The KMT Instagram Incident

This page will contain a list of links for blog posts that chronicle the ridiculous Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.

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6-6-2018 Chuck Wendig Melts Down For Kelley Marie Tran

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8-21-2018 Kelly Marie Tran Says Nothing Whatsoever About Her Instagram Account

9-10-2018 Once Again, Kelly Marie Tran Says Nothing Whatsoever About Her Departure From Her Instagram Account

10-4-2018 Russian Bots Are Responsible For Online Harassment of Kelly Marie Tran

10-30-2018 The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Narrative Makes A Crazy Ivan

10-21-2018 My Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Theory

12-13-2018 Lucasfilm Orchestrated Racist Harassment Of KMT To Malign And Purge Older Fans

12-19-2018 Pablo Hidalgo Has An Amusing Hissy Fit

1-19-2019  Did Lucasfilm Intentionally Foment The Backlash?

1-21-2019  Richard E. Grant Describes Tight Security On Episode IX

1-24-2019  Rebel Grrrl Podcast Comes To An End

2-19-2019  Examining The Jason Ward Interview

2-19-2019  Twitter Blowback

2-19-2019  Twitter Blowback Part Deux

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7-20-2019  Rian Johnson Still Stupidly Pushes Discredited KMT Instagram Narrative

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12-12-2019  A New Kelly Marie Tran Statement

12-13-2019  The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident – Full Documentary

12-15-2019  Initial Reviews Of The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident

12-15-2019  The Kelly Marie Instagram Incident Now Available On DVD At Amazon Prime

12-15-2019  New Kelly Marie Tran Revelations

12-21-2019  Kelly Marie Tran Frequented

12-31-2019  Less Rose Tico Is More

10-3-2020  Kelly Marie Tran’s Social Media Back In The Spotlight

I’ve gone through and examined the few pieces of purported evidence of harassment that is being shared all over social media. In most cases they do not appear to be genuine, and do not support the idea that racist and/or misogynist harassment existed in a genuine fashion. You can see the evidence yourself at the following links:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

Exhibit G