Welcome To My New Platform

I’ve got great news for the SJW activists trying to deplatform me which I’ll announce at the end of this blog post. But first, let’s look at the recent nonsense coming from the subreddit Saltier Than Crait so we get a better understanding of why my new platform exists.

Recently moderators at Saltier Than Crait posted an absurd set of rules, and we’ll address some of them here.

To engage in discussion and debate over Disney’s Star Wars, I’m not sure how you excise the political culture war since it’s being waged within the content that Disney is producing under the Star Wars banner. So to arbitrarily ban this particular aspect of the discussion is just silly. And honestly, you’d think they’d know better:

The Saltier Than Crait rules continue:

This statement is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, even if this were true, so what? Who cares? It’s not as though there’s any official system of seniority in Star Wars criticism that needs to be recognized. Secondly, it’s not true. People such as myself have been calling out Disney’s Star Wars ever since The Force Awakens was excreted onto cinema screens. And the criticism goes back further than that, from Expanded Universe fans who took Disney and Lucasfilm to task when they firebombed the Expanded Universe in 2014. So the whole notion that Saltier Than Crait was here first is laughable at best.

Well I got news for these kids. Lucasfilm isn’t going to listen to you no matter how nice and quiet you are so you may as well make some noise.

But here’s the real kicker:

Links to my blog have been banned for some time now so this isn’t all that shocking to me. But who knew that Scott Mendelson at Forbes was Fandom Menace? Someone send him a memo. Clownfish TV discusses the possibility that the moderators at Saltier Than Crait are somehow connected with Lucasfilm and using that subreddit to somehow contain and manage criticism. Anything is possible.

But you gotta like how deliberately vague their guidelines are designed, so as to give the moderators room to decide that any particular voice at any given moment they don’t like is cause for a banning. It’s the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from SJW control freaks. And that’s what their rules are all about. It isn’t about Star Wars. It’s about moderators who want to control the conversation. So let’s go ahead and take that control away from them.

I am announcing my own new subreddit, Way Saltier Than Crait, which will abide by the general rules of Reddit, and not much else, in order to facilitate a free flow of discussion and criticism of Disney, Lucasfilm, and the Star Wars Franchise. You can visit the subreddit here. This subreddit will welcome those who are not wanted by Moonlit_Mushroom and his fellow digital tyrants. Enjoy!

Clownfish TV comments:

Bounding Into Comics comments:

E. K. Johnston Declares Bounding Into Comics Livestream Will “Hurt People”

Recently, Bounding Into Comics announced a livestream today at 9 pm with Jack Posobiec. Star Wars author E. K. Johnston was notified and made the following public declaration on Twitter:

And how does E. K. think this will hurt people? Who knows. But maybe it has something to do with white women ruining things.

You can watch the livestream here:

TT Games Admits Finn Got Screwed

TT Games is currently producing the Skywalker Saga Lego game. Dawn McDiarmid is the Lead Hub Designer at TT Games. Here’s what she recently told TheGamer.com:

While TT Games is ensuring players that all of their favorite Star Wars moments will appear in the game, the developers also felt that some enhancements were necessary. McDiarmid notes that Rise of Skywalker felt like it could have done much more with Finn, and that The Skywalker Saga will be their “chance to put things right.”

But what’s even more interesting about this story, is that this paragraph no longer appears on the original TheGamer.com story, and can only be seen in the Goolge cache, which is also archived here.

According to the Wayback Machine, the original version of the article appeared on January 25th, and the paragraph above was removed sometime thereafter.

So the question is, why was this paragraph removed?

The Drones Are On The March!

Twazies despise free speech.

Silencing their political opposition is the only option available to SJWs, who consistently lose every debate they engage in. And so, drones in the Collective are furious that they can’t strap some digital duct tape over my digital mouth.

One of the reasons that these SJWs have failed in their efforts, might have to do Twitter’s own terms of service:

Twitter terms of service.

SJWs may not like it when people respond to their public tweets. But apparently, normal people don’t have a problem with it.

But it never occurs to these SJW “activists,” that deplatforming this blog, just might give birth to dozens of others…

Thanks to Supergoodpixel for the tip.

Amy Richau Conflates Targeting With Responding

In the following Twitter post, Star Wars author Amy Richau laments the purported “targeting” of Bria LaVorgna. And as always with these race obsessed nitwits, everything has to do with the melanin content in their skin.

Of course it’s their melanin content and genitalia that is drawing the attention, rather than publicly broadcasting their fascist desire to silence those with whom they disagree. And God forbid if anyone responds. This is what comes from generations raised in “safe spaces” and protected with “trigger warnings.” They can’t handle any kind of negative critical feedback, and then use over-the-top hyperbole to paint themselves as victims when they do get it.

