Twitter Blowback Part Deux

The Twitter blowback to Ethan Van Sciver’s Star Wars Scandal Part 4 video continues…


 co-founder, Brian Larsen


Jason Ward Tweets


Tears of a clown.



Then came this statement:


But what about Jason’s history of sock puppet activity and being banned from forums for that activity?  How does he address the published information at and elsewhere that demonstrates this?

What about pretending to be insiders and feeding competitors false leaks?

What about posting a 5 minute old screencap from Down With Disney?  What about his claim that he got the screencap from a Facebook group, and then was caught by that very same Facebook group who said that he never got it from him?

What about the fact that Jason’s Costa Mesa studio is approximately 19 minutes from the IP address that made the racist Kelly Marie Tran edit in Wookieepedia?

Is this old story about Bobby Roberts supposed to divert from all of that?  Because that’s the only link to those controversies that the Bobby Roberts related trauma seems to have at this point in time.

Twitter Blowback

Here’s the reaction to Part 4 of Ethan Van Sciver’s Star Wars Scandal videos from some notable personalities involved:

Jordan Maison, the official Star Wars Artist for TOPPS:


Ethan Van Sciver comments on this blog post:

Why Would Galaxy Of Adventures Rewrite Leia As A Ball-Kicking Harridan?

Get ready for the live action Leia television series.


Imagine this in live action.

Lucasfilm will tell  you that they created Galaxy of Adventures, to familiarize kids with The Original Trilogy.

“With Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to craft something that allowed parents to help their kids take their first step into a much larger world whether they were ready to show their kids the films or wanted to find new ways to explore the content,” James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s vice president for franchise content and strategy, said in the official announcement.

But that explanation always sounded a bit fishy to me, given that anyone can familiarize their kids with the Original Trilogy by…showing them the Original Trilogy.

We also know, that the bulk of the Star Wars feature films won’t be showing on the Disney streaming service:

“[It] would take time for those rights, ultimately, to revert back to us,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said during his company’s earnings call on Tuesday (Aug. 7). “If they’re looking for, I don’t know, The Force Awakens, that it’s not going to be on. But if they’re looking for Star Wars movies that launched in 2019 or original Star Wars series, you will find that here.” Iger noted on Tuesday that Disney would clearly communicate the delay in, or absence of certain titles when it markets the service.

But what will be showing on their streaming service, is “original Star Wars series.”

I suspect that they intend to rewrite the OT, not with feature films, but with never-ending television series, and that these Galaxy of Adventure shorts are meant to acclimate children to the new incarnations of our classic characters.

Get ready for a ball kicking Leia.  From HN Entertainment:

We’ve now got our hands on a list of potential Star Wars shows that could be put into development. The five shows on the list our source provided us includes streaming series focusing on characters such as Princess Leia (young), Captain Phasma, The Knights of Ren, Rose Tico, and the big standout that caught our eye was one for Sith Lord Darth Bane.

They’ve already got a young Han Soylo, and rumors reported on by We Got This Covered indicate a Lando and Qi’Ra television series:

We Got This Covered has heard that Lucasfilm is planning on making TV series for both Qi’Ra and Lando Calrissian, which will air exclusively on the Mouse House’s upcoming streaming service. As with our report that Finn and Poe will both be getting their own shows as well, these two projects are only in the earliest stages and we’ve got no intel on plot details, casting or anything else at this stage.

That’s right shippers, a Stormpilot television series is in the works!

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources that two fan favorite characters from the Sequel Trilogy may be getting their own vehicles in the future. To be precise, we’re talking about former stormtrooper turned Resistance fighter Finn and ace fighter pilot Poe Dameron. As viewers know, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac’s heroes were both introduced in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And this of course would be on top of The Mandalorian and Cassian Andor television series.  It’s only a matter of time before we get the Throke television series that we’ve all been waiting for.


Firm fragility.


