The Kiri Hart Cover Up

Star Wars Celebration 2016

Have you seen this woman?

In January 2019, producer of the Episode Backlash documentary Marc John, discovered that Kiri Hart was missing from the website.  All mention of her had been scrubbed, and continuing efforts to remove record of her affiliation with Lucasfilm continued to occur.  The list of blog posts below chronicles this development.

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2-3-2019  Pablo Hidalgo Dismisses The Kiri Hart Cover Up

2-5-2019  Media Blackout On Kiri Hart’s Disappearance

2-8-2019  Kiri Hart’s Role Reduced To “Consultant”

2-8-2019  Will Kiri Hart’s Hires Survive?

2-8-2019  How much of Kiri Hart’s imprint remains on Episode IX?

2-8-2019  Will Kiri Hart’s Departure Influence Rian Johnson’s Trilogy?

2-8-2019  Utter Catastrophe Looming For Star Wars 3rd Wave Feminists?

2-9-2019  Bryan Young Plays Dumb

2-9-2019  Kiri Hart Speaks In Galaxy’s Edge Video

10-13-2019  The Truth Always Comes Out Eventually

11-14-2019  Rian Johnson Hires Kiri Hart