What Amy has no hope of understanding, is that Bria LaVorgna is being responded to for her public calls to have Ethan Van Sciver and myself silenced. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

High Republic Spoilers

A Reddit user has recently posted some High Republic spoilers, which apparently come from Disney Insider Ep. 7. This one concerns the Drengir.

According to the Reddit user, the text in the image reads:

The Drengir

A fearsome and carnivorous plant based species that will serve as a red herring for the Nameless during the first phase of storytelling. The Drengir will be positioned as a legitimate threat over the first half of Phase I as they kill Mygorgo the Hutt and spark an interplanetary gang war. However, they are a smokescreen for the real enemies of Phase I (their name literally an anagram of Red Herring). We will see them wiped out around the time of the Republic Fair, by the real threat—the Nihil. The Drengir have played into Marchion Ros hands, distracting Starlight Jedi long enough for the Nihil to gather their various cells and tribes into a fleet.

The Reddit user also writes:

Claudia Gray writes in Master and Apprentice: “Only through sacrifice of many Jedi will the Order cleanse the sin done to the nameless.” It seems from this quote and the above description the Nameless will be the High Republic “Palpatine” and the end of Phase 3 will show the Jedi triumph over the Nameless, but at a cost of who they once were as a Order.

Also as far as the second picture it would seem the Nihil are planning a huge attack after the YA novel Into the Dark which will be the height of Phase I?

The Drengir was supposedly the answer to the question, “What scares the Jedi?” Apparently a plant that could be taken out with a weed whacker scares them in DisCanon.

But wouldn’t a better answer to that question be, the inability to access the Force? Many of the Jedi’s powers come from being able to access the Force. Without being able to access it, they wouldn’t be able to perform many of their functions and in many cases would be left defenseless. So wouldn’t a species capable of creating some kind of anti-Force bubble for about 20 or 30 feet out from the being, scare the Jedi more than weeds? It would be an adversary that they would have to fight without the Force as their ally. Just a thought.

Pete Fletzer Parrots Discredited Death Star Argument

As we know, Rey is in fact a Mary Sue. But in order to raise the crappy Disney Trilogy into “equality” with the Original Trilogy, SJWs have to fool themselves into thinking that Luke Skywalker was a Gary Stu.

Pete apparently never watched the movies, because Luke’s ability to blow up the Death Star was explained in the dialogue.

Wedge Antilles (Red 2) : That’s impossible! Even for a computer.

Luke : It’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they’re not much bigger than two meters.


Luke:It’ll be just like Beggar’s Canyon back home!

We even see Luke’s T-16 in the film. Both in the model he’s holding, and the real thing in the background.

What all of this means is that Luke essentially ran multiple simulations of the Death Star run, long before the Battle of Yavin. The T-16 had similar controls to the X-Wing. Beggar’s Canyon simulated the Death Star trench. And the size of the womp rats simulated the exhaust port. That’s why turning off the computer and trusting in his own abilities worked: he had done this many times before. This is all really basic stuff.

But Pete won’t be able to process any of this information because it violates the programming that requires him to believe that Rey isn’t a Mary Sue.

StarWars.com Writer Calls For Deplatforming Ethan Van Sciver And Myself

And Bryan Young concurs.

People sometimes ask why it is that censorship is such a common tool for the fringe left. Well, it’s because SJWs are fully aware that their deeply moronic ideology is incapable of withstanding debate in an environment of free speech. Silencing their political opposition is the only intellectual option that is available to them.

And of course we all know why Bryan would like Ethan and I silenced.

Ethan Van Sciver comments:

Pete Fletzer: Hate For Me, But Not For Thee

SJWs are stricken with lack of self awareness.

Recently, Pete Fletzer from the Around The Galaxy podcast who also wrote for Star Wars Insider and  Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy magazines, tweeted out the following:

Nothing says a “gaping hole in the life” more than obsessing over race and gender 24/7. Though I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with monetizing the SJW freak show in the same way that P. T. Barnum might

But while Pete is clearly opposed to “people who shout hate” at those who are politically compliant with SJW idiocy, he simultaneously has no problem shouting hate himself at those who he finds to be political heretics.

Because if we look at the bottom of the twitter thread in the hidden posts that Pete would prefer you didn’t see, we find the following:

As an uneducated imbecile, Pete doesn’t understand that skepticism is an absolute requirement in science, and that without skepticism you simply don’t have a genuine science at all. It’s one of the primary things that separates science from dogmatic religion where worshipers are required to believe. But ignorance is what allows Pete to live life as hypocrisy personified.

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