Mecha Random comments:

SJWs Call For Violence Against Jeremy Of Geeks + Gamers At Celebration

Back in August, I predicted that there would be violence at Celebration.  I made this prediction based on the fact that SJW savages are unable to cope with the expression of opinions other than their own, and because SJWs are never expected to behave in a normal and civilized manner.  The science is settled on that matter.

Since then we’ve seen two instances of Lucasfilm representatives advocating violence.

Now, while Pablo Hidalgo is pretending that he faces real physical danger because people are responding to his wife’s silly tweets, Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers is being actively threatened with real physical violence at Celebration by SJW savages.




There are multiple Will Brocks and CJ Hogans on Twitter, so without a direct link, I can’t determine who exactly those two individuals are at the moment.

However, if these threats of violence do increase, then it’s likely that Jeremy will be banned from Celebration for nothing more than expressing opinions that idiot SJW savages don’t like.


Because SJWs are never expected to behave like normal human beings.  They simply cannot control their own behavior when the come into contact with opinions other than their own.  When they do come into contact with differing opinions, they experience spontaneous savagery and anything and anyone in their path is at risk of physical harm.  SJWs are dumb wild animals after all.

When Matt “Fantastic” Loter beat Jeremy Hambly from TheQuartering at GenCon, GenCon banned them both from the convention, rather than just banning the attacker.  It’s likely that the same political moonbats are running things at Celebration, and will therefore likely take the same approach.


CJ Hogan turns out to be the same individual who is calling for a ban of Geeks + Gamers, @THEcjhogan on Twitter.

This is his Twitter profile.

Here is his Facebook profile.

Here is his Patreon profile.

Here is Will Brock’s Facebook page.


Jeremy comments on this story again:

SJWs Begin Campaign To Ban Geeks + Gamers From Celebration For Having An Opinion


THEcjhogan looks for semen splatters on his Jedi robe.


Examining The Jason Ward Interview

As many fans know, Ethan Van Sciver released Part 4 of his Star Wars Scandal series yesterday, where he interviews Jason Ward of  There is a lot of content here in an hour long video, but it’s worth listening to all the way to the end.  For those who are interested, you can compare and contrast what Jason says, with the evidence I have presented in this blog post, much of which is addressed in this interview.  I’ll be discussing some of that evidence below.

Much of the first half of the interview discusses the controversy over Bobby Roberts, Bryan Young’s former co-host on his Full of Sith podcast.  The controversy is in regards to Bobby being accused of sexual assault, perhaps more than once.  Jason claimed that he doesn’t know much about the matter, but given how deeply his wife was involved in the gossip and drama in their side of the fandom, I find it unlikely that Jason doesn’t know more details than he’s letting on, though it’s possible that he doesn’t.  I think it just as likely that Jason and Amanda both belong to the same whisper network, given that they share the same collective politics as the rest of them.  But as Ethan points out, until people come forward this has reached a dead end.

At the 15:30 mark Jason makes an interesting remark with regards to his wife Amanda’s podcast, Rebel Grrrl.  He claims that the podcast is really big, and because of that detractors don’t really affect him.  Interestingly, we now know that Jason’s wife shut down the Rebel Grrrl podcast in January for the foreseeable future.

At the 17:00 mark, they begin talking about The Cantina forums over at Star Wars News Net, and the online forums at  Jason claims to not be competitive, despite published material at demonstrating his competitive nature, in which Jason is shown to discuss taking out his competition or diminishing them by feeding them fake inside leaks.  He even uses a Star Wars allegory and refers to himself as Chancellor.  So this seemed to be a demonstrable lie.

Around 16:30 Jason then goes on to claim that he’s not banned from, despite the fact that screenshots demonstrate showing he is banned from there can easily be found, and were found.  It’s possible that he straightened things out after that screencap was taken, but the current folks at don’t seem to hold Jason in very high regard.  Frankly this seems far more like another lie from Jason.

