hired by Lucasfilm.

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4-24-2019 Headland Said “The Toxic Femininity Of White Women” is “Both Ridiculously Self-Entitled And Supremely Self-Destructive”

4-25-2019 Leslye Headland Enjoys Working With All People That Are Not White Guys

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10-15-2020  Adam Christopher Doesn’t Like White Middle Class People Making Other White Middle Class People Feel Good

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10-15-2020  From A Racist Point Of View

10-17-2020  Del Rey Potentially Violates Federal Law

11-6-2020  “Scientist” Suggests Segregating Fanbase

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1-23-2020 Former Disney Employee Almost Fired For Trying To Hire “Non-White, Non-Males”

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