The Fall Of Jason Ward


4-16-2015 Thread

10-13-2017 The Spoiler Jihad of 2015

1-6-2018 SJW Attacks On Rebel Force Radio

12-7-2018 On Ethan Van Sciver And Jason Ward

12-13-2018 Lucasfilm Orchestrated Racist Harassment Of KMT To Malign And Purge Older Fans

12-21-2018 Star Wars Podcaster Beseeches Star Wars Celebration To Ban Ethan Van Sciver

1-24-2019 Rebel Grrrl Podcast Comes To An End

2-19-2019 Jason Ward Tweets

2-19-2019 Examining The Jason Ward Interview

2-20-2019 Did Jason Ward Lie?

2-21-2019 SJW Sends A Warning To Podcasters On The MSW Network

2-21-2019 Saf Speaks

2-21-2019 Feministnerd Claims That Jason Ward Has Been Feeding False Leaks To Competitors For Years

2-26-2019 Jason Ward Losing Chancellorship?

2-27-2019 The Tosche Station Podcast

2-27-2019 Rogue Podron Is Not A Fan Of Jason Ward Plus Lucasfilm Hiring Practices

2-28-2019 Lucasfilm Rep Suggests That Podcasters Encourage RFR Network Hosts To “Bail”

3-9-2019 Lucasfilm’s Feudal Podcast System

7-19-2019 Did Jason Ward Impersonate Underaged Girls?

9-20-2019 Trouble In SJW Paradise

9-20-2019 Amanda Ward Strikes Back

1-13-2020 Feministnerd Warns Jason Ward To Keep His Mouth Shut

1-28-2020 FeministNerd Airs Her Grievances With Steele Saunders

4-27-2020 Jason Ward Exchanges Star Wars Leaks For Nude Pics?

4-27-2020 If It Keeps On Rainin’ The Levee’s Goin’ To Break

4-28-2020 Jason Ward Apologizes With Non-Apology

4-28-2020 Another Star Wars Podcaster Accused Of Chasing Underaged Girls

4-28-2020 When The Levee Breaks, There’ll Be No Place To Stay

4-28-2020 Is Jason Ward Chasing 15-Year-Old Girls?

4-29-2020 Jason Ward Brings 15 Year Old Girl Into His “Circle Of Trust”

4-29-2020 The Grey Council Orders The Fandom Menace To Back Off

4-29-2020 Jason Ward Shows DMs With Teenage Girl To Prove…Something

4-29-2020 Jason Ward Caught Defending Himself With Sock Puppet Account

4-29-2020 EVS, Jeff From WCB And Jessie Milestone Comment On Jason Ward

4-30-2020 Claims Of Pedophilia Against Jason Ward

4-30-2020’s Podcast Network Page Down

5-1-2020 Jason Ward Publishes Apology, Selene Responds

5-1-2020 Jason Ward Distorts The Truth About This Blog

5-2-2020 Mean Old Levee Taught Me To Weep And Moan

5-2-2020 Jason Ward Cites Nine Inch Nails Song To Selene

5-2-2020 FeministNerd Unloads On Jason Ward

5-2-2020 Steele Saunders Cancels Jason Ward

5-2-2020 Selene Catches Jason Ward In A Lie

5-2-2020 Jason Ward Talks Differently About Young Girls Behind Closed Doors

5-3-2020 Why Hasn’t Steele Saunders Canceled Bryan Young?

5-3-2020 Reddit Moderator JSK23 Protecting Jason Ward?

5-3-2020 StarWarsLeaks SubReddit Cancels Jason Ward

5-3-2020 Galactic Fempire Cancels Jason Ward

5-3-2020 Steele Saunders Still Supports Bryan Young

5-3-2020 CFO Of Culture Slate Told Jason Ward To “Stop Talking To Young Girls”

5-3-2020 JSK23 Bans All Discussion Of The Fanbase At Star Wars SubReddit

5-3-2020 Bryan Young Offers Lecture On Social Media

5-4-2020 JSK23 Friends With Jason Ward?

5-4-2020 Jason Ward Likes To Use Homophobic Slurs Behind Closed Doors

5-4-2020 Jason Ward Has Been Banned From Walking Carpet

5-4-2020 That Junkman Talks About His Experience With Jason Ward

5-4-2020 Nerdist Editor Amy Ratcliffe Cancels Jason Ward

5-4-2020 Who Is Jason Ward Unfollowing?

5-4-2020 Phil Szostak Reportedly Unfollows Jason Ward

5-4-2020 Bryan Young Stepping Back From Fandom

5-4-2020 Former Army Investigator Comments On Jason Ward Allegations

5-5-2020 When Can We Expect Star Wars News Net To Do Better?

5-6-2020 Statement From Saltier Than Crait SubReddit On Jason Ward

5-6-2020 Listen To A 15-Year-Old Girl Talk About Jason Ward

5-6-2020 Star Wars Author Tricia Barr Speaks Out Against Jason Ward

5-7-2020 Is Jason Ward Directly Connected With Lucasfilm?

5-7-2020 Jason Ward Has A Long History Of Allegations

5-7-2020 Was Jason Ward’s Wife Involved In Selling “Underaged” Images?

5-7-2020 John Hoey Is A Thin-Skinned Cry Baby

5-8-2020 Former Army Investigator Ninety7Bravo Posts A Message About Jason Ward

5-8-2020 Moonlit_Mushroom Refers To His Own Posts As “Misinformation”

5-9-2020 Jason Ward Endorsed Communist Star Wars Book

5-10-2020 The Sith List Podcast Leaves Making Star Wars Network

5-10-2020 Rogue Won Leaves The Making Star Wars Podcast Network

5-12-2020 Blue Harvest Leaves Making Star Wars Podcast Network

5-12-2020 Chris Seekell Tells His Side Of The Story

5-12-2020 Brian Larsen Calls For The Deplatforming Of Jason Ward

5-13-2020 Where Is Jason Ward?

5-13-2020 Saf Says Jason Ward Loved To Share Leaks With Women

5-13-2020 Rogue Won Goes Poof

5-13-2020 “Chelsea” Tells Her Side Of The Story

5-13-2020 “Chelsea” Confirms That Falcon Apoda Is Jason Ward

5-13-2020 Chris Seekell Orders Sweden To Have My Blog Post Taken Down

5-13-2020 Jason Ward Pops His Head Up To Defend Falcon Apoda

5-14-2020 Selene Tells Her Side Of The Story

5-14-2020 Ralph McQuarrie’s Friend Warned People About Jason Ward For Years

5-18-2020 Jason Ward Provides Funny Context

6-6-2020 Jason Ward Quietly Deletes His Apology

7-29-2020 Manabyte Canceled