Jason then went on to claim that he doesn’t participate in forums or fan interaction, but the claim felt like it was his way of countering any potential sock-puppet or cloned account accusations that might be coming down the pike.

At the 22:00 mark, they start discussing Down With Disney and it felt like that Jason was scurrying around trying to say whatever he could to derail any hint that he was involved in the creation or operation of Down With Disney, despite the fact that he posted a 5 minute old screencap into his own article about the matter.  Despite being later caught publicly lying about where he got that screencap, by the very people who he claimed to get if from.  He denied ever using sockpuppet accounts, despite multiple accusations that he has.  This also seemed to come across as a lie.

Later at around 37:30, Jason claimed that some were suggesting that a “thin 19-ish” kid was responsible for the Down With Disney account, and was the admin of a group who said that this kid was Down With Disney.  Jason claims that the people in this group were able to see that all of this lead to Down With Disney’s personal Facebook account.  How?  Who knows.  Maybe that thin 19-ish kid gave Jason the screencap of the infamous post 5 minutes after he put it up on Facebook.  Or maybe Jason is lying.  But Jason then went on to accuse others of harassing Down With Disney’s girlfriend.  As always, the bully plays the victim.

Jason claimed that it doesn’t matter if the Down With Disney account is fake, because the account claimed all of these horrible activities.  But it does matter if the account was designed specifically to attribute those horrible activities to a targeted group, as what happened when Newsweek reported on Down With Disney.  Certainly the SJW activists at Newsweek aren’t going to be doing any fact checking or investigation to clear up matters in the interest of truth.

At the 31:00 mark they begin discussing the leaks of false trailers in an effort to discredit competitors.  Jason claimed not to have engaged in any such activity, despite his own posts being published at that show him discussing and engaging in this very activity.  So Jason seemed to have lied about this as well, and he attempted to turn the topic into a conversation about ethics in entertainment journalism.

At around the 35:00 mark, Jason then claimed that his insiders told him that the May release date for Solo was a Disney decision.  Because it was a Disney decision, Kathleen Kennedy was not blamed for the poor performance of Solo, according to Jason’s source.  This is probably true, and it coincides with what much of Matthew Kadish has stated.  Matthew has experience working in Hollywood, so he has some intuition in this regard that ought to be considered.

Whether or not Jason deliberately fed “Kathleen Kennedy is getting fired” leaks to Ethan, Craig, Jeremy, Jeff, Odin, etc., is anyone’s guess.  At the time I tried to kindly remind folks of the thread at in which Jason is shown discussing pretending to be an insider and leaking just this sort of inside information.  My gut tells me it’s possible that this is what Jason did, but I can’t point to any evidence proving it.

At the 36:00 mark, they start discussing the “racist” edit of Kelly Marie Tran’s wookiepedia entry.  They get sidetracked a bit onto Down With Disney, then return to the Wookieepedia edit around the 39:00 mark.  They spend some time briefly discussion the initial tweet that sparked the entire Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident narrative.

Around the 43:00 mark, Jason then counters the notion that he’s affiliated with Lucasfilm in any way by claiming that Lucasfilm called him to bitch him out about this or that story he was running.  Ethan pointed out that Lucasfilm never called him to bitch him out.  I’m guessing they never called Geeks + Gamers or World Class Bullshitters either.  Or SC Reviews, or Revews4You, or Odin’s Movie Blog, or That Star Wars Girl, or Jessie Milestone, or Sith Kryptonian, or Stephanie Janizcek, and on and on.   But somehow, Jason gets the call when Lucasfilm is unhappy.   Curious.

Around the 45:00 mark, Jason is claiming that he and Lucasfilm are at odds, and that they don’t really like him very much, and don’t offer him any favors.  Here’s a clip of Jason discussing Solo after attending the Hollywood Premiere:

At the 51:00 mark they start discussing how Kathleen Kennedy’s twitter account follows  The only fan site she follows is Jason Ward’s site.  It seems as though Jason did not genuinely know that Kathleen Kennedy was following him, and only him out of all other fan sites, on Twitter.  However, the fact that he’s surprised about Kathleen Kennedy following him on Twitter doesn’t speak to any possible direct connection between the two or lack thereof.  It only means that Jason was surprised that Kathleen Kennedy would follow him on Twitter.

Interestingly, after touching base on the racist Wookieepedia entry several times, Jason was able to direct the conversation in a different direction away from it.  But Ethan was dogged, and asked him several times about the entry.

At the 53:30 mark Ethan drops the bomb, and informs Jason that the IP address which made the Wookiepedia entry (which was publicly published and reported on by Newsweek), led to a location only 7 miles away from his Costa Mesa studio.

The exact physical location of the IP that made the racist edits in the Kelly Marie Tran Wookieepedia entry still eludes investigators.  Though it is confirmed to be somewhere within the suburb of Tustin, California.

As Jason stated in Ethan’s interview, his studio is in Costa Mesa, CA.

When we plot a course from Mr. Ward’s publicly listed Costa Mesa address to the suburb of Tustin, CA, the distance is roughly 19 minutes, in a mostly straight shot along HWY 55.


Again, it needs to be reiterated here, that the Wookieepedia edit made by IP could have been made anywhere in the world from Perth, Australia, to Paris, France.  So the proximity is remarkable, globally speaking.

Jason then said almost instantly, that he knows “the people who ran that.”  Though he didn’t specify which people run what.  Presumably he was referring to the people who run Wookiepedia.  Jason then went on to claim that the IP wasn’t anywhere near him, perhaps thinking that we hadn’t already ran the location of the IP.  This seamed to be a lie.

Jason then kept telling Ethan to ask Wookieepedia for the IP, even though we’ve had it for some time thanks to the stellar reporting of Newsweek.  Jason kept repeatedly claiming that the IP was nowhere near him, even though anyone can run the IP themselves and see that it is.

Ethan then pointed out a curious familiar relationship with Brandon Rhea, who runs Wookieepedia.

Jason then broke in and asked, “If that was the case, if I was involved in that, why would we do it that way?  Hey, let’s do it right next to my house, like, that’s stupid.  That’s idiotic.  That doesn’t make any sense.”  The uses of “I” and “we” is interesting in this statement.

It would make sense if the perpetrator is A) lazy, and B) under the impression that if they make the edit from a public space like a donut shop, nail salon, or a restaurant for instance, that the IP would never be traced back to him or her.  Of course it also requires someone who isn’t very bright, and who still thinks that IP is tied solely to physical location, and the computer/router that is supplying the WiFi.

Jason finally claims that all of these connections are being taken out of context, though I’d argue they’re actually being put into context.

Jason then tried to suggest that the Kathleen Kennedy account is a fake, although we’ve secured enough evidence to confirm that it is her account with 99% certainty.  Jason wants to claim that all Lucasfilm employees have a blue checkmark, but that just isn’t true.  Pablo Hidalgo doesn’t have one for instance.  Neither does Lucasfilm localization coordinator Kristen Hidalgo for that matter.

After listening to this, it confirms for me that the Kelly Marie Tran harassment both from Down With Disney and from the Wookieepedia edits were hate hoaxes.  In my opinion, they were likely committed by Jason Ward or by someone in close association with him, though I could be wrong.

Since arrests were made in the Jussie Smollett hate hoaxing case, we know that hate hoaxing is taken seriously by authorities.  As such, a full official investigation into these hate hoaxing attempts, to find out who exactly is responsible for them and levy appropriate charges against them, would be appropriate.

Ethan closes his video with showing the Kathleen Kennedy Twitter connection to

There has been no public comment by Jason Ward or Amanda Ward on this video as of this writing to my knowledge.

Maybe Newsweek would like to report on this development, or maybe the NY Times would like to give Kelly Marie Tran space to write an op-ed about the atrocity of hate hoaxing and its ill